The Brilliant Fighting Master
1540 The Will of Natural Law Can“t Be Violated
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1540 The Will of Natural Law Can“t Be Violated

Jiang Chen hadn't had any chance to show off since he had become a Martial Arts Saint. He'd been chased by Whitey and then punched by a Celestial Demonic Emperor. His body was aching all over.

"How is it possible that a Celestial Demonic Emperor is so strong?"

Jiang Chen felt puzzled.

He did not know that the demonic energy on every level of the Demonic Abyss differed, and demons got stronger as the levels raised.

For example, the demonic energies on the first three levels were in balance. As a result, their demons were classified into three groups: human, earth, and heaven.

But the Human Demons, Earth Demons, and Celestial Demons on the fourth level were stronger.

However, since few people ever came up here, such a fact was never brought up.

Enduring the pain, Jiang Chen finally crawled out of the crater.

Looking around, he could not see the Celestial Demonic Emperor or Whitey.

But thanks to their blood relationship, Jiang Chen found Whitey very soon by exerting the Great Method of the Void.

To his surprise, Whitey was washing himself in a pond, a geographic feature that was rarely seen in the Demonic Abyss. He didn't look as hideous as he had before.

Sensing Jiang Chen's arrival, Whitey left the pond and returned to its bank.

He was shaking the water off his body while Jiang Chen was landing, and he spattered the latter with water.

"Dude, you did that intentionally, didn't you?" Jiang Chen kind of understood why Whitey had run away. It was because he didn't want Jiang Chen to see him looking as bad as he had.

Whitey didn't speak. He lay on all fours, resting his head on his forepaws and rolling his eyes.

"Are you mad at me?"

Seeing that, Jiang Chen asked with a small smile.

Whitey looked at him proudly, and pretended as if he was going to sleep.

"Okay. So, I'm leaving."

Then Jiang Chen turned around.

A paw extended and stepped on his foot even before he started to walk.

A smile pulled at the corners of Jiang Chen's mouth. Hugging Whitey, he said seriously, "Come back with me. No matter what happens in the future, I'll never send you to another strange place."

If the Monster came to ask for Whitey again, Jiang Chen would absolutely refuse.

Whitey jumped into Jiang Chen's arms and hugged him with his paws, as if he was a human.


Whitey touched Jiang Chen's cheek with his fluffy head and whimpered with chagrin.

"Okay...okay, I know you suffered a lot."

Jiang Chen was petting Whitey's hair to soothe him.

Then the man and the tiger walked toward the teleportation room.


Whitey suddenly signaled that Jiang Chen should sit on his back and he could carry him like in the old days.

"Whitey, let's race. Let's see who will arrive at the teleportation room first. What do you say?" said Jiang Chen.

Whitey's eyes lit up. He was still like a kid. What he liked best was to play. However, in the Realm of Monsters, all the other monsters were scared of him and saw him as a freak. He did not have any friends here.

Then the man and the tiger started to chase each other.

As for Jiang Chen's injuries, they had recovered thanks to his divine body's recovery ability.

Xuan Qing was waiting anxiously outside the teleportation room of the fourth level.

It had almost been half an hour. The Demon Slayers Palace would start up the room very soon. Jiang Chen would miss it if he did not come back in time.

Although maybe he could have another chance, given how powerful the demons on the fourth level were, who knew whether Jiang Chen could hold on until then?


At this moment, Xuan Qing sensed something. She kept staring straight ahead. When she saw a white figure rushing at her at high speed, she was so scared that she was going to run into the teleportation room immediately.

However, she recalled right away that this Monster's Sovereign Descendant was not a demon, so the teleportation room could not protect her.

"I'm doomed. This God of Carnage will absolutely kill me."

Xuan Qing was at a loss. Thinking of the strength of the Monster's Sovereign Descendant, she didn't even have the nerve to think about fighting him.

Fortunately, soon the air around her was torn open like a mirror.

Jiang Chen appeared without any sign.

"You?" Xuan Qing did not know that Jiang Chen had such a gorgeous physical movement.

"You cheated!"

Whitey landed on the square and then kept running at high speed. He ran up to Jiang Chen in anger.

"You cheated."

"Lil Whitey, I didn't say what methods shouldn't be used," said Jiang Chen with a smile.

"Jiang…Jiang Chen."

Xuan Qing felt it was incredible seeing the interaction between the man and the tiger. She plucked up her courage to ask, "You two are…?"

"Whitey is my younger brother."

Jiang Chen answered Xuan Qing in a serious manner.

"It was necessary to correct how Whitey called him now.

"Dada was obviously inappropriate, since he hadn't gotten married.

"Being brothers would be perfect for them."

"No wonder."

Xuan Qing did not doubt him. Since Jiang Chen had insisted on coming to the fourth level to rescue Whitey, she supposed they must be very close.

A light wall showed up before she could say anything. The teleportation formation had been switched on. Jiang Chen, Xuan Qing, and the tiger returned to the outside world.

A sea breeze blew by. The sunlight kept them warm. The blue sky, the white clouds, and the blue sea provided a startling contrast to the Demonic Abyss.

"We are out."

Xuan Qing let out a sigh. She felt much more relaxed. "Jiang Chen, are you going back to the Demon Slayers Palace with me?"

"No, I'm not going."

Jiang Chen shook his head. He had achieved his goal. There was no need to go back to the Demon Slayers Palace. Otherwise, there would be more troubles.

"You know what happened very well. Just tell the Demon Slayers Palace the truth," said Jiang Chen.

"But…" Xuan Qing hesitated. She wanted to talk about the relations between them.

"I should be in first place on the Slaying-Demons List. People must assume I've gotten the Goddess's remnants and inheritance. You can tell people the credit goes to the Heavenly Bestowal Woman. I don't think anyone will target you. And you can focus on strengthening yourself."

Jiang Chen said, "If you want to, you can come to visit me at the Ling Long Celestial Palace."


His words made sense to Xuan Qing. The business between the two had been quite smooth and successful. Both of them had gotten what they wanted.

However, Jiang Chen's impersonal attitude made Xuan Qing disappointed.

"See you."

It was not because Jiang Chen felt cold to Xuan Qing that he wanted to leave as soon as possible, but because Xuan Qing was a disciple of the Demon Slayers Palace, and the Demon Slayers Palace would be able to locate her.

If he did not leave quickly, as long as the Demon Slayers Palace could locate her, it meant they could locate him as well.

He did not want to explain to them about his number one place on the Slaying- Demons List or anything about the Goddess's remnants. He wanted to leave with no one knowing where he was.

Reluctant to say good-bye, Xuan Qing watched Jiang Chen leaving.

Jiang Chen flew away with Whitey.

"That's not good."

Jiang Chen suddenly turned pale. He looked up at the sky.

He felt extremely strange about flying outside. His strength as a Martial Arts Saint did not feel very smooth.

He felt so oppressed that he could not even breathe.

"Whitey, let's go into the deep sea."

Jiang Chen took Whitey, who had no idea what had happened, toward the deep sea.

At the same time, the law of nature was functioning with him as the center. A ko cloud appeared soon. It moved rapidly to chase him.

"That's very mean."

Jiang Chen was unhappy. The law of nature did not allow anyone to take any advantages. He was a Martial Arts Saint, but a ko of thunder was on the verge of breaking out, and the ko of thunder this time was different. It felt more dreadful than the Thunderbolt Martial Soul that had appeared when he had woken up last time.

Still, being subdued, his own strength retrogressed to the peak of Martial Emperor.

"The Will of Natural Law can't be violated?" Jiang Chen couldn't help but say to himself.


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