The Brilliant Fighting Master
1552 Advanced Wolf Tribe
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1552 Advanced Wolf Tribe

A few more days passed. The Realm of Monsters finally sent someone to the Celestial Palace.

As Jiang Chen had requested, the Realm of Monsters had sent Miss Bai, who was a friend of Jiang Chen's.

The two were beaming as they saw each other, like two old friends who had not seen each other for a long time and were finally reunited.

"I knew you would make it!" Miss Bai was very emotional when she saw Whitey.

And Whitey was kind to her too, which was rare for him. Usually, he was cold to everyone.

"Let's go. We'll talk about the details on the way," said Miss Bai.


Jiang Chen told the First Elder that he wanted to say good-bye to Xiao Nuo.

But because the Elder said that Xiao Nuo didn't like farewells, he didn't go.

Jiang Chen planned to head for Tianqi City after leaving the Dragon Tiger Mountain.

This city had been constructed quite well. The large teleportation formation it was equipped with could teleport people to the West Wilderness, the Middle River, the South Sea, and the North Plain of the Realm of Divine Martial Arts.

"No teleportation formation is set up at the entrance of the Realm of Monsters. We must travel there on our own," said Miss Bai.


Jiang Chen could not help but feel curious about that place.

Areas with no access to teleportation formations were isolated from the Realm of Divine Martial Arts.

Soon, it occurred to Jiang Chen that there was no entrance leading to the Realm of Monsters in the Realm of Divine Martial Arts.

High-level monsters could travel anywhere in the Realm of Divine Martial Arts.

And they could travel back from anywhere in the Realm of Divine Martial Arts as well.

After all, not all of the Nine Realms were connected by plane's channels.

"The three forces allow the Realm of Monsters and the Nine Realms to contact each other, but under strict rules. We are not allowed to come and go as we wish. Instead, we must travel through designated entrances and exits," Miss Bai said.

Of course, not all monsters would follow such rules, but the rules did work to some extent.

"Jiang Chen, you shouldn't have agreed to come to the Realm of Monsters."

Miss Bai spoke to Jiang Chen with holy awareness as they were getting on their way.

At first, Jiang Chen thought she was worrying about him, but soon he read something else into what she had said.

"Whitey shouldn't go back either," Miss Bai added.

"Why is that?"

Miss Bai was taking risks telling him these things.

If Jiang Chen and Whitey didn't go to the Realm of Monsters, she would be the one to blame.

But she didn't want to see Jiang Chen and Whitey take risks that could put them in danger.

"What the Monster Emperor told you is true. The Transformation Pool and the Monsters Conference, they do exist. What matters isn't what he said, but what he didn't say."

Miss Bai was pulling a long face. There was no emotion showing on it. But she sounded as if she was experiencing a lot inside herself.

Jiang Chen was listening to her quietly.

It didn't take him long to understand what it was all about.

There were numerous big and small tribes in the Realm of Monsters.

The folks of the Nine Realms usually thought all monsters were brutal, but, unlike that impression, the monsters actually had a strictly defined social structure.

Tribes were stringently classified.

They were classified into the bronze level, the silver level, the black gold level, and the king level.

Low-level tribes pledged loyalty to high-level ones. In this way, a pyramid was formed.

The tribe Whitey and Miss Bai belonged to was called the Advanced Wolf Tribe.

It used to be a king-level tribe, but ever since their God of Carnage, who was also their leader, died, they had been degraded to black gold level.

As a result, the Advanced Wolf Tribe had been working hard for more than a decade in order to become a king-level tribe again.

Originally, they had pinned all their hopes on Whitey. They had done a lot to train him.

Jiang Chen knew all of this.

But he also noticed Miss Bai's wording.

The Advanced Wolf Tribe used to pin all their hopes on Whitey.

But not anymore.

"A few years ago, the divine beast blood in someone from our tribe woke up. It was a huge thing across the Realm of Monsters."

