The Brilliant Fighting Master
1551 Heaven-Punishing Sword
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1551 Heaven-Punishing Sword

The Realm of Monsters was a world full of dangers for those living in the Nine Realms.

It was full of wildness, brutality, murder, and all kinds of other violence.

The Realm of Monsters was used as a boogeyman to stop kids from misbehaving.

If a child was being too naughty, its parents would threaten that they would send them to the Realm of Monsters. Such threats always worked to make naughty children behave.

As an adult, Jiang Chen certainly was not as affected as the kids were.

But the mere thought of going to the Realm of Monsters still made him nervous.

But, actually, he felt more expectant than nervous. He would like to see how strong Monsters were.

The golden roc left after getting Jiang Chen's affirmative answer. He told Jiang Chen they would leave together the next time he came and the latter should get ready for that.

Jiang Chen requested a small thing before he left.

The golden roc hesitated for a while, but he still agreed.

He agreed without having to confirm with his leaders. Obviously, it was not something of special importance.


A few days passed, but those from the Realm of Monsters had not returned. However, news unfavorable to the Ling Long Celestial Palace arrived.

Since the establishment of the Ling Long Celestial Palace, what they had achieved should have amazed the Realm of Divine Martial Arts.

However, the three strongest forces' control over the Realm of Divine Martial Arts had reached an incredible extent.

They even controlled public opinion.

They made sure that the outside world would never hear anything favorable about the Ling Long Celestial Palace.

In contrast, every piece of unfavorable news about the Ling Long Celestial Palace would spread all over the realm.

For example, at this time, rumors were spread that the Ling Long Celestial Palace was scheming with the Realm of Monsters.

"The top management of the three great forces must know the truth, but they have slandered us deliberately and encouraged the spread of these rumors, " the First Elder said indignantly.

Although high-level monsters and Monster Emperors were allowed to travel around in the Realm of Divine Martial Arts, it was impossible to settle the grudges between the Realm of Monsters and the Nine Realms in just one or two days.

Those from the Realm of Divine Martial Arts did not want to involve themselves in anything related to the Realm of Monsters.

"We must clear our name and let the whole world know the real truth about the Ling Long Celestial Palace," said Baili Zhan emotionally.

It made sense. It was time for the Ling Long Celestial Palace to join the world.

They could get stuck in a passive situation if they allowed others to slander them this way.

"The Sovereign Path will be open in a few months. Tell our Ten Greatest Disciples to get ready for it."

Xiao Nuo appeared suddenly and spoke to the Board of Elders.

"The Sovereign Path?"

The three grand Elders were very surprised. It was a trial that was held by the three forces, which did not seem to have anything to do with them.

But since Xiao Nuo had mentioned it, it must be important.

"And you get ready too."

Xiao Nuo pointed at Jiang Chen. It meant he had been entered to take part in the Sovereign Path again.

Feeling surprised, Jiang Chen pulled Xiao Nuo aside to speak to her in private.

"How come the three forces have agreed?" Jiang Chen asked, puzzled.

The three forces had recently attacked them with masked men.

"They came to us. They said they would like to exchange a Sovereign Descendant's entry for 20 years of life," said Xiao Nuo.

"I see."

Jiang Chen understood the reason.

The Tower of the God of Longevity could make people live 20 years longer, but it would consume a great amount of resources.

However, whoever used the Tower of the God of Longevity would be responsible for the resources to be consumed and pay the fee to use it.

"The Sovereign Path is a great thing to take part in. You'll lag behind in this age if you always stay out of society," said Xiao Nuo.

She looked as if she was complaining and blaming Jiang Chen for having given up his membership in the Demon Slayers Palace without considering all the options.

Jiang Chen smiled bitterly. He really had not spent much time thinking about the ramifications back then.

"Here you are."

Rolling her eyes, she gave him the Sovereign Descendant card that had been handed out by the Xia.

Jiang Chen took the card. He was so emotional that he picked Xiao Nuo up.

"Keep it. Those from the Xia said this card means a lot. People who have it can even get selected to go to the Martial Field."

