The Brilliant Fighting Master
1546 Fighting Monsters Arena
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1546 Fighting Monsters Arena

Jiang Chen followed Baili Zhan to the main peak with Whitey to prepare for the meeting with the monsters.

The air was quite lively at the main peak. Disciples from all of the nine peaks had gathered there. Even the ten key disciples were there.

"There are so many people," Jiang Chen exclaimed.

The celestial palace of today was just like it had been when he came here for the first time.

It was bustling, and the air was extremely lively.

However, after surviving many experiences, the Ling Long Celestial Palace was no longer in a state of disunity and was not as chaotic as before. That was the difference.

Many members truly felt as if they belonged to the Ling Long Celestial Palace.

It must be stated that those members included Jiang Chen.

Except for his family and the Heavenly Palace that he had established, Jiang Chen, who always went his own way, seldom appreciated a force or felt he belonged to it.

Not even the Natural Law School made him feel that way, although he was its leader.

But the Ling Long Celestial Palace was different.

As to the reason, it was certainly because of its Leader the Venerable, who was his wife.

"Besides the three high-level monsters, there were also eight low-level monsters. They talked quite big, not taking the celestial palace seriously at all. So Leader the Venerable punished them."

"All our disciples can challenge these eight low-level monsters in order to train. After all, it's not easy to run into good practitioners from the Realm of Monsters."

Baili Zhan explained what was going on with the low-level monsters to Jiang Chen complacently.

"Oh? How has that been achieved? Those eight low-level monsters are willing to fight our disciples?" Jiang Chen asked curiously.

"They can't say no. Leader the Venerable is infinitely resourceful. She built a Fighting Monsters Arena."

"The eight low-level monsters are kept there. They can't move at all unless they fight our disciples. If they fight, they'll be able to move around freely."

"These low-level monsters were reluctant at the beginning, but after their five senses were blocked for one day, they couldn't take it anymore, so they had to fight."

Jiang Chen smiled when he learned about this. This was really something Xiao Nuo would do.

"You weak ants! The result will remain the same, even though you repeat this 1,000 times, 10,000 times!"

All of a sudden, an angry voice came from the main peak.

"It's Lang Mei, a wolf monster. She is the strongest among the eight low-level monsters. She can be compared to a young human Martial Arts Saint," said Baili Zhan.

None of Lang Mei's challengers had succeeded over the past ten days.

However, it was the disciples of the celestial palace who had the control. They could end the fight when they were at disadvantage.

Lang Mei was making so much noise because she had just defeated a challenger.

She had defeated Meng Kong.

Meng Kong was one of the ten key disciples.

"This wolf is arrogant."

"As arrogant as she is, some apprentice elder brothers or sisters will defeat her one day, sooner or later."

"Exactly. Exactly."

The disciples of the celestial palace felt indignant.

The other eight low-level monsters had been defeated, one by one. The disciples of the celestial palace won one victory one after another.

In their eyes, Lang Mei would be defeated as well sooner or later.

"Cr*p. A bunch of cr*p! You humans are the disgrace of all races! You win by outnumbering the enemy! You are like locusts!"

However, Lang Mei was still shouting. She pissed many people off.

Not all of the disciples of the celestial palaces were humans, but at least 80 percent of them were.

The human race used to be bullied by other races. Such an insult was the last thing they could take.

However, despite the will to teach Lang Mei a lesson, there was nothing they could do about her.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha! The celestial palace is so big, but you don't even have a peer who is as good as I am. How dare you call yourself a celestial palace? What a joke!"

Lang Mei's voice kept coming from the Fighting Monsters Arena. She could see how angry the disciples of the celestial palace were. But the angrier they were, the better she felt.

Her words created an uproar.

After insulting the human race, Lang Mei started to target the Ling Long Celestial Palace. The disciples really couldn't take it anymore.

"Wolf, don't forget even your high-level monsters were scared off by our Leader the Venerable alone."