"The Advanced Wolf Tribe's attention has shifted from Whitey to that member ever since then."

Jiang Chen stopped flying when he had heard that.

"Then why did you keep Whitey and send him to the Sovereign Path? You even sent him to compete for the Transformation Pool."

There were so many doubts. Jiang Chen was not feeling as resolute as in the beginning.

If this was a trap and he insisted on going, he would absolutely be a big fool.

"Those were just cover-ups to confuse the others, so that Whitey could be a shield to win more time for the other one," said Miss Bai.

Everything she had said was a secret of the Advanced Wolf Tribe which she should not have leaked.

She was making a great sacrifice in telling Jiang Chen all this.

"Ha, ha."

Jiang Chen was so angry that he burst out laughing. A fierce light flashed in his eyes. He looked like an invincible sharp blade.

This Advanced Wolf Tribe was really interesting.

He curled his lips, extremely angry.

Suddenly, Whitey gave him a nudge in the chest with his head.

Jiang Chen let out a long sigh. In this way, the fire of anger in him died out gradually.

But his hatred of the Advanced Wolf Tribe would last forever.

"The tribe isn't going to let Whitey win the chance to go into the Transformation Pool at the Monsters Conference this year. The tribe only wants the other tribes to think that we will let Whitey get it, so that Whitey will draw attention and become a target."

Miss Bai looked like she was struggling. She said, "Go back."

It was many miles from Dragon Tiger Mountain to where they were presently. They had been flying for more than ten minutes.

Miss Bai did not disclose the truth until then. It was not hard to imagine how she had been struggling on the way.

"What about your task? How will you report to them?"

"The Advanced Wolf Tribe won't do anything to me. They are relying on me," Miss Bai said, not thinking it a big deal.

Jiang Chen was silent. He was petting Whitey while thinking.

"Is the Transformation Pool really effective?" asked Jiang Chen.

Miss Bai immediately knew what was on his mind.

She, very anxious, wanted to talk him out of it, but seeing how resolute Jiang Chen was, she said helplessly, "The Transformation Pool is a sacred place in the Realm of Monsters. Every tribe wants it. If Whitey could really go into the Transformation Pool, there'd be nothing to worry about in his future."

"Then why should I go back?" Jiang Chen smiled coldly. His look was extremely firm.


Miss Bai was struck dumb. She was surprised that Jiang Chen was so bold. He knew the truth, but he still chose to visit the Realm of Monsters.

"You should know that the Advanced Wolf Tribe won't back you and Whitey up at the Monsters Conference. Besides, you'll also have to deal with vicious intentions from other tribes."

Miss Bai worried he had not understood the situation enough, so she explained it to him again.

"Whitey, are you scared?" asked Jiang Chen.


The deafening tiger growl spoke of Whitey's resolution.

He was intelligent, so he had understood what Jiang Chen and Miss Bai were talking about. He was also extremely angry.

That pair of blue eyes had turned red again.

If Jiang Chen had not been here, his aggressive killing intent would have scared Miss Bai away.

"I see."

Miss Bai was also an intelligent person. Since Jiang Chen and Whitey did not want to give up, she certainly would not try to persuade them anymore.

"Thank you."

Jiang Chen said before they hit the road again.

"For?" Miss Bai did not know what he was talking about.

"It wasn't easy for you to tell me this."

Jiang Chen said seriously, "If you need my help in the future, just feel free to ask me."

The folks living in the Sacred Zone five centuries ago knew how precious the First Young Master's promise was.

Although Miss Bai did not know anything about the First Young Master, she knew Jiang Chen was genuinely sincere.

"I will."

As a Monster, she was much more direct than humans were. Her answer explained her character pretty well.

Two hours later, Jiang Chen finally arrived at the place Miss Bai had mentioned after flying over numerous mountains and rivers.

"Here we are," Jiang Chen tumbled to the reality, thinking no doubt about what was to come.



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