Xiao Nuo flushed. She struggled out of his arms, embarrassed.

"I know."

Jiang Chen smiled happily. The qualifications of Sovereign Descendant were also classified.

Some Sovereign Descendants could use key resources, while others were only there to participate in the event.

"Come with me."

Then Xiao Nuo took Jiang Chen to one of the nine peaks, Qiyu Peak.

"Your swords."

Xiao Nuo waved her hand and the Heavenly Fault Sword and the Red Cloud Sword flew over like two flowing lights.

Jiang Chen grasped the swords in both hands. He was shocked by the surprising Sword Spirits coming from his palms. They struck a responsive chord in his Sword Doctrine. A sword energy soared into the sky.

"Immortal Swords?!"

The two swords had been enhanced to Immortal Artifacts from Doctrine Artifacts. Jiang Chen realized why Xiao Nuo had taken his swords away.

"Take them, so that you won't die in the Realm of Monsters."

Xiao Nuo spoke gently. Seeing Jiang Chen look as if he had gotten the toys he loved most, she felt it was amusing.

"Heh, heh, I knew you wouldn't let me die," Jiang Chen said with a complacent smile.

"You are showing off."

Rolling her eyes again, Xiao Nuo smiled.

Jiang Chen's heart beat hard. Although he would never forget Xiao Nuo's face, not even after his death, he was still stunned by her from time to time.

Especially by her eyes.

Jiang Chen could not help but give her a quick kiss on her full lips.

Xiao Nuo flushed immediately.

They were not in her resident palace, where no one was around. They were at Qiyu Peak!

Some disciples who happened to pass by were struck dumb when they saw what the two were doing. Then they showed a kindly smile.

"Do you wanna die?!"

Xiao Nuo shouted at them and then flew away.

Jiang Chen laughed. Then he focused on the two swords.

As Immortal Artifacts, the two swords looked completely different, from inside to outside. They were shining. The blades looked brilliant.

"Ha, ha, ha, I never imagined I would be the soul of an Immortal Artifact one day!"

The voice of the sword soul, which had been silent for a long time, came from the Red Cloud Sword.

The Red Cloud Sword did not wane in Jiang Chen's hand. Instead, it shone more brightly.

Jiang Chen smiled. Then it suddenly occurred to him that the Heavenly Fault Sword did not have any soul yet, so it was not a complete Immortal Sword.

Jiang Chen did not have the time or energy to train a sword soul.

"Lil Ying."

Jiang Chen asked Lil Ying to enter the Heavenly Fault Sword to be its soul.

If he thought about it, the Thunder Spirit was perfect to be the Heavenly Fault Sword's soul. The power of the Heavenly Fault Sword soared. Thunders were roaring in the sword.

"Great work."

Jiang Chen held the Heavenly Fault Sword in front of him. "It's time to give it a new name."

Jiang Chen had failed to cast the sword into a Doctrine Artifact. That was how the Heavenly Fault Sword came about.

Jiang Chen should have changed its name when it became a Doctrine Artifact, but no proper name had come to mind.

But at this moment, a name that sounded right occurred to Jiang Chen.

Heaven-Punishing Sword was a fantastic name!

Making Lil Ying the sword soul made this sword focus on holy thunders.

The Du Tian Holy Thunder he had mastered was also called Heaven-Punishing Holy Thunder, so this was a perfect name.


All of a sudden, lightning fell not far away from Jiang Chen. A stone was smashed to pieces. Its pieces flew around and hit Jiang Chen.

"What? Are you angry?"

Pondering, Jiang Chen looked up at the sky.

With heaven striking, heaven breaking, and the current heaven punishing, his Will of Natural Law was now complete.

"You'll be punished if you don't obey me, even though you are the heaven."

Jiang Chen pointed the sword at the sky, with no intention of changing the name.

He looked like a madman who talked to himself in others' eyes.

However, no one noticed that the weather suddenly changed in the Dragon Tiger Mountain as soon as Jiang Chen finished speaking. Winds blew and clouds gathered. An unusual celestial phenomenon appeared.



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