The Brilliant Fighting Master
1556 Wolf Monsters
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1556 Wolf Monsters

After experiencing a feeling of zero gravity for a short time, Jiang Chen showed up in the Realm of Monsters.

The Realm of Monsters was situated on a towering mountain surrounded by an enormous plain. The terrain of the plain was flat.

Standing there all alone, the mountain thrust itself toward the sky.

There was a magnificent palace on the mountaintop. With the sun shining on its purple-golden glazed tiles, the roof looked like it was covered with gold.

Where Jiang Chen was standing was in a square. Miss Bai was looking at him from not far away, while Whitey jumped into his arms immediately.

"Hey, we just parted for a little while. You already missed me?"

Seeing Whitey's reaction, Jiang Chen shook his head with a bitter smile.

"Is that the legendary Monster Palace?"

Then Jiang Chen looked toward the palace. He felt quite curious.

He had never been to the Realm of Monsters before, not even in his previous life. He had always been curious about this place.

"Yes, exactly."

Speaking of the Monster Palace, Miss Bai also looked pretty serious.

"Let's go on traveling to the Advanced Wolf Tribe."

This place where they had landed only functioned as a transit point. It was the place that connected the Realm of Monsters and the Realm of Divine Martial Arts. The Advanced Wolf Tribe was far away from the Monster Palace.

Fortunately, giant teleportation formations were used in the Realm of Monsters. These formations could send them to many different locations.

This time no one came to try and start any trouble, so Miss Bai traveled to the Advanced Wolf Tribe with Jiang Chen and Whitey smoothly.

After another great trip through the channel, Jiang Chen arrived at the Advanced Wolf Tribe.

It was a tribe, but it was much bigger than Jiang Chen had imagined.

It was based on a snowy mountain, which was surrounded by brick houses.

These houses did not look fascinating from the outside. They were not even decorated. Everything was extremely simple.

Jiang Chen wondered whether the strange shapes of the houses had anything to do with the types of monsters living in every tribe.

Monster tribes were not based on species.

Instead, they were established on the basis of regions.

When a tribe occupied a region, all the monsters living in that region would naturally become a part of the tribe.

There was only one ending for those who refused to yield.

That was why there were different species, like oxen, elephants, wolves, lions, in each tribe.

"Only monsters who can transform to human figures are allowed to live at the foot of the Sacred Mountain. All the others are living in the forest over there."

Miss Bai pointed at a forest, which looked endless, far away.

Jiang Chen nodded. Monsters would only consider things like houses and residences after transforming to human figures. That did make sense.


Jiang Chen found Whitey, next to him, had tensed up.

Because numerous monster energies were approaching them as soon as they showed up.

It was like thousands of rivers were flowing into a sea, in which they would drown.

"Don't worry," Miss Bai soothed them.

But even she herself sounded nervous.

Soon, the clearing where they had landed was under siege by countless monsters.

There were male and female monsters and old and young monsters. Their attitudes and emotions were too complicated to read.

When laying their eyes on Jiang Chen, these monsters showed a strong curiosity.

And then, naturally, hostility followed.

"I never knew what the word eye-opening meant until today," Jiang Chen thought to himself.

The amount of monsters he was seeing at this moment was more than all of the monsters he had ever seen in his entire life.

Judging from these monsters' reactions, they had obviously known that a human was coming here. That was why they had showed up to take a look.

"Make way!"

Soon, the important ones started to arrive. The golden roc, who had had some dealings with Jiang Chen, strode over.

Besides him, the elephant monster, the ox monster, and the lion monster were also there.

There were three or four other muscular monsters in black robes with them.

It was easy to tell from their appearances that these were wolf monsters. What surprised Jiang Chen was the look of these wolf monsters.

As sharp as knives, their looks could incite fear in people.

Jiang Chen did not know whether it was just how they looked or it was because they disliked him.

After Miss Bai's explanation, he realized it was the latter.

These wolf monsters were supporters of the other God of Carnage, who was also an important member of the Advanced Wolf Tribe.

"You really came."

Walking at the front of the group, the golden roc squeezed out a smile.

Although he knew that Jiang Chen was coming, not until he had seen him here with his own eyes did he really believe that Jiang Chen would have the courage to come.

He hoped Jiang Chen's courage would last until the start of the Monsters Conference.


Before Jiang Chen could say anything, a wolf monster took out something heavy and threw it to him. It fell on the ground beside Jiang Chen with a muffled sound.

Gazing at the heavy thing, Whitey's hair stood on end. He involuntarily stepped back.

Jiang Chen looked awkward as well.

The heavy thing was an iron collar. It was unclasped.

"Put it on him."

Pointing at Whitey, the wolf monster ordered Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen gave him a cold smile. He certainly would not follow this order. Instead, he looked toward the golden roc.

It was the monsters who wanted them here. They had not wanted to come in the first place.

"Black Wind, it's unnecessary. Whitey is very sane now." The golden roc frowned. Obviously, he was also surprised by what the wolf monster called Black Wind had done.

"What if he turns insane again?" Seeing Jiang Chen ignore him, Black Wind turned his monster energy into a thick smoke that arose from his feet.

The golden roc looked toward Jiang Chen again, feeling awkward.

"You still remember our conversation that day, don't you?" Jiang Chen said.

When they had been negotiating in the palace, the golden roc promised Jiang Chen Whitey would be treated well in the tribe.

"Black Wind! Whitey is the God of Carnage the tribe is training. He has proved himself by the success he has gotten on the Sovereign Path!"

The golden roc curled his lips. He could not help but speak with reproach.

It was certainly Black Wind, who had stirred up the trouble, who was reproached.

"Elder Golden Roc, you have your considerations and your promise to the outsiders. I respect you. But as the guard of the tribe, I have my own plan."

Black Wind clutched in the air after speaking. Then the collar flew back into his hand.

However, it did not mean he was going to give up. Instead, he was going to do it in person.

In spite of Jiang Chen's cold look, he walked toward Whitey.

Whitey reacted strongly toward him. He was nervous and violent.

He must have been tortured by this Black Wind a lot.

Seeing Black Wind approaching Whitey, Jiang Chen stepped aside to stop him.

The monsters who were looking on were shocked, as if they were surprised that a human could be brave enough to stop Black Wind.

"Get lost!"

Throwing Jiang Chen a look, Black Wind yelled in a stern voice.

"I don't mind taking your life away, if that's what you want," Jiang Chen said coldly.

Black Wind's monster energy immediately soared into the air. His robe was blowing in the wind.


Whitey sensed his hostility to Jiang Chen. His tiger growl sounded so threatening that it felt like a hill had been thrown over.


Waving the collar in his hand, Black Wind did not look scared of Whitey at all.

"So, you are courting death."

Seeing him threaten Whitey, Jiang Chen was ready to draw his sword out of its sheath.

"Jiang Chen!"

"Black Wind!"

The golden roc and Miss Bai tried to stop the two respectively.

"He wants to escalate the problem to push Whitey to show his ferocious side, so that the tribe will be convinced Whitey is still out of control," Miss Bai said in a low voice.

"Black Wind, you are totally disrespecting me! How dare you!" the golden roc yelled.

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes and extended his hand backward. Then Whitey quieted down right away.

It totally astonished the monsters around.


Black Wind gave Jiang Chen a stare. Warning was written all over his face.



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