The Brilliant Fighting Master
1553 The Land of No Order
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1553 The Land of No Order

"The three great forces are ruthless!"

Jiang Chen couldn't help but exclaim as he realized what they had done.

The entrance and exit connecting the Realm of Monsters and the Realm of Divine Martial Arts were located purposely in the most chaotic and dangerous place of all.

This place was called the Land of No Order.

It was not a forbidden land, but anyone below Martial status would not dare enter here.

This was because of the creatures that were living in the Land of No Order.

Everyone knew that the Realm of Divine Martial Arts was strictly controlled by the three forces.

They had a finger in every pie, and they were omnipresent. They had created a strong social class that couldn't be beaten.

However, there were always those who wouldn't like to be lorded over. Some people were willing to fight to remain free.

So these people gathered together. They chose to live in an area that the three forces would never want.

That was the origin of the Land of No Order.

In the beginning, the three great forces didn't think much about the Land of No Order.

They regarded it as a island of anarchy, where a group of undisciplined people without ambition abandoned themselves to vice.

However, now the three forces regretted that they had not eliminated the Land of No Order when it had been weak.

This was because, since it was not under the rule of the three forces, many outlaws, some of whom were wanted by the authorities in different lands, had settled here.

Over time, the Land of No Order turned into a place where people acted ruthlessly and cruelly.

Just as its name suggested, it was without order. It valued the law of the jungle, where might made right and only the strong survived.

At first, this had been a place where a group of people who sought freedom had gathered.

Now, however, the Land of No Order was a synonym for darkness.

It was said in the Realm of Divine Martial Arts that the hands of those who survived one month's living in this Land would have to be stained with blood.

The fact that the three forces had set up the entrance and exit here was absolutely cruel and cunning.

The Land of No Order consisted of a giant basin surrounded by high mountains. There was a very flat plain at the center.

Eight cities had been built on this plain over these years.

The entrance was in the oldest city, Freedom City. After the expansion of many years, Freedom City was already a jumbo city.


Miss Bai suddenly stopped, staring at the dark cloud not far away with disgust.

As the wind blew, the dark cloud was moving toward them slowly.

"Watch out," said Miss Bai.

Jiang Chen's holy awareness contained the Eye of Heaven. He saw six people hiding in the cloud with a simple glance.

To his surprise, all of these people were Martial Arts Saints.

They soon realized that they had been detected, so they stopped hiding.

They released a strong energy one by one. The dark cloud disappeared.

Six ferocious people dashed over at high speed.

"Kill the man. Capture the woman. Use that tiger as our mount!"

The leader gave the order. They had no intention of talking at all.

"A bunch of annoying flies."

Miss Bai's long hair flew in the wind. This was obviously not the first time she had run into things like this.

It was quite common in the Land of No Order.

Miss Bai did not waste any words. She jumped at them.

"You are courting death!"

The six outlaws smiled cunningly. They did not know Miss Bai was a monster. They thought she was only an average Martial Emperor.

However, they soon realized their disadvantage as soon as they had exchanged blows with her.

Their leader was sent flying by Miss Bai's palm attack.

Jiang Chen's eyes lit up. He had not seen Miss Bai for over half a year. Her progress was obvious.

They realized Miss Bai was not going to be easy to deal with, so four or five of them attacked her together.

"Whitey," Jiang Chen signaled to Whitey.

Whitey was extremely eager. He dashed over as fast as the wind.

One of the rascals died tragically after one blow exchange.

" come?! Why is this mount so strong?"

Very shortly, these outlaws, who had intended to kill people and seize their treasures, finally realized they were in trouble.

That being said, since they could survive in the Land of No Order, they must have had some great skills.

"Take him down!"

The leader directed one of the Martial Arts Saints to fight Jiang Chen while he himself was dealing with Miss Bai.

He thought Whitey was Jiang Chen's mount. As long as he could get rid of the master, the mount would soon fail to differentiate his side from the enemy's. In this way, they would be able to attain a new mount.

