The Brilliant Fighting Master
1554 Being Obstructed Again and Again
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1554 Being Obstructed Again and Again

Freedom City was a giant city, but it was not magnificent.

The buildings were of many different styles, but they were all a drab color. It was quite a depressing city.

This was not the only problem. Most of the buildings were also quite shabby and had been damaged to varying extents.

Everyone who lived in the city was used to it. No one had the slightest intention of doing anything to fix the buildings or try to make them more appealing.

Since they were with Whitey, Jiang Chen and Miss Bai drew quite a few shocked gazes.

Their vicious looks made Jiang Chen feel very weird. He felt as if he was visiting a city inhabited by a herd of ferocious beasts.

He also felt as if all of these people were thinking about attacking him.

"Mind your own business if you don't want to die too soon."

A black-clad man whom Jiang Chen brushed past while walking threatened him in a gloomy voice. He saw the man's hideous face under his hood.

The man disappeared into the crowd before Jiang Chen could respond.


Jiang Chen had no idea what his warning was about, so he did not take it seriously.

Subsequently, he noticed the shops on the right and left sides of the street.

The decoration in the shops looked quite average, but what they were selling were all kinds of quality goods.

The weapon shops were particularly amazing. Everything on display was at least a Doctrine Artifact. And they were quite cheap compared to the prices outside.

Jiang Chen noticed many people sizing up his two swords in a sneaky way.

It was quite unwise to hang his swords at his waist in a place like this.

However, Jiang Chen still persisted in his old ways. He did not try to hide them.

Soon he learned that the Doctrine Artifacts in the weapon shops were booty that

had been stolen and thus could not be shown to people outside.

"Any dark dirty things you can think of, you can find them here," said Miss Bai.

It was obvious that she was very unhappy with the location of the entrance and exit.

"The monsters are not the only race that is allowed to come and go freely. All races can. Many bounty hunter teams will risk their lives to enter the Realm of Monsters and try to catch our members. The Fox Woman is the most affected among all of us."

It was needless to think why they wanted to catch the Fox Woman.

"The three great forces want you and the Land of No Order to consume each other with fighting and thus restrict your movements outside," said Jiang Chen.

"Huh, this Land is only a dump. If all of us monsters worked together, we could destroy this place in a minute."

Miss Bai did not think that the Land of No Order would be a threat for the Monster Realm.

"This is exactly what the three forces want," Jiang Chen thought to himself.

Soon, Jiang Chen felt that the monster energy in the air was becoming much richer. He knew he was arriving at his destination.

As expected, he came to a street where, after turning a corner, monsters were everywhere.

However, five men in azure uniforms were standing in a row at the beginning of the street.

In their hands they were holding chains that both Jiang Chen and Miss Bai were familiar with.

"Monster Slayers Palace?"

Jiang Chen certainly did not expect to see those people here. The way they were behaving especially surprised him.

"Are you human?"

Sizing up Whitey and Miss Bai, the five from the Monster Slayers Palace were surprised by Jiang Chen's appearance.

"Why are you with these monsters?!"

After confirming Jiang Chen's identity, the five looked pretty aggressive, especially their leader.

She was a tall, slim woman, who was as beautiful as a peach blossom. Her eyebrows and eyes were magnificent. The azure robe she was wearing seemed to be tailored, presenting her curved body perfectly.

Jiang Chen did not know what to say.

"The three forces are worried that the monsters are scheming. So, the Monster Slayers Palace offered to come here to spy on us," said Miss Bai.

"I see."

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders. He finally answered the question from the disciples of the Monster Slayers Palace, "It's none of your business."

"You are a human, but you are associating with the evil monsters. Shame on you!"

The tall, slim woman was scornful, as if she had guessed something.

"The disaster of the Blood Race is upcoming. The monsters are an important fighting force. Otherwise, the three great forces wouldn't have made any concessions."

Smiling, Jiang Chen answered her, "You from the Monster Slayers Palace are complacent and conservative. You want to be a barrier between humans and monsters. If the Black Yellow Great World is conquered in the future, you will be responsible forever."

His incisive arguments struck the five from the Monster Slayers Palace dumb. Then they flew into a rage, one after another.

"Don't you know how many humans the monsters have killed?" the tall, slim woman questioned him.

"All the ancient races thought they were better than others when they first appeared in the world again. They treated humans like slaves, but that didn't stop you from ceding territories to them, did it?" Jiang Chen said.

"Nonsense!" The tall, slim woman refused to believe him.

It was understandable, since most of the cases in which the ancient races had enslaved humans openly happened in the Three Lower Realms.

As for the noble folks of the Realm of Divine Martial Arts, how could they know about that? They regarded the ancient races as their allies.

"It doesn't matter whether what I said is nonsense or not. The truth is the truth. No one can deny it," said Jiang Chen.

"Don't forget about your race, your point of view!"

Seeing that he was indignant, the tall, slim woman reminded him of his identity as a human.

"Forget it, Luo Man. You are only wasting your time talking to him."

Her companion tried to stop this meaningless dispute.

"You'd better hope I don't find you doing anything evil!" Luo Man warned him. Then she stepped aside reluctantly to let him pass.

Jiang Chen and Miss Bai walked onto the street that belonged to the monsters.

The disciples of the Monster Slayers Palace did not like Jiang Chen. The monsters showed hostility to him as well.

If he had not been with Miss Bai and Whitey, he would have been in a lot of trouble.

"This is just the first example. As you spend time in the Realm of Monsters, it will happen more often and you will notice it more," said Miss Bai.

"I can imagine that," Jiang Chen said, and indicated that she did not have to worry, since he had mentally prepared for that.

The passage leading to the Realm of Monsters was at the end of the street.

They saw the street was blocked. In front of them was a dark abyss.

"Jump in and you will arrive in the Realm of Monsters," said Miss Bai.

Jiang Chen nodded. He was going to act with Whitey immediately.

"Wait. You from the Advanced Wolf Tribe have been using the entrance and exit very frequently these days. Do you still think you are a king-level tribe?"

There were monsters guarding the abyss as well.

Their facial expressions had been changing since Miss Bai had appeared in their sights.

The guards surrounded them just as Miss Bai and Whitey were going to act.

"What do you mean? We from the Advanced Wolf Tribe have also contributed to building this passage. Now the passage can supply its own energy consumption. No extra consumption will be caused. On what grounds are you stopping me?"

Miss Bai was more pissed than when she had been stopped by those from the Monster Slayers Palace.

Staring at the guard who had disrespected the Advanced Wolf Tribe, she asked this question.

The guard did not answer. He kept smiling. Her anger did not affect him at all.

Suddenly, they heard brisk footsteps coming from behind.

"All tribes can use the passage. The thing is, I need to know why you Advanced Wolf Tribe are traveling with a human."

Obviously, it was this person who had told the guards to stop Jiang Chen and Miss Bai.

"About this, you can ask the Monster Palace. The tribe filed an application, and the application was approved," said Miss Bai.

"Okay. Now I remember. It's the human who is going to take part in the Monsters Conference? To guarantee the God of Carnage of your tribe is in a stable mental state?"

TUT! TUT! TUT! "The Advanced Wolf Tribe used to be so great, but now you need a human's help to train your God of Carnage? How ironic."

This person couldn't keep the exaggerated expression of scorn off his face.



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