The Brilliant Fighting Master
1547 Fighting Eight Monsters
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1547 Fighting Eight Monsters

A fight field would appear once anyone stepped into the Fighting Monsters Arena. The low-level monster that had been challenged would be freed.

Jiang Chen changed the rules of the Fighting Monsters Arena. As soon as he stepped into the arena, all of the eight monsters could move around freely. They were all eager to fight.

"Oops, it seems the security measures aren't working!"

One of the disciples of the palace who noticed all eight monsters moving around suddenly shouted.

It created an uproar. Many people looked worried.

Since it was difficult to read the low-level monsters' minds, fighting them was dangerous.

As a result, the Fighting Monsters Arena was completely under the control of challengers, namely, the disciples of the palace.

They could quit the fight any time they were at a disadvantage or felt threatened.

The disciples of the palace called this the security measures.

But now, since the rules of the Fighting Monsters Arena had been modified, this security measure had also lost its effect.

The eight monsters kept smiling coldly after discovering this, as if they could see Jiang Chen's tragic end.

The Fighting Monsters Arena was hundreds of feet high. Each low-level monster was at a different height.

The two closest to Jiang Chen were an ape and a gray flood dragon. They transformed to two large muscular men.

The palace had learned something about them during these last few days.

The ape was a giant golden ape. In a high position in the Realm of Monsters, he had a strong fighting power and was born with extraordinary strength.

The other was even greater. It was a flood dragon, a close relative of real dragons.

Although gray flood dragons were not as important as other types of flood dragons, they couldn't be overlooked.

The ape and the flood dragon were the strongest in the first tier.

"I'm wondering why you are so confident."

"Smash him!"

These monsters were not going to show him any mercy. Their monster energies were surging to such an extent that even the Fighting Monsters Arena built out of steel almost couldn't control it.

At the same time, the golden roc and the three high-level monsters arrived at the Dragon Tiger Mountain as fast as they could.

They obviously had learned that Jiang Chen's seclusion had ended.

Since the golden roc had arrived, Xiao Nuo confronted him immediately to keep them away from the nine peaks.

"Red Cloud Venerable! You are messing around with me!"

The golden roc glanced at the Fighting Monsters Arena and immediately understood what was going on.

"Why?" Xiao Nuo did not understand what he was referring to.

"If Jiang Chen is given a good beating, how will he be able to talk with us?" complained the golden roc.

It turned out they were worried Jiang Chen would be angry and refuse to collaborate with them if he was given a beating.

They knew perfectly what those eight low-level monsters were like.

They would never take any big picture into consideration in fighting with Jiang Chen.

They would absolutely give him a good lesson to vent their anger.

"You don't know Jiang Chen at all. You are totally underestimating his strength."

Xiao Nuo felt it was funny when she understood what the golden roc was worrying about.


The golden roc inferred something from what she had said. An idea occurred to him. He said, "It looks, Venerable, as if you are very confident in Jiang Chen. What about this? Let's make a bet. If he loses, can Venerable guarantee you will stay out of this?"

It was not because they were afraid of Jiang Chen that they had been staying in Tianqi City for such a long time.

"What if your low-level monsters lose?"

Xiao Nuo knew what the golden roc was scheming, but it still sounded like an interesting offer to her.

"We'll promise not to inflict our will upon Jiang Chen and Whitey. We'll respect their decision," said the golden roc.

The three high-level monsters were listening to their conversation. They all nodded after understanding the golden roc's plan. They were obviously in favor of it.

"What? Were you thinking about inflicting your will on them?"

Xiao Nuo was smiling, and an extremely strong sense of danger arose once again in the golden roc and the three high-level monsters.

The golden roc was startled. He hurried to say, "Red Cloud Venerable, we are here on behalf of the Realm of Monsters. If we fail to achieve our goal and finish our task, stronger ones will be sent here."

"Yeah? I would like to see how strong the strongest ones from the Realm of Monsters are." Xiao Nuo's smile became bigger. She still did not think it a big deal.

"Red Cloud Venerable!"

The golden roc could not help but feel annoyed. After all, his position was even higher than the high-level monsters'.

"Okay. Okay. You'll lose anyway. I'll make this bet with you."

Xiao Nuo answered him casually, waving her hand.


The golden roc was afraid Xiao Nuo would eat her words, so he agreed immediately. Then he threw the Fighting Monsters Arena a glance.

Although it was thousands of miles away, Lang Mei, standing in the arena, still perceived his look and lifted her head.

Then she showed a complacent look on her pretty face.

"Defeat him. The Monster Emperor will give you a handsome reward!"

Lang Mei informed the other seven monsters of what the roc had communicated to her.

The low-level monsters were already eager to fight. But now their will to fight was even more inspired.


The ape and the flood dragon attacked at the same time.

They were extremely aggressive and indomitable.

They did not look like they were going to fight Jiang Chen together, but looked like they were competing to defeat Jiang Chen.

They regarded defeating Jiang Chen as a competition.


Jiang Chen was about to grasp his sword handle with his left hand, but, thinking that the enemy was monsters, an unusual idea occurred to him.

He leaped to confront the two monsters.

"What's going on? Isn't the vice leader a swordsman? Why does he choose close combat?"

The disciples of the Heavenly Palace were confused.

They had the impression that Jiang Chen was a brilliant swordsman. He had showed his outstanding sword skills in the Sword House, as well as when he defeated the Gu Brothers.

"The first movement of Black Dragon Fist, Dragon Flight!"

While people were feeling puzzled, an endless strength broke out in Jiang Chen's body, as if he had experienced a transformation.

He suddenly looked like he was hundreds of times taller!

The low-level monsters in the Fighting Monsters Arena turned pale. It was not because they had seen anything extraordinary.

It was because of the paramount dragon majesty emitted by Jiang Chen.

It made these monsters scared because of what they could sense.

"Dragon Fist?!"

In the air, the golden roc and the three high-level monsters were struck dumb. They looked serious.

"That's the Dragon Fist of Martial Emperor level," the ox monster said in a low voice.

"Angry Fist Disturbs the Sky!"

"Storm Is Brewing!"

The giant golden ape and the gray flood dragon did not flinch. They looked as if they were ready to go all out to confront a strong enemy.

This was why the Monsters are believed to be strong.

They'd both transformed to humans, so they were using fists to exert their monster methods.

The two monsters' fists were like the sun and the moon that were charging down.

If they hit the ground, the earth would quake.

If they hit the sea, a great tsunami would be caused.


In the end, they each hit Jiang Chen's fists.

The force turned into energy that flew around.

If they were not in the fight field, the main peak would have collapsed.

Under numerous gazes, two cracks appeared. The ape and the flood dragon were sent flying.

The sleeves covering the arms they had used to throw the punches were torn apart. Cracks showed up on their skin.

"No way!"

Close combat was always the monsters' advantage, so this scene filled the onlookers with wonder.

However, it was not over yet.

Jiang Chen's punch was not finished. He jumped up to approach the two monsters who had not steadied themselves.

He kicked them in the chests. They fell quickly.

Another two loud cracks came. Two craters were created on steps of the arena. The two monsters were lying in them, heavily injured and unable to fight anymore.

Standing in the middle of them, Jiang Chen walked up the steps without throwing the two monsters on the ground another glance.

"Who is next?"

The other six monsters were scared to death when they had heard that cold voice.

Then the whole main peak was drowned in some exciting shouts!


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