The Brilliant Fighting Master
1559 Can“t Take It Anymore
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1559 Can“t Take It Anymore

"D*mn it!"

Lang Mei had a hunch that something bad was about to happen. She turned around to run away.

However, how could she outrun those flying needles? Jiang Chen swung his arm and the five Flying Thunder Needles were thrown over, flying at high speed toward her.

Thrown by Jiang Chen, the needles were flying even faster than before. They caught up with Lang Mei in one second like some snakes that gave people electric shocks.


Lang Mei shouted miserably. After twitching for some time, her body turned stiff and numb.

Then she fell onto the ground, foaming at the mouth, as if she was having a seizure. Her hands and legs straightened out, and she looked like she had been possessed by evil spirits. The monsters who happened to pass by were all freaked out. No one had the nerve to approach her.


Seeing Lang Mei end up like this, Bai let out a sigh. She did not sympathize with her. She even thought that was what Lang Mei deserved.

However, Bai felt Lang Mei had really gone too far.

"Lang Mei! Lang Mei!"

Soon, a few monsters dashed over. Surrounding Lang Mei, they did not know what to do.

Jiang Chen realized that two of them were monsters he had already defeated in the Fighting Monsters Arena.

"She Li, do you have an antidote?"

These monsters looked toward a man in black, whose skin was even whiter than a piece of paper.

"I only know how to make poisons. I don't know how to detoxify poisons." He was a snake monster. His tongue darted out from time to time while he was speaking.

Most snake monsters were poisonous. The poison on the Flying Thunder Needles must be from this snake monster.

Human poisoners usually knew how to detoxify the poison that they used. However, this snake monster only knew how to use poisons.

Black Wind approached with some people while they were all standing around at a loss.

He had already learned what had happened. He became extremely anxious when he saw how weak Lang Mei was. He came up to her as quickly as possible to give her an antidote.

Not until then did Lang Mei stop twitching. Her situation gradually grew stable.

The snake monster and his companions felt relieved. If anything bad had happened to Lang Mei, they would've been doomed.

"Uncle Black Wind."

Lang Mei woke up, still very weak. She gathered all her strength and whispered, "Avenge me. Promise!"

Black Wind felt heartbroken. He lifted his head immediately and walked toward Jiang Chen, who was not far away. His expression was hideous.

"What are you going to do?!"

Bai questioned him loudly, standing in front of Jiang Chen to protect him.


Black Wind pointed at Jiang Chen. He was about to accuse him, but suddenly found he did not know how to put it.

The Flying Thunder Needles would disappear completely without leaving any trace once they hit their target.

More important, it was Lang Mei who had shot the Flying Thunder Needles in the first place.

"Do you know what you are doing?!"

Black Wind did not try to tell right from wrong. Instead, he started to threaten Jiang Chen.

"Are you angry? You've only experienced this once, and you already can't take it. Whitey suffered so much more, but you never thought how he would feel," Jiang Chen said angrily.

His attitude irritated Black Wind.

"Make way."

Black Wind pushed Bai away despite her position in the Advanced Wolf Tribe. He rushed at Jiang Chen.

He was strong. This was beyond all doubt.

Jiang Chen was sure he was not going to fight him.


Facing the aggressive Black Wind, Jiang Chen turned around.

Whitey jumped out from behind him at this moment, crashing into Black Wind.

Black Wind only had the time to lift his hands before he was sent flying ten-odd feet.


Whitey growled at him in anger..

"You b*stard!"

Black Wind conjured the iron collar that Jiang Chen had seen before from thin air by waving his hands.

Whitey's hair stood on end as soon as he saw the collar. His eyes turned red. He grew anxious immediately.

"Jiang Chen, don't let Whitey go crazy!"

Bai yelled at Jiang Chen. If that happened, the Monster Shrine would be deeply convinced that Whitey was not worthy of any investment.

Black Wind looked as if he was sure this would happen, so he was not scared at all. He unclasped the collar.

"Bai, you don't only kill when you go crazy. They are not always the same thing. If you always concede, others will only become even more insatiable."

Then Jiang Chen looked toward Whitey. He told the latter, "Whitey, don't be afraid. Kill him."


Black Wind stopped walking. He could not believe what he had heard.

Then his hair stood on end. He saw Whitey stop being anxious after getting Jiang Chen's instructions.

His eyes were still very red. His aggressiveness soared into the sky, but his mien was extremely cold.

Black Wind panicked immediately. Throwing Whitey a look and then throwing Jiang Chen another look, he opened his mouth, trying to say something.

But Whitey didn't give him the chance. He jumped at Black Wind. He was so fast that it was impossible to react to his attack.

Black Wind fell on the ground. Whitey's paws, as heavy as a mountain, pressed against Black Wind's chest, so the latter could not move at all.

Especially when he had sensed Whitey's out-and-out killing intent, Black Wind really panicked.

"Jiang Chen! Do you want Whitey to be a rebel?!" he shouted. It was his last hope.

"Is killing you equal to rebellion? You are overestimating yourself. Whitey, keep what I said in mind. Don't be afraid. Follow your heart," Jiang Chen said. He had been forbearing, but he finally couldn't take it anymore.

"No. No. No."

It scared Black Wind to death.

He wanted to struggle, but he suddenly froze. He saw Whitey's head lowered. And that pair of red eyes fixed on him.

In these few seconds, Black Wind recalled how he had treated Whitey. Then he realized Whitey would in no way let him go.


It was true. Whitey opened his mouth and gave Black Wind a hard bite.

He bit Black Wind's neck open without effort. Blood gushed out like spring water.


Whitey looked extremely excited after avenging himself.

Then he ran toward Jiang Chen joyfully.

"Don't come over here. Don't come over here. You have blood all over you. Oh my, my new clothes!"

Whitey brought Jiang Chen down, with a hug of love.

Bai, next to them, was struck dumb.

If blood were not still gushing out of Black Wind's dead body, she wouldn't have believed this was true.

"Uncle Black Wind!"

The one who really couldn't believe it was Lang Mei. She felt dizzy. This was the first thing she saw as she started to get better from the Flying Thunder Needles attack. She almost screamed her heart out.

"Okay. Okay. Get ready for a big fight."

Jiang Chen patted Whitey. Then he got to his feet as soon as possible, grasping his sword handle.

An important member of the Golden Clan had died. This was dramatic!

The whole tribe was disturbed.

Soon, Golden Roc and the three high-level monsters arrived.

"Jiang Chen, what are you doing?!"

Seeing Jiang Chen and Whitey stained with blood, Golden Roc immediately knew what had happened.

"You called us here, but you didn't tell us we'd be treated so unfairly," Jiang Chen said confidently, not scared at all.

Golden Roc felt anxious. He said, "Red Cloud Venerable was there. Of course I had to say some good words to convince her! Now that Red Cloud Venerable isn't here, what are you gonna do?"

"What am I gonna do? For example, eliminate the Golden Clan of your tribe to avenge my Whitey?" Jiang Chen answered him with a question.

"What are you gonna do?"

Golden Roc was struck dumb. He did not understand why Jiang Chen was so confident.

Disturbances came from the villa on the Sacred Mountain before he got Jiang Chen's answer. The Golden Clan was about to act!

"Jiang Chen, get ready, so that you can run away at any time," Bai told him through holy awareness.



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