"Heh, heh."

The outlaw who had gotten the order rushed at Jiang Chen. He thought it was going to be easy to kill him.

They might have made a mistake with Miss Bai, but Jiang Chen was definitely a human Martial Emperor. They could not be wrong about that.

"Just blame yourself. You shouldn't have been so arrogant!"

The man spoke to Jiang Chen with scorn before attacking.

This land was a cruel jungle. It was super-important not to expose one's whereabouts.

Jiang Chen and Miss Bai had been as bold as brass. That was how they had drawn the attention of the outlaws.

To put it in the words of those living in the Land of No Order, they deserved to die.


Seeing the enemy so confident of winning, Jiang Chen was amused.

"Go to h*ll!"

The man flew into a rage. He went all out, exerting a unique movement with his force of a Martial Arts Saint at the preliminary stage.

This unique movement was a perfect manifestation of his Martial Doctrine.

He was confident that he could kill the enemy with this attack only.

"You have too many flaws, but your speed is okay. That being said, you still failed to exert the power that should have been exerted."

Jiang Chen commented snidely, reaching for the handle of the Red Cloud Sword.

When the enemy was close to him, he unsheathed the sword. The Infinite Sacred Flame gushed out.

"Sacred Seal in the Sword: Buddha's Sacred Anger!"

As soon as this sword attack was exerted, the outlaw's anger completely disappeared. He only had fear left.

The Red Cloud Sword was shining with red lights as Jiang Chen manipulated its paramount sword energy easily.

"Immortal Sword?!"

That was the only thing that occurred to him before he was hit by the fierce sword blade.

There was no mysterious blow exchange. There was only a dreadful fire energy that cracked his attack, his protective energy jar, his armor that was a Doctrine Artifact, and himself.


All this had happened too fast. The leader of the outlaws was petrified. Not until then did he realize that they were now the prey.


He gave the order immediately. And he was also the first to put it into action.

"Whitey, don't let any of them get away."

Whitey cheered after getting Jiang Chen's order. The pleasure of killing was not paramount. What gave him pleasure was the collaboration with Jiang Chen. It gave him the ultimate satisfaction.

Suddenly, Whitey's eyes turned red, as red as rubies.

In an instant, the blood of the leader and the others froze. They were seized by the most primitive fear.

Then they were eliminated by Whitey as if they had been targets made of straw.

"Whitey's strength must be between Martial Arts Saints and titled Martial Arts practitioners."

Jiang Chen thought to himself, "I'd better become a real Martial Arts Saint at the Monsters Conference. Otherwise, I will be his burden instead of his protector."

According to history, as long as he became a Martial Arts Saint, even if only in the preliminary stage, he would be able to make most Martial Arts Saints despair.

Among Martial Arts Saints, there were strong people similar to the three-tiered strong ones, who could not be challenged by people whose level was below theirs.

But that was only a minority. Besides, as long as Jiang Chen was given enough time, he would be able to break any rule.

"Let's go."

Miss Bai continued, "There are high-level monsters guarding Freedom City. If we really run into danger, we can ask them for help. So, we don't need to worry."

"No wonder you were so confident."

Jiang Chen had thought Miss Bai overconfident. Even though she had improved a lot, they were after all in the Land of No Order.

Not long after they had left, people showed up from all over this area.

Some emerged from rivers. Some had been hiding in clouds. Others had stayed underground.

"A Martial Emperor killed a Martial Arts Saint in one second with only one sword attack! What a world!"

"I feel so lucky that we didn't act. We should watch out in the future."

"We'd better hurry to create a system to evaluate other's strength. Otherwise we won't even know how we die."

These people were all outlaws who had intended to intercept people here.

They had meant to take advantage of the robbers.

But seeing how strong Jiang Chen, Miss Bai, and Whitey were, they all gave up any idea of attacking them.



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