Someone shouted at the Fighting Monsters Arena.

The refutation struck Lang Mei dumb. But then she said disdainfully, "Huh, are you trying to cover your incompetence with such an excuse?"

In this way, numerous disciples of the celestial palace flew into a rage.

"I'll defeat you next time."

Meng Kong said coldly,still stung from his defeat.

"We are not on the same level at all," Lang Fei said proudly.

It was true. In the state system of humans, Meng Lang was a Martial Emperor, while Lang Mei was a Martial Arts Saint.

It was embarrassing that the celestial palace did not have even one disciple who was a Martial Arts Saint who was Lang Mei's peer.

"There are so many people here."

Jiang Chen had been observing the situation. Seeing things going this way, he felt it was time for him to come forward.

"Vice leader!"

Numerous disciples of the celestial palace greeted him excitedly. His appearance cheered them up.

The day when Jiang Chen announced who he was on behalf of his two families and defeated the Gu Brothers was still vivid in their memories.

"Vice leader, teach her a lesson. Tell this wolf monster the Realm of Divine Martial Arts isn't a place for her to run amok!"

Someone joined in the yelling and shouted emotionally at Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen waved his hand to tell them to quiet down.

He was looking at the Fighting Monsters Arena in front of him. It was more than 300 feet high, built from steel.

The eight low-level monsters were restrained there.

"You are Jiang Chen? Your seclusion is over?"

Lang Mei was pleasantly surprised to see Jiang Chen.

This meant the high-level monsters would soon come to rescue her and her companions.

"It's said you were in seclusion for over half a year, but you are still just a Martial Emperor at the peak? I thought you would have become a Martial Arts Saint after such a long seclusion."

Lang Mei vented all of her grievances accumulated these days on Jiang Chen.

Since she was strong, she would not take any rival seriously unless he was a Martial Arts Saint.

"I think you are eager to fight."

Jiang Chen walked toward the Fighting Monsters Arena while speaking.

As he advanced, the disciples of the celestial palace all became excited.

In the Fighting Monsters Arena, Lang Mei smiled innocently. She didn't think Jiang Chen would still want to fight her if he had heard about her combat gains these days, because that would bring disgrace on himself.

She was guessing what kind of excuse Jiang Chen would use.

Lang Mei continued to smile complacently. She saw Jiang Chen stop underneath the Fighting Monsters Arena. He did not go into the arena, which was exactly as she had expected.

The disciples of the celestial palace behind him did not understand what he was doing either.

"What? Are you afraid? Well, you are after all just a human," Lang Mei spoke scornfully.

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders. Glancing over the other seven hostile low-level monsters, he said, "I'm just thinking it's a little bit boring to defeat you alone. Why don't you eight fight me together?"

The rule of the Fighting Monsters Arena was one monster at a time.

This rule had been made by Xiao Nuo.

Jiang Chen changed the rule of the Fighting Monsters Arena without effort.

As soon as he stepped into the Fighting Monsters Arena, the eight low-level monsters' freedoms were all restored.


The sudden change struck many people dumb.

"Isn't that too imprudent?"

Some people felt worried. After these last days, they kind of knew very well how good those eight low-level monsters were.

Four of them were in the first tier.

The other three could be compared to Martial Arts Saints.

Lang Mei was absolutely a Martial Arts Saint.

The fight between Jiang Chen and the Gu Brothers was still vivid in their memories.

However, each one of these low-level monsters was stronger than the Gu Brothers.

"Heh, heh, now it's getting interesting."

"Are humans this stupid?"

"He doesn't look scared, as if he is sure he will win."

"I wanna see what he has."

In the Fighting Monsters Arena, the eight low-level monsters were free again. Feeling confused, they were also getting aggressive.

"Teach him a lesson!"

Standing at the top of the arena, Lang Mei gave the order coldly while staring at Jiang Chen.


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