The Brilliant Fighting Master
1537 The Real Serious Challenge
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1537 The Real Serious Challenge

Jiang Chen killed all of the Demon Lords in his status of the Invincible God of War.

When this killing was over, his status as a God was also about to be over.

The Empyrean Goddess showed up before him. She was beaming and looking at him lovingly.

"Master, by now your name should have appeared on the top of the Demon Slayers List."

Jiang Chen didn't realize that. He recalled that rumor had it that the top three winners would get the Goddess's remnants.

He'd eliminated the Demon Lords and switched on his status as a God. After all this was over, he would become a Martial Arts Saint, which meant that he had gained something from the remnants.

"Did you anticipate this at the beginning?" asked Jiang Chen.

It was the second time that Jiang Chen had brought this question up. The Goddess knew he really wanted an answer, so she nodded yes.

"You are gorgeous."

Jiang Chen supposed the Goddess could not tell him the answer directly. So he guessed he shouldn't have brought up the question.

"Master, the Black Yellow Great World will become complete again in your hands. I trust you," the Goddess said suddenly. She said it very fast and emotionally.

Jiang Chen was struck dumb. Then he realized what the Goddess was going to do. He said, "Are you leaving now?"

"Yes. Everything that should be done has been done here. My Holy Sense will disappear right away."

As soon as she finished speaking, her figure started to fade away.