The Brilliant Fighting Master
1555 The Fox Monster
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1555 The Fox Monster

The monster in front of him was seven feet, eight inches tall, and as thin as a string bean.

Jiang Chen was very impressed by his face.

It was like a demonized fox's face, with long,narrow eyes.

Moreover, the blush that he had put on his face was so thick that it was impossible to identify the original skin color.

If Jiang Chen was not incorrect, this was a male monster.

He seemed to scorn Miss Bai and Jiang Chen. He spoke in a sharp, high-pitched voice, and he had a fan in his hand, with which he was fanning himself while speaking.

"He is from the Holy Wind Tribe."

Miss Bai said to Jiang Chen through holy awareness, "They are the major enemies of my Wolf Tribe. They have been cracking down us ever since we declined. They just won't miss any chance to strike at us."

"Like now?"


Jiang Chen realized this journey to the Realm of Monsters would be full of troubles after getting that answer.

He had not even gotten to the Realm of Monsters yet, but at this point he could sense the vicious intention of this monster.

"It's the Wolf Tribe's business. It has nothing to do with you."

Miss Bai said in a strong voice, "Are you going to go against the Monster Palace's decision?"

The fox monster grinned. He looked even more enchanting than most women.

"I certainly won't hinder you if you've got the Monster Palace's permission, but it's the Holy Wind's job to guard the passage. It's our responsibility. We certainly try our best."

Miss Bai had no idea what he was going to do.

"For example, is he really the human who got the Monster Palace's permission to visit the Realm of Monsters?"

Closing his fan and then pointing it at Jiang Chen, the fox monster questioned.

"What are you insinuating?"

"I heard that that human had defeated Lang Mei from your tribe, but the person I'm seeing is only a Martial Emperor," said the fox monster.

Although the Realm of Divine Martial Arts had not heard much about Jiang Chen's fight against the eight low-level monsters, a lot of monsters had heard about it.

"Are you insinuating I'm an imposter?" Jiang Chen said with a cold smile.

"Whether you are an imposter or not, I'll know after a fight," the fox monster said with a meaningful smile.

"No problem."

Jiang Chen did not mind turning to violence.

"You misunderstand me. The fight won't be between you and me, but with those five annoying guys."

Shaking his head, the fox monster pointed at the five people from the Monster Slayers Palace standing outside the street.

Jiang Chen and Miss Bai were struck dumb. Then they flew into a rage.

"Why can't I beat you into a pulp?"

Jiang Chen would not allow anyone to take advantage of him.

"Because I'm patrolling here on behalf of the Monster Palace," the fox monster said complacently.

The Monster Palace was of paramount importance for the monsters.

It could be compared to the Sacred Institute of the Nine Realms in the olden days.

No matter how powerful a tribe was, they did not dare show disrespect to the Monster Palace.

"You only responded to the call of the Monster Palace to be on duty here. Every tribe will be on duty in turns. What are you so proud of?" Miss Bai asked unhappily.

The fox monster shrugged his shoulders. Pretending he did not care, he said, "I'm proud of nothing. I just don't want you to use the passage."

Miss Bai was pissed, but she did not know how to deal with him.

"Will you fight or not? You don't have too much time to think about it," the fox monster asked Jiang Chen again.

Jiang Chen was quick-witted. He already had a plan, but it was a little risky.

"You are here on behalf of the Monster Palace, but, for me, that means nothing. You can't intimidate me."

As he spoke, Jiang Chen signed to Whitey and Miss Bai to enter the passage.


Miss Bai hesitated. Jiang Chen sounded as if he was going to fight his way in.

Not only she but also the fox monster detected his intentions.

However, he did not know Jiang Chen as well as Miss Bai did. He was not completely sure whether Jiang Chen really meant that.

If that was true, this human was too bold.

"You go first," said Jiang Chen.

Whitey was pretty unwilling to do that. He would rather beat those people to a pulp directly. Miss Bai too...

But if he really did that, it would be as if the Advanced Wolf Tribe was going against the Monster Palace and that would put Miss Bai in a difficult place.

"Do what I said," Jiang Chen repeated.


Whitey lowered his head.

"Make way!"

Miss Bai yelled at the guards in a stern voice. She had made up her mind to leave with Whitey.

The guards did not know what to do. They were awaiting the fox monster's order.

"What? Even Whitey and I can't use the passage?" Miss Bai asked coldly.

"Let them pass," the fox monster told the guards.

In this way, Whitey and Miss Bai jumped into the abyss one by one. Their energies disappeared together.

Jiang Chen knew this was the sign that they had gone to another world.

"So, now, you are only an ordinary human in front of me."

The fox monster sized Jiang Chen up with interest. All of a sudden, he showed a fierce face. He yelled in anger, "So, get out of this street right away. Otherwise I'll eat you!"

"Now, no matter what I do to you, you can't say it's my fault," said Jiang Chen.

The fox monster was struck dumb. He said disdainfully, "What can you do to me?"

"For example, like this?"

Jiang Chen smiled meaningfully.

A fist with jumping electric arcs was thrown over. Jiang Chen punched the fox monster's face before he even realized it was coming.

His entire face was distorted. The blush came off. The fox monster was sent flying. He tumbled a few times after falling on the ground.

All of the monsters on the street and the five from the Monster Slayers Palace were attracted by the loud noises.

" dare you!"

The fox monster got to his feet. His face looked extremely funny, which of course made him fly into a rage.

"You want to know whether I'm the person who defeated Lang Mei, don't you? So, what do you think about my punch?"

Jiang Chen did not care about the disturbances he had created at all. He felt his anger had been vented seeing the fox monster's reaction.

"You have no idea what you are doing! This isn't a place where you can run amok!"

The fox monster was very angry, but that punch did make him realize Jiang Chen was not a simple person.

But it did not matter to him, because he was not alone on this street.

The guards by the abyss were not easy to deal with. Although they had failed to reach the highest levels, their fighting powers were still great.

More important, this street was guarded by high-level monsters.

"Who is making trouble?!"

An angry yell rang out. Then people heard muffled footsteps. Every step made the whole street quake.

"A high-level monster."

Jiang Chen frowned. He knew if he lingered here, he would be in trouble.

He leaned over to look into the abyss.

"Stop him! He wants to fight his way in!"

The fox monster, who had been paying close attention to Jiang Chen, gave the order as soon as he detected the latter's intention.

But he did not feel worried. With so many guards and himself, it was impossible for Jiang Chen to succeed.

As long as they could stop him, the high-level monsters would give Jiang Chen a tragic death when they arrived.

But then, no one would be able to control the God of Carnage of the Advanced Wolf Tribe and that would be a heavy blow for them.

"You think you can stop me?"

The fox monster did not worry, but Jiang Chen worried even less. He suddenly moved and vanished.

"Great Method of Void!"

If he, a master of the Scripture of Void, could have been stopped easily, he would have brought shame to such a unique theurgy.

"How is that possible? What method is that?!"

The fox monster was shocked. He felt like a wind had blown up and he could not stop the wind from blowing at all.

He did not even see any traces, and Jiang Chen had disappeared from the world.

Then disturbances could be heard from the abyss. Jiang Chen entered the Realm of Monsters smoothly.



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