The Brilliant Fighting Master
1557 The Chieftain
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1557 The Chieftain

Although there were all kinds of monsters in a tribe, it was often the same species that had the power.

They were also the strongest group in a tribe.

For the Advanced Wolf Tribe, this species was wolf, which could easily be figured out from its name.

Jiang Chen and Whitey were taken to see the chieftain of the tribe.

Miss Bai did not go with them, since she had finished her task by accompanying them to the Realm of Monsters .

On that snowy mountain, which the monsters of the Advanced Wolf Tribe called the Sacred Mountain, Jiang Chen met the chieftain.

The palace on top of the mountain was the most resplendent building Jiang Chen had seen since his arrival.

Of course, it stood out among the buildings of this tribe.

It was the largest brick house, and it was full of wolf monsters.

It was very spacious, and fierce-looking wolves were standing everywhere to the left and right of the chieftain.

The chieftain of the tribe sat at the end of the room. He was the only one sitting down.

He was middle-aged with thick hair. He was wearing a blue and gold robe with golden shoulder armor.

Compared to the other wolves, the chieftain looked wise.

Jiang Chen further confirmed this impression in the conversation they had.

Jiang Chen could see how experienced and astute this chieftain was from his manner of speaking.

The conversation was similar to the one Jiang Chen had had with the golden roc. It was just a review of all they had discussed and agreed upon.

The chieftain said seriously, "It has caused considerable controversy in our tribe to agree to let you, a human, take part in the Monsters Conference. We sincerely hope that you will not disappoint us."

Jiang Chen was going to ask what exactly would disappoint them, but he did not, which was a smart choice.

"Besides this, there is something else I want to talk about."

The chieftain shifted the topic. He got to his feet. Not until then did Jiang Chen realize that the chieftain, about eight feet, five inches, was much taller than he was.

"My daughter has been imprisoned in the celestial palace. She has been used as a punching bag for your disciples to practice on, and she has even been beaten into a coma."

The chieftain said coldly, "How can you explain this?"

The wolves looked at him aggressively as soon as the chieftain had finished speaking. The air was charged with tension.

Although Jiang Chen had guessed that Lang Mei was the chieftain's daughter, he was still surprised by the chieftain's challenge, which had come out of the blue.

"There is nothing I want to say," Jiang Chen said calmly.

"You treated my daughter in a terrible way. Don't you have anything to say?" The chieftain looked angrier and angrier. His face got darker and darker. His tone became cold and stern.


The golden roc wanted to say something. He was very anxious.

"I'm asking him."

The chieftain did not give him any chance to speak. He said coldly, "I was talking with you about the tribe as a chieftain just now. But now, I'm talking to you as a father."

If Jiang Chen had not learned the inside story from Miss Bai, he would've been amazed by this speech.

"So, chieftain, what do you want?" he asked.

"My daughter said she had been challenged by 11 people in your celestial palace."

The chieftain said, "I'm fair-minded. I certainly would not bully weaker people."

"Oh?" Jiang Chen was waiting for him to go on.

"I want you to fight 11 young warriors of the Advanced Wolf Tribe before the Monsters Conference starts."

The chieftain said, "I won't promise you anything about their strengths, but I can promise you they are all below 30 years of age."

The golden roc obviously had not expected such a requirement.

However, the wolf monsters in the room burst out laughing with a tacit understanding.

"That's it?"

Jiang Chen asked seriously under their gaze.


"Was that it?"

The wolf monsters were struck dumb. They flew into a rage since they felt they had been disrespected.

"Great. I've seen your courage. No wonder you have the nerve to come to the Realm of Monsters."

The chieftain put on a false smile. He said, "Go have some rest. I'll send someone to notify you before the start of the fight."

In this way, Jiang Chen and Whitey left the villa.

He could have stayed at the villa, but because of what Miss Bai had told him, he decided not to make such a foolish choice.

The golden roc went down the mountain with him.

"You go first."

On their way, the golden roc seemed to have a heavy heart. He said to Jiang Chen after sending the three high-level monsters away, "Jiang Chen, did you hear anything?"

"Like what? I only know what you told me," Jiang Chen said with a slight smile.


Seeing his smile, the golden roc tumbled to the facts immediately, "No wonder you wanted Bai Shan to accompany you here."

"Bai Shan?"

Jiang Chen was struck dumb. Then he realized it was Miss Bai's full name.

"Miss Bai didn't tell me anything," said Jiang Chen.

"Don't worry. I bear you no malice. You'll understand more things after learning more about our tribe's power system."

The golden roc talked to Jiang Chen with a bitter smile.

At the same time, in the chieftain's villa, the chieftain of the Advanced Wolf Tribe sent everyone away except one wolf monster.

It was Black Wind, who had had conflicts with Jiang Chen before.

"Call the strongest young warriors back. I'll let him know no one can bully my daughter without bearing the consequences."

The chieftain's strong sense of righteousness was gone. He finally showed his true colors.

Black Wind expressed his agreement with a nod. Then an idea occurred to him. He suggested, "Shall we call Wind Mark back?"

"Wind Mark? But his age doesn't fall within the range."

"Yeah, that's true. What a pity."

Black Wind felt it was a pity. If they could send Wind Mark to fight Jiang Chen, that arrogant human would absolutely learn a lesson.

"That being said, whether his age falls within the range totally depends on us, doesn't it? Let's do what you suggested. Call him back."

Surprisingly, the chieftain changed his mind. He readily agreed.


Black Wind was pleasantly surprised. He laughed complacently.

On the other hand, Jiang Chen and Whitey had just left the mountain when Miss Bai came to see them.

"How was the meeting?" Miss Bai asked him.

Jiang Chen told her what had happened, including the upcoming fights with 11 young warriors.

"There must be something else that the chieftain wants. It can't be this simple," Miss Bai said, and she was worried.

Patting her on the shoulder, Jiang Chen said with a smile, "Don't worry about me. I've even thought about the worse-case scenarios."

Miss Bai was struck dumb. She felt as if she had been wound up and tense throughout the trip.

She nodded at Jiang Chen, not bringing this up again.

"By the way, not until just now did I learn that your name is Bai Shan," Jiang Chen said with a smile.

Speaking of this, Miss Bai's face flushed. That pretty face would never bore anyone.

"Yeah. This name… What can I say?" She looked embarrassed.

"I know. It doesn't sound like a girl's name, but it's after all only a name."

Jiang Chen soothed her. He thought that was what was bothering her.

His words made Miss Bai smile.

"So, Jiang Chen, why don't you try to guess what monster I am?"


Jiang Chen's eyes lit up. He did like to guess riddles.

So, he wanted to make the guess that seemed most probable to him by judging from all kinds of clues he had gathered since he had known Miss Bai.

However, in the end, Jiang Chen could not find even one species that matched the clues he had gathered.

Every monster would have his or her own characteristics after transforming to a human figure, but he could find none that he recognized in Miss Bai.

"You'll never guess it," said Miss Bai.

Jiang Chen did not want to make a wild guess. He gazed at her, full of curiosity.

Under Jiang Chen's expectant gaze, Miss Bai told him the answer.



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