The Brilliant Fighting Master
1545 End of Seclusion
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1545 End of Seclusion

Rocs were giant and also one of the fastest monsters.

This golden roc moved extremely fast through space.

However, compared to Xiao Nuo's strike, the golden roc's responses were slow.

Everyone heard something hard and solid being torn apart. Then they saw blood and flesh flying around.

Golden blood fell onto some areas of the Dragon Tiger Mountain, creating a pond.

The smartest of the disciples headed for the pond right away.

Every drop of the golden roc's blood could be compared to an immortal elixir.

Although the blood he lost was equal to dozens of pounds, it comprised only a small injury for the golden roc.

He was actually more mentally shocked than physically injured.

"No way!"

The golden roc had been sure that he was strong enough to resist a human Venerable Sovereign. He had never imagined that he would have been injured just by one attack.

Also, the main point was that Xiao Nuo obviously had not gone all out.

Because she had exerted a unique theurgy barehanded, without using any weapon.

Otherwise, what he would have gotten wouldn't have been just a small injury.


The golden roc transformed to a human figure of an old man in a golden silk robe.

His face continued to have bird-like features. His eyes were especially sharp.

"Red Cloud Venerable, do you still want to antagonize the Realm of Monsters? This is quite unfavorable for your Ling Long Celestial Palace, isn't it?" the golden roc asked in a profound voice.

"Now you want to talk?"

A smile emerged on Xiao Nuo's face. "Weren't you going to force your way into the celestial palace just now?"

At this moment, the ox monster, the elephant monster, and the green lion arrived. They happened to hear her and were all embarrassed.

"Ahem, ahem, we'd better talk."

The golden roc felt awkward as Xiao Nuo had caught him out.

"Anything to do with Whitey completely depends on Jiang Chen. He is in seclusion at the moment. No one can disturb him. These are the facts."

"You are not allowed to meet Whitey before Jiang Chen's seclusion is over. This is the bottom line."

"Do you understand?"

Xiao Nuo negotiated in a simple manner. She showed her attitude without yielding an inch.

The golden roc flew into a rage, but he had to agree. He said helplessly, "Okay. We'll wait in Tianqi City."

They supposed it would take a Martial Emperor at most one year to practice in seclusion. They did not believe it could be any longer.

Besides, if these high-level monsters stayed in Tianqi City, the Ling Long Celestial Palace would be affected too.

What the golden roc offered was a disguised threat.

"No problem. You are welcome here. But your low-level monsters were quite rude. As a punishment, they'll stay at my celestial palace until you see Jiang Chen."

It sounded as if she was going to imprison the low-level monsters.

The golden roc did not respond. The three high-level monsters were quite nervous.

"Isn't that going too far?"

The golden roc answered coldly under the three high-level monsters' expectant gazes.

"You mean no? Okay. No problem. Let's go on fighting."

Then a sharp blade appeared in Xiao Nuo's hand.

It was a sword. The sword had been completely formed by energy. It looked resplendent and spectacular.


It was an Immortal Artifact. In Xiao Nuo's hand, it looked as if its mighty power could break out at anytime.

The golden roc's pupils contracted. He was considering the situation. If Xiao Nuo exerted that unique theurgy again with this sword, he would absolutely end up in very bad shape.

"One month. We'll wait for Jiang Chen for one month. Whitey is extremely important for the Realm of Monsters. After one month, it will not just be us to come here."

Then the golden roc left with the high-level monsters.

The pretty woman and the other low-level monsters were detained by the three grand Elders.

"Don't keep them in prison. Just keep them at the main peak," Xiao Nuo told the Elders.

Although no one knew what she intended to do with them, no one voiced a second opinion.

As for Leader the Venerable's strength, no one could ascertain its limits.

Last time when there had been the crisis of the masked men, she had manipulated the ko of thunder alone and defeated them easily.

This day, she even scared off the golden roc barehanded!

When this incident was over, peace was restored. The disciples of the celestial palace were using the low-level monsters kept at the main peak to practice.


Soon, ten days passed. The true body opened his eyes. The dark secret room was illuminated by two sharp lights.


Jiang Chen exhaled a deep breath. As sharp as a sword, the breath left a deep crater on a solid stone wall.

"Now I'm feeling better."

The true body had resolved the problems that needed to be resolved and perfected those he had not had to resolve during this six-months seclusion.

In terms of laws, he had made the most progress in thunder and fire.

The force of laws had four states, which were comprehension, enlightenment, transformation, and sanctification.

His law of thunder and law of fire had achieved the state of enlightenment.

In terms of the energy of the universe, his Du Tian Holy Thunder had achieved the fourth level at one go since he had smelted the Heavenly Thunders.

His Solar Golden Flame was still on the second level.

The Void Divine Wind was on the first level.

The three energies of the universe followed the law of conservation. They could not be gotten all of a sudden. Jiang Chen would need to find corresponding energies to improve them.

That was also why his Du Tian Holy Thunder had improved so fast.

For example, since he had left the World of Bloody Sea, he had never found the Void Divine Wind again.

Changes arising from these improvements were all reflected in sword movements and sword methods.

He had mastered the third movement of the Azure Lotus Sword Classic.

Thanks to the improvement in fire, he had already been able to exert the fifth movement of the Seven Movements of Sacred Seal using the Red Cloud Sword.

And this was only the true body's gains.

What the two practicing bodies had gained was not any less than the true body's gains.

The comprehension of the Scripture of Void made him the best in the attainments of space among Martial Emperors.

Yes, he was still a Martial Emperor. At least that was what others would see if they tried to figure out his state.

Jiang Chen supposed he would be able to digest those stubborn Heavenly Thunders in his body after seven or eight fights with others.

He left the secret room and went back to his villa.


A white figure jumped into his arms. It was Whitey of course.

He had not seen Jiang Chen recently, but, compared to how he had been living before, his life had become quite comfortable.

Not long after Jiang Chen had ended his seclusion, the grand Elder Baili Zhan came to visit him.

"Congratulations on the end of your seclusion, vice leader," said Baili Zhan.

"Elder Baili, I'm really embarrassed that you speak to me in this way," Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile.

"Heh, heh, you are the vice leader. Of course I should treat you with respect."

Baili Zhan said it casually, but there was a deep meaning in his words.

To put it simply, as time went by, he had discovered that Jiang Chen was a very complicated person.

He knew that Jiang Chen would gain extraordinary achievements in the future, so he wanted to maintain a good relationship with him before that really happened.

"Is everything all right in the celestial palace?" said Jiang Chen.

"Actually, that's exactly what I have come for."

Baili Zhan told Jiang Chen about the monsters' visit the other day.

"High-level monsters can move around in the Realm of Divine Martial Arts so ostentatiously?" Jiang Chen was very surprised.

"Exactly. They are still in Tianqi City, not afraid at all that they will get into trouble." It seemed weird to Baili Zhan as well.

"Looks as if the world has changed."

Jiang Chen knew that the Realm of Monsters would have reacted to Whitey's return, but he assumed they would have come in a sneaky manner, launching a sudden attack to try and take Whitey away.

Listening to the conversation between Jiang Chen and Baili Zhan, Whitey looked worried.

"Don't worry. I won't let you go back to that place again."

Jiang Chen reassured Whitey.

Then Whitey calmed down, wagging his tail, completely confident in Jiang Chen.

And soon enough Whitey looked as if he didn't have a care in the world.


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