The Brilliant Fighting Master
1538 Sovereign Descendant of the Monster
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1538 Sovereign Descendant of the Monster

The disciples guarding the teleportation room did not know what was going on, but they knew Xuan Qing.

"Apprentice Younger Sister Xuan Qing, no one should be moving around after the bell has tolled. Besides, the teleportation room isn't working right now."

They were showing much respect to the descendant of the Empyrean Goddess.

Xuan Qing had thrown caution to the wind. At this point, she didn't even care if they were violating the rules of the Demon Slayers Palace.

However, if the teleportation room wasn't working, there was nothing she could do about it.

Xuan Qing gazed at Jiang Chen. She was relying on him for all decisions.

"Thank you for letting us know."

Turning around, Jiang Chen answered the disciples of the Demon Slayers Palace who were guarding the teleportation room.

However, he did not stop.


The disciple in charge decided to stop him.

"Let him go."

Touching him on the shoulder, his companions suggested that he stay out of this.


The disciple shrugged his shoulders. The teleportation room wasn't working anyway. He wondered what Jiang Chen and Xuan Qing were going to do in there.

Jiang Chen and Xuan Qing were at the door of the teleportation room.

"Jiang Chen, the Demon Slayers Palace still has the control of the teleportation room," Xuan Qing explained.

In other words, since the Demon Slayers Palace had tolled the bell nine times, it was certain that the teleportation room could not be working.


Jiang Chen couldn't do anything about the teleportation room either, but he was certain that the Goddess had figured this out in advance and must have made other arrangements.

He pushed the door open and walked in. Everyone was gazing at him, waiting to see what would happen.

A second later, the teleportation room started to work. All the lights came on.

"How is that possible?"

The disciples of the Demon Slayers Palace who were guarding the place found this incredible. Such a thing had never happened before.

They naturally assumed it was because of Xuan Qing, the descendant of the Goddess, but, if they had given it further thought, Xuan Qing shouldn't have had the right to do it either.

"Wh...what? If the teleportation room is working, maybe those nine tolls were a lie?"

Jiang Chen and Xuan Qing proceeded to the fourth level, and this caused a domino effect. Everyone had been suspicious, but now they were certain that the Demon Slayers Palace was playing tricks.

Some people who had been dragging out their stays here felt guilty. They were trying to leave the square secretly.

But to their surprise, a giant wall made of light fell and trapped everyone on the square.

They were kicked out immediately. In this way, they finally left the Demonic Abyss.

Many of them thought they had stepped into a trap. They could not help but curse in anger.

Fortunately, they were transmitted to the sea. Some of them were afraid that the Demon Slayers Palace would make things difficult for them, so they went back to where they had come from without raising a fuss.

But the last batch who had entered went to the island where the Demon Slayers Palace was located to ask for an explanation.

They had been promised that they could stay for one month. But not even a half of it had passed.

The vice leader of the Demon Slayers Palace called Cao Ze, Murong Yanran, and others into the palace immediately to ask them details.

The situation was so severe that Cao Ze didn't have the nerve to hide anything. He told the vice leader everything he knew.

"If there were remnants on the third level, do you really think others would have left them to you? It's obviously impossible!"

The elders of the Demon Slayers Palace found it ridiculous that they had been so stupid, but, at the same time, they also felt lucky that no bigger troubles had been caused.

"If those suppressed Demon Lords had escaped, the Demon Slayers Palace would be forever known as the sinner of the Black Yellow Great World."

Some older elders were from the Sacred Institute. They still regarded world peace as their responsibility, even though the Sacred Institute had been eliminated.

"According to Cao Ze, the Heavenly God got rid of the Demon Lords! By the way, where are Jiang Chen and Xuan Qing?" asked the vice leader.

Only those two knew the most detailed information.

Ye Qiu was surprised to hear that those two had gone to the fourth level, because the teleportation room should have stopped working as soon as the bell was tolled.


In the meantime, Jiang Chen and Xuan Qing were on the fourth level of the Demonic Abyss.

The place was quite desolate. They could only see a black world when they exited the teleportation room. It was so dark that they could not see any shadows.

"It really worked."

Xuan Qing was still surprised. She tended to believe it was the Demon Slayers Palace who had forgotten to switch off the teleportation room, but that was actually quite unlikely.

And of course Jiang Chen had been so confident.

"Hold up."

They were walking on the square, groping in the dark. Jiang Chen suddenly told Xuan Qing to stop, since he had discovered something.

Xuan Qing looked over, puzzled. She saw Jiang Chen raise his right hand high to create a Sacred Flame.

One second later, Xuan Qing was so freaked out that she shrieked.

But her shrieks were drowned out by even louder shrieks.

By the light of the Sacred Flame, they were able to see thousands of demons who had been badly burned.

Suddenly, lights whooshed across the sky so that Xuan Qing and Jiang Chen could see what was going on.

It turned out that the fourth level was not so very dark. It was just that the entire square was packed with demons.

These demons had been staying still. Even their life signals could not be detected. They formed a black wall that kept light out.

When Jiang Chen's Sacred Flame erupted, an evening glow appeared in the sky right away.

Many demons were burned by the fire.

The change brought about by Jiang Chen's breakthrough to a stronger state was obvious as always.

His Sacred Flame had become much more powerful. It could even burn Celestial Demons to death.

Countless demons died tragically while he was raising his hand.

"That's gorgeous."

Xuan Qing came to herself. She looked toward Jiang Chen, very shocked.

"Wait for me here," said Jiang Chen.

Xuan Qing had played an important role since she had come into the Demonic Abyss with him. Without her, Jiang Chen would have wasted much time.

But by then, Xuan Qing's mission had been completed.

Now that he was in the same world as Whitey, their blood connection reacted strongly.

He could locate Whitey. Similarly, Whitey would know he was here.


All of a sudden, a deafening growl came from deep within the fourth level.

Although he knew it was still thousands of miles away, it came on like a hurricane.

Jiang Chen and Xuan Qing's hair was blowing in the wind. The wind power was soaring ceaselessly. It turned into a powerful push in the end, so that the two were compelled to move.

"It's so…so scary!"

Xuan Qing was scared. A growl coming from thousands of miles away was so powerful. If the creature making the growl was close to them, wouldn't they be killed?

At the same time, Jiang Chen looked terrible. He found that the blood connection in his body had been impeded. He could even sense an intention to cut the connection off.

It was of course because of Whitey.

Jiang Chen could relate to Whitey. There was anger, hatred, and sadness in that growl.

"You'd better not go. I'm afraid the Monster's Sovereign Descendant has totally gone crazy."

Xuan Qing, shocked by Jiang Chen's great strength one minute ago, looked scared. She did not want Jiang Chen to take the risk.

"I must go," Jiang Chen said resolutely.

Xuan Qing did not know what relation he and the Monster's Sovereign Descendant had. Neither did she make any assumptions. Rolling her eyes, she said helplessly, "Okay. I'm going to communicate with the Demon Slayers Palace now to ask them to switch on the teleportation of the fourth level in half an hour. You have to come back before that."

Otherwise, they would not be able to leave the Demonic Abyss.

"Half an hour? Okay. I'll keep it in mind."

Jiang Chen stopped hesitating. He flew into the sky and thousands of miles at high speed in one second. He exerted the Great Method of the Void after accelerating and arrived at Whitey's location.


His heart sank when he saw Whitey. He could not help but feel extremely guilty.


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