The Brilliant Fighting Master
1543 Monster Energies Soaring in the Sky
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1543 Monster Energies Soaring in the Sky

The next day, Jiang Chen left Xiao Nuo's palace reluctantly.

He did not want to go, but Xiao Nuo told him to go.

"You've got a lot of things to work on," was how Xiao Nuo phrased it.

Jiang Chen knew what she was referring to.

Although he had never told her about the ko of thunder he had gone through, Xiao Nuo must have learned about his current status.

The consecutive breakthroughs in the Demonic Abyss had him split between the two states of Martial Emperor and Martial Arts Saint.

He had to smelt the thunder energy that had accumulated in his body.

But this was not his only problem.

There were still many other things that Jiang Chen needed to organize, summarize, and then master.

For example, his law of thunder had become much more skilled after he had begun to smelt the ko of thunder. There were signs that he would realize another breakthrough soon.

And the genuine blood of celestial phoenix seemed to be headed for an upgrade also. After he'd gotten the Sacred Flame successfully, there were signs that he would have a great leap in the blood of the celestial phoenix as well.

In short, he needed to practice in seclusion for some time.

Then the One Qi Transformed into Three Pure Ones showed its great power again.

The three Jiang Chens were focusing on different areas while practicing. In this way, he was three times more efficient than other people.

One of his practicing bodies was transferred back to the Heavenly Palace to find Gao Qiufeng.

She was the legitimate princess of the bloodline of the inheritance of the celestial phoenix.

"Those who have the genuine blood of celestial phoenix have nine chances in all to revive in fire. One's potential and status will be improved after each revival."

Gao Qiufeng said, "The first death is only the start. It's not counted in the nine revivals."

"So, I still can die eight times?"

Jiang Chen was not feeling especially excited. He kind of felt weird instead.

This was his ninth life. He wondered whether it was just a coincidence that he had only nine chances to revive.

"But you must make the genuine blood achieve a certain status in order to revive in fire. Otherwise you will die for real," said Gao Qiufeng in a serious tone.

This was something that Jiang Chen already knew.

"I'll show you how to check your own phoenix blood. You'll see an endless sea of blood," Gao Qiufeng said as she taught this to Jiang Chen right then and there.

Jiang Chen did what she had told him. He did see a world of blood, but what was different about it was this world was burning.

He vaguely saw a divine bird flying over the sea of blood, burning violently.

Jiang Chen gazed at it for a while and then dissociated himself from it.

Gao Qiufeng asked him what he had seen. So he told her exactly what he had seen.

"It is burning? It means your phoenix blood is extremely pure."

Gao Qiufeng was very surprised. She sounded envious.

"What you need to do is to turn that burning sea of blood into a celestial phoenix. Once you achieve that, you'll be able to revive in fire, and your own strength will get stronger as well."

Gao Qiufeng explained his vision to him.

"To turn it into a celestial phoenix? How big will that celestial phoenix be?" Jiang Chen was shocked, because what he had seen was like a boundless ocean.

"As big as your Martial Soul, the Secular Bird."

Jiang Chen felt speechless. This was like asking him to boil the entire sea.

It was absolutely difficult.

"Otherwise, what do you think? If reviving in fire were simple, anyone could do it..." said Gao Qiufeng.

"Well, that makes sense."

Then this practicing body started to work on the Sacred Flame and the genuine blood of celestial phoenix.

The true body was trying to improve comprehensively to maintain a balance.

The other practicing body was working on the Scripture of the Void.

Although Jiang Chen had been able to exert two unique theurgies in a normal manner, in fact, his level was still not good enough. There was still a great gap that he needed to fill.

The Great Method of the Void and the Interceptive Divine Finger were both classified into three levels: ultimateness, thoroughness, and void.

Different levels meant different powers.

Jiang Chen had only achieved the beginner's level during his short stay in the Demonic Abyss.

People skilled in manipulating space would easily be able to find Jiang Chen's traces in the void.

So, Jiang Chen must try his best to improve.

Time flows like a river. A day, a week, or a month is just the same for a person who is completely focusing on something.

Before he knew it, several months had passed. The hot summer in the Dragon Tiger Mountain had turned into a chilly winter.

The three Jiang Chens had never practiced in seclusion for such a long time before.

And the result was extremely fruitful.

After all, three Jiang Chens working together for these several months was like someone else working for over a year.

Not to mention how good the help from Jiang Chen's great talent was.

In this period, lots of exciting things were happening in the Black Yellow Great World. It was going through important changes every single day.

As the 500 Sovereign Souls' memories were explored, numerous lost unique methods were rediscovered.

Alchemists refined all kinds of fantastic elixirs people had never dared think would ever return again.

Immortal Artifacts were not just owned by a few people anymore. They were getting as popular as Doctrine Artifacts.

People were even starting to think about Holy Artifacts.

The most important thing that occurred was the appearance of Venerable Sovereigns.

The bell that notified the appearance of another new Venerable Sovereign would toll about once every two weeks in the Black Yellow Great World.

Sometimes it could even toll twice in two weeks.

Venerable Sovereigns were not all Sovereign Descendants with Sovereign Souls. On the contrary, they were senior strong people who had been stuck at the peak of Martial Arts Saints.

They had been ready to move on for many years. When the Sovereign Souls had lifted all kinds of limits, they finally became Venerable Sovereigns, which was natural and reasonable.

Of course, news that people had been killed by the ko clouds of sovereign thunders came from time to time also.

In a word, everything had changed. It was impossible to see the Black Yellow Great World in the old way again.

Many things that people had taken for granted were overturned on a daily basis.

All this started from the Sovereign Soul Project. People appreciated the Sovereign Soul Palace and admired Long Xing as if he were a god.

The depressed air that had been aroused by the Blood Race seemed to be nothing compared to such a change.


On this day, a few visitors came to the Dragon Tiger Mountain.

The First Elder at the main peak was alerted as soon as they showed up in the Welcome Square.

"Monster energies are soaring in the sky!"

The three grand Elders looked seriously toward the direction of the square.

"They showed up in Welcome Square instead of coming here directly. I don't think they are enemies," Baili Zhan said.

"Maybe they just want to be polite first and turn to force later," frowning, the First Elder did not dare let his guard down.

The guests were brought to the main peak very soon.

Their strong energies and especially their appearances caught the attention of many disciples of the celestial palace.

Even though they had transformed to humans, they still had monsters' features.

The leader, in black armor, had two ox horns on his head.

"These disciples of Ling Long Celestial Palace are ignorant. How dare they call this place a celestial palace."

A pretty woman with them was unhappy with being sized up by so many disciples.

Among the guests who had just arrived, she was the one most similar to a human. The only thing was she had a fluffy tail.

"My respected guests, what has brought you to the celestial palace?"

The First Elder received them coldly.

It was dangerous to get involved with the Realm of Monsters during this period.

They could be targeted by the whole world if they were careless.

At the same time, the First Elder wondered how the monsters had the nerve to walk around so freely in the Realm of Divine Martial Arts.

"We are here to see your vice leader, Jiang Chen."

The First Elder was struck dumb. Then something occurred to him. He said, "Have you come for Whitey?"

It turned out that Jiang Chen had told the grand Elders that the Monsters could come here to look for Whitey.

Jiang Chen had told this to them, "If they come, fight them if you are a match for them. If you aren't, just bluff them."


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