The Brilliant Fighting Master
1558 Flying Thunder Needles
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1558 Flying Thunder Needles

"I'm a mountain."

Jiang Chen stayed frozen for a good while after getting Miss Bai's answer.

He was extremely shocked after confirming that what Miss Bai had said was exactly what he had been thinking. He even forgot to shut his mouth.

A mountain! It couldn't mean anything except its literal meaning.

The thing was that when a mountain had intelligence, it would become a monster.

"A Monster consists of Nature and Beast."

"Nature is everything natural that can become a monster. Flowers, grasses, mountains, rivers, lakes, all these can be monsters."

"Beasts are the descendants of the first generation of monsters."

"I'm a large mountain of the Advanced Wolf Tribe, like the dragon roots of your human dynasties, but I'm not the only one."

Seeing Jiang Chen so surprised, Miss Bai explained it to him.

"Bai is the first word I learned, so I used it as my name. And the tribe's members tend to add Shan as well," said Miss Bai.

"Then I'll call you Bai in the future."

"No problem." Somehow, Bai looked very happy.

Then Bai invited Jiang Chen and Whitey to her place. It was located on the other side of the snowy mountain.

A lot of monsters were living here also, but many belonged to Nature just like Bai. Unless they deliberately showed what they were, it was difficult to tell.

"The folks of the Nine Realms have underestimated the monsters too much," thought Jiang Chen.

At the same time, in the villa on the snowy mountain, a young woman walked into the biggest brick house in haste.

"That hateful human is really here? Where is he? Uncle Black Wind, will you teach him a lesson for me?!"

The woman was Lang Mei. Since she had lost to Jiang Chen, she had been recovering with the tribe.

Judging from her current reaction, she obviously still hated Jiang Chen.

"Lang Mei, don't put your father in a difficult place. It's impossible for the chieftain to deal with Jiang Chen in Golden Roc and the others' presence."

Black Wind looked as if he spoiled Lang Mei a lot. He said, "That being said, don't worry about it. We have told that guy he has to fight 11 young warriors."

Lang Mei was pleasantly surprised, but she still felt disappointed when she had realized Jiang Chen had been safe and sound since he had arrived.

"Huh, my hatred won't be vented if I don't make you suffer on your first day here."

Walking out of the brick house, she looked around sneakily. Then she went down the mountain.

As for Jiang Chen, he had learned a lot of things from Bai. All of the things he had learned were about the Advanced Wolf Tribe.

Besides the difference between Nature and Beast, the main holders of power of a tribe were known as the Golden Clan. They had Golden Blood flowing in their veins.

In the Advanced Wolf Tribe, the Golden Clan consisted of the wolf monsters.

However, there was also a Monster Shrine in every tribe. Its position was similar to someone like the pope.

The Monster Shrine would not meddle in the Golden Clan's management of the tribe, but they had the right to intervene in external affairs.

This right was given by the Monster Palace.

Every tribe had a Monster Shrine controlled by the Monster Palace.

But it was the Divine Monster of each tribe that was worshiped in every Monster Shrine.

As a result, the Monster Shrine and the Golden Clan controlled each other.

Whitey's case was actually a power competition between the Monster Shrine and the Golden Clan.

It was in following the Monster Shrine's orders that Golden Roc and the three high-level monsters had gone to Ling Long Celestial Palace to ask to bring their members back.

"But you said it was a camouflage," Jiang Chen asked, puzzled.

"The Golden Clan convinced our Monster Shrine that bringing Whitey back would be helpful to the Advanced Wolf Tribe."

Bai said, "At the beginning, the Advanced Wolf Tribe's principle to train a God of Carnage was not to put all our eggs in one basket. The correct thing to do would be to invest resources separately."

"However, the Golden Clan claimed Whitey's sanity could not be recovered, that he was bloodthirsty and mad, and it was not worth wasting resources on him."

Throwing Whitey, who was close by, a look, Jiang Chen did not speak.

"At the start of the Monster Conference, every tribe will assign someone to protect its Gods of Carnage," Bai added.

"That is to say, those wolf monsters are going to assign the one who is supposed to be Whitey's bodyguard as their God of Carnage?"

The God of Carnage could be compared to a Sovereign Descendant of the human race. They were the hope for the future of a tribe's rise.

"Not only the bodyguard, but also the infinite resources that will be used during the Monster Conference."

"This is the Realm of Monsters. We won't try to seek justice and equity. Any means, any weapon, is allowed in the Monster Conference."

Jiang Chen nodded. He was thinking about something else.

Jiang Chen looked into Whitey's eyes until the latter felt kind of uncomfortable. Then he said, "Bai, could you tell me why you are so confident in Whitey?"

The entire Advanced Wolf Tribe was afraid that Whitey would go wild, but it did not seem a problem for Bai.

He was not doubting Bai. He just thought there must be some reason that he did not know.

"Whitey went crazy three times and posed a menace to the tribe. The Advanced Wolf Tribe suffered a great loss."

"The first time, he insisted on going to the Three Middle Realms to avenge you, although the tribe tried to stop him."

"But the next two times were deliberately caused."

Jiang Chen was shocked. He said emotionally, "Deliberately caused?"

"Yes. I can feel very subtle things due to my monster energy. The second and third times Whitey went crazy were provoked by the Golden Clan. They even abused him."

Bai added, "I didn't know why they were doing that at the beginning, until I learned about the other God of Carnage."

The mention of the Golden Clan, namely, those wolf monsters, made Jiang Chen so angry he felt he could burst. Thinking of Whitey's reaction after seeing Black Wind, it was not difficult to imagine what Whitey had gone through.

He felt angry and guilty.

Because he was the one who had sent Whitey to this damn place.


At this moment, he sensed something. He jumped up quickly.

A few needles as thin as ox hair were flying toward Whitey.

Whitey might be strong, but he was not as sensitive as Jiang Chen. He hadn't detected those needles.

"Flying Thunder Needles! Don't catch them with your hands!"

Bai hurried to warn Jiang Chen after detecting them as well.

These so-called Flying Thunder Needles were obviously coated with poison. Once they hit their target, the poison would affect the whole body with an electric shock.

However, her warning came too late. Jiang Chen had caught a few Flying Thunder Needles.


Lang Mei saw this. There was a cruel look in her eyes, as if she could foresee Jiang Chen's tragic ending.

The poison on the Flying Thunder Needles would not kill people, but make them suffer.

The most dreadful thing about these needles was, once the Flying Thunder Needles hit their targets, they would disappear automatically without leaving any trace.

She had been using them to make fun of Whitey when he was imprisoned. She'd shot them at Whitey, and Whitey had suffered a lot. And since he couldn't move because he was locked into a collar, he turned even more violent.

However, all the others had thought that Whitey was going crazy because he was failing to control himself. There was no way she would be under suspicion.

"Ah? How come?!"

Lang Mei, expecting to watch how humans would react after being hit by the Flying Thunder Needles, found nothing had happened to Jiang Chen.

He had five Flying Thunder Needles between his fingers. The poison and the thunder energy contained in them did not break out somehow.

It seemed impossible to Lang Mei.

However, it was easy for Jiang Chen, a master of the enlightenment state of the law of thunder, to catch the Flying Thunder Needles.

Then Lang Mei's heart started beating faster. She saw Jiang Chen throw her a look. He had found out she was there.



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