The Brilliant Fighting Master
1544 A Group of Monsters
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1544 A Group of Monsters

The First Elder estimated that he would not be a match.

The leader of the group, with ox horns on his head, could be compared to a Martial Arts Saint at the peak. Considering the monster's strength, even if he and the other two grand Elders collaborated, they would not be a match for him.

Not to mention there were the two strong monsters on the left and right sides of the ox monster.

Besides these three, the others were a younger generation of monster, including the pretty woman.

"Our vice leader has been practicing in seclusion for almost half a year. He can't see you," said the First Elder.

"What a coincidence!"

Those from the Realm of Monsters obviously did not buy it. Such an answer was not what they wanted to hear.

"If I remember correctly, your vice leader is still a Martial Emperor in the late stage who can at most practice in seclusion for three or four months. How can it last half a year?"

The pretty woman teased. Although it was a question, the sarcastic tone was obvious.

"We humans rely on talents. There are always geniuses who don't follow the common rules. Our vice leader is one of them," Baili Zhan said.

The pretty woman kept smiling coldly without speaking.

The ox monster asked another question, "Then can we see Whitey?"

"I'm afraid you can't see him either. Whitey is protecting Jiang Chen from being disturbed," said the First Elder.

In this way, these monsters all came to understand the attitude of the Ling Long Celestial Palace.

They were all pissed off.

"Elder brother, I told you we didn't need to be so polite to them. It's not only weird, but it makes them despise us."

It was an elephant monster on the right side of the ox monster. His long trunk almost reached the ground.

He spoke in a low, muffled voice, and he seemed very unhappy.

On the ox monster's left side was a green lion with curly golden hair. His eyeballs were vertical. He looked like he would like to eat someone.

"Your vice leader needs protection while practicing in seclusion in the celestial palace?" the green lion asked coldly.

As soon as he had finished speaking, a soaring monster energy turned the day into night.

The disciples who were nearby turned pale. They looked shocked and terrified.

"Theoretically, he wouldn't have needed it. But Whitey cares a lot about the vice leader and he insisted. What could we do?" said the First Elder.

"Hey, are you tricking us?" the elephant monster asked angrily.

His reaction pissed off Baili Zhan as well. There might be a huge gap between their fighting powers, but at least they were at the main peak.

He said in a profound voice, "We don't like to be suspected this way. We've told you everything we can tell you. Please leave if you don't have any other matters to discuss with us."


The elephant monster shouted in a loud voice, which shook the world and made the earth tremble and the mountains sway.

The mighty monster energy was physical. It started a storm.

"Switch on the formation!"

The First Elder made a quick decision and gave the order immediately.

In an instant, the main peak was shrouded in a mighty energy. Laws of nature were interlacing under the formation.

The severe atmosphere completely cleared the monster energy.

The monsters turned pale. The power of Ling Long Celestial Palace's formation was obviously beyond their expectations.

However, it did not mean they would surrender. The ox monster yelled, "We don't want to fight you! We only want to see Whitey!"

"I'm afraid that can't happen!"

The First Elder did not forget what Jiang Chen had told him. If you gave them an inch, monsters tended to take a mile, so he should give them nothing at all.

"Then don't blame us!"

The ox monster had made up his mind to create a tremendous uproar in Ling Long Celestial Palace in order to take Whitey away.

He would resist the tactical formation, while the elephant monster and the green lion would go to find Whitey.

Suddenly, the monsters turned pale just as the battle was on the verge of breaking out.

"Don't act on impulse!"

The ox monster stopped his companions, who were eager to fight, as if he had found something striking.

The other monsters sensed it too. They all felt they had been locked in on by the God of Death. Even every breath they took was risky.

"High-level ones, go away. Low-level ones, stay here."

A cold voice came from the void. The members of Ling Long Celestial Palace were pleasantly surprised. They recognized it. It was the voice of Leader the Venerable.

The ox monster, the elephant monster, and the green lion turned pale again. This Venerable Sovereign of the human race was much stronger than they had imagined.

But they did not leave.

"We came for a member of our race!"

The ox monster exclaimed loudly even though he was a bit nervous.

"Don't monsters understand human language?"

Xiao Nuo sounded angry. Of course she would be angry. No one would like their palaces to be intruded on.


The three monsters were hit by an invisible power before they could respond.

They were sent flying out of the range of the Dragon Tiger Mountain like three shooting stars.

The other low-level monsters looked at each other, as if they had not expected the human race to be so strong.

However, they did not feel too worried.

The whole world knew there was a Venerable Sovereign in Ling Long Celestial Palace. And they had particularly come here. Of course they knew it too.

"Human female Venerable Sovereign, I won't allow you to treat my clansmen like that."

A masculine voice could be heard in the air. It was so muffled that people felt they were being suppressed by a mountain.

Then the disciples of the celestial palace saw all of the clouds over the Dragon Tiger Mountain tumbling around.

A giant thing was whooshing across the clouds toward them.

"He is huge!"

They could see his figure vaguely through the clouds before he had showed up completely.

The length from the tip of one of his wings to the tip of the other even exceeded the height of the Dragon Tiger Mountain. It was a magnificent pair of wings, extremely wide and giant.

"It's a roc!"

"A roc? The divine bird that only exists in legends?!"

While the disciples of the Heavenly Palace were still talking about it, resplendent golden lights shone over the Dragon Tiger Mountain.

The lights came from this giant roc. His whole body was golden.

"He is not only a roc, but a golden roc, the most distinguished kind. He is like the Monster's Venerable Sovereign!"

"Why would even a golden roc have had the nerve to show up in the Nine Realms?"

"You haven't been told that the current world isn't the same as before? We must adopt a new way of seeing it."

In the discussion, the golden roc's great strength made everyone realize this fact clearly.

It was as if as long as the golden roc wanted to, the entire Dragon Tiger Mountain would be destroyed.

"It's just a giant bird. How arrogant."

However, what their Leader the Venerable said created an uproar.

The low-level monsters at the main peak all turned pale. They were afraid they would be affected by the golden roc's anger as well.

"Show me how great a human female Venerable Sovereign is." Golden rocs were distinguished. They were as proud as the Dragon. Despised by Xiao Nuo like this, he certainly would not let it go easily.

"Female Venerable Sovereign? It sounds awful!"

Xiao Nuo curled her lips. She waved her long sleeves. Then a bell flew into the air.

It was the Human Emperor Bell!

It was the trophy that the Ling Long Celestial Palace had gotten from those masked men in their last victory.

No one had ever dared ask the Ling Long Celestial Palace to give them this Immortal Artifact back.

It naturally became Xiao Nuo's.

As a Venerable Sovereign, when this Immortal Artifact was under her control, the power the Human Emperor Bell exerted could achieve more than cracking a formation.

When the bell tolled, clouds and fogs disappeared. The golden lights emitted from the golden roc dimmed rapidly.

"I won't forgive anyone who challenges my celestial palace."

"A Strike of Fast Thunders and Arc Lights!"

And this was only the beginning. Xiao Nuo was fearless in front of the golden roc. She was super-angry.

After throwing the Human Emperor Bell over, she exerted a unique theurgy directly.

Judging from the golden roc's reaction, this unique theurgy could not be simple.

"Leader the Venerable is totally worthy of her name!"

The members of the celestial palace, who had been scared of the golden roc, could not help but admire Xiao Nuo when seeing how tough she was.

"A Great Roc Spreads Its Wings!"

The golden roc did not just let the unique theurgy defeat him. He spread his wings to fly. His giant body flickered a few times and then disappeared like water, even faster than light.


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