The Brilliant Fighting Master
1550 The Transformation Pool
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1550 The Transformation Pool

Thinking it over, Jiang Chen decided to let Whitey come forward.

Whitey arrived shortly thereafter. He had a glacial air about him. Sitting down beside Jiang Chen, he didn't even throw a glance at the golden roc and the three high-level monsters.

It was easy to notice that the golden roc and the three high-level monsters were obviously a little nervous as Whitey walked in.

They were astounded to see Whitey so obedient.

"I've something to ask you."

Jiang Chen reached for Whitey's head. Running his fingers through Whitey's hair, he stopped at the neck area.

"What's that?" Jiang Chen asked coldly.

The golden roc knew what he was talking about. He looked even more embarrassed.

The hair on Whitey's neck didn't look natural. It was flattened almost to baldness. It wasn't hard to imagine that he'd been chained up for a long time.

"Did you treat your God of Carnage like a beast?" Jiang Chen questioned.

The golden roc was speechless.

The elephant monster looked up. He murmured, "Whitey'd become very unstable when he heard that you were dead. A lot of our clansmen were hurt. We had to do that. There was no other choice."

Jiang Chen snorted. His look was as sharp as a sword.

"That's why I won't let Whitey go back with you again," he said and sounded very resolute and unshakable.

Whitey nudged Jiang Chen's leg with his head.

The negotiations were stuck in a stalemate, although it hadn't been all that peaceful from the beginning.

"Let's consider the issue from another angle. If Whitey is with you, how'll he grow mature smoothly?"

The golden roc wouldn't give up. He was still struggling.

"That's not your concern," said Jiang Chen.

"Transformation. How'll you let him achieve the most basic transformation?"

The golden roc kept on peppering Jiang Chen with questions. "Monsters who can't transform into human figures won't be respected at all."

It was true.

No matter what they were born to be, all races would end up transforming to human figures.

It didn't mean they held the human race in awe.

It was because all the Heavenly Gods that ruled the races were human figures.

In those races' eyes, transforming to human figures didn't mean being the same as the human race, but meant evolving toward a better shape.

For example, the Spirit, the Wizard, and other races born with human figures were regarded as the favored ones of the Gods.

Otherwise, as proud as the Dragons were, why else would they've shown up in the world with human figures?

It would be extremely difficult for Whitey to transform into a human figure by himself, unless he could get a unique chance.

Otherwise, he'd need help from external forces.

In other words, he'd need the Transformation Elixir that Jiang Chen and Xiao Nuo had talked about.

"I'll figure out a way," said Jiang Chen.

"As long as he hasn't mastered the skill to transform into a human figure, Whitey won't be able to overcome his wildness. How much time will your way make him waste?" asked the golden roc.

Jiang Chen looked as if he was pondering. Sizing the golden roc up, he said, "You sound like you have some way to help him?"

Whitey suddenly got emotional. He sensed something and started pacing around Jiang Chen.

He stopped at Jiang Chen's left side and bit the latter's left hand.

The slight prick made Jiang Chen's hand retract. Then he slapped hard on Whitey's head.

What he did scared the golden roc and three high-level monsters. Holding their breaths, they were expecting Whitey to run amok.

However, Whitey didn't. Instead, he came to himself after the slap and hurried to extend his paw, which looked like a white glove, to touch Jiang Chen's hand.

Lifting his head, he was apologizing to Jiang Chen with his blue eyes, which were watery and clear.

Jiang Chen nodded. His hand was actually fine.

"How's that possible?!"

The golden roc experienced an odd feeling. Whitey looked like a gentle kitty beside Jiang Chen. He even wondered whether this was the God of Carnage they were looking for.

"We…we do have some way."

The golden roc came to himself. He answered Jiang Chen's question seriously, "A Transformation Elixir isn't enough to solve Whitey's problem. Besides, Transformation Elixirs have been lost to the world for a long time."

"That being said, we Monsters have a Transformation Pool. As long as Whitey can go in there, he'll probably transform into a human figure successfully."

Speaking of this, the golden roc appeared to be excited. He said faster, "That's the last step. Once Whitey transforms, there's nothing to worry about anymore!"

"Then why haven't you used it?" asked Jiang Chen.

"The Transformation Pool is such a big treasure. It's impossible to use it whenever we want. It's owned by the whole Realm of Monsters, and it's not so free in the Realm of Monsters. There are a lot of restrictions."

The elephant monster said emotionally, "We thought if Whitey could survive the first round of the Sovereign Path, we'd be able to strive for a chance for him to go to the Transformation Pool. But we didn't expect what happened later."

"What a wonderful story."

Jiang Chen didn't believe him at all. Although there was no loophole in his narration, he knew from what had happened to Whitey that the truth was not as beautiful as what they'd presented.

"Besides, even if he stays with you, it won't be 100 percent safe for Whitey either."

The golden roc added, "Quite a few monsters in the Realm of Monsters would like to see Whitey die."

It turned out there were many tribes in the Realm of Monsters.

Whitey was a member of the golden roc's tribe. He was the God of Carnage whom they wanted to train.

Similarly, other tribes had their own Gods of Carnage to train as well.

"Once the Gods of Carnage of other tribes transform into human figures successfully, the first thing for them to do is to get rid of Whitey."

"Lagging one step behind means lagging behind always."

Jiang Chen was not as insistent in his opinions as before when he'd learned this. He said, "You mean you'll strive for the chance to take Whitey to the Transformation Pool?"

"Exactly. Once we succeed, he'll be okay even if he doesn't want to stay in the Realm of Monsters."

The golden roc couldn't help but grow excited when he saw Jiang Chen's interest piqued.


Jiang Chen agreed immediately. Under Whitey and Xiao Nuo's surprised gazes, he added, "But I'll go with you as well, with Whitey."

The golden roc and the three high-level monsters were all shocked.

Whitey felt relieved, but Xiao Nuo looked more serious.

"Striving for the chance to use the Transformation Pool is like a trial. All kinds of monsters from the Realm of Monsters will take part in it. Do you really want to go?" the golden roc asked, doubtful.

"Yes, I really want to go," Jiang Chen said decisively.

"We'll need to confirm with our leaders." The golden roc looked like this was tricky for him.

"Go ahead. Don't waste more time here."

Xiao Nuo asked him to leave immediately.

"We'll come back here tomorrow."

The golden roc knew he should be patient, so he left with the three high-level monsters.

"Are you going to the Realm of Monsters?"

As soon as the monsters left, Xiao Nuo knitted her eyebrows. She was angry.

"Yes." Jiang Chen braced himself to answer.


To his surprise, Xiao Nuo didn't argue with him. Instead, she agreed.

"All strong people must go through ordeals. I'm the one who needs to change my mindset. For me, you are still the First Young Master of the Sacred Zone, who needs others' protection."

Xiao Nuo said after a sigh, "And you're a person with a great future. I don't believe you'll die easily."

"That's great!"

Jiang Chen felt delighted that he had such an understanding wife.

"That being said, give me your two swords," said Xiao Nuo.


Jiang Chen asked her this question while unsheathing the Heavenly Fault Sword and the Red Cloud Sword.

"Don't worry about it. You'll know when you leave," said Xiao Nuo.

The next day, the golden roc came to the main peak again.

"Jiang Chen, about your visit to the Realm of Monsters, the tribe won't agree or disagree. But I have to confirm with you again. Have you thought it over? You should know where you're going. It's the Realm of Monsters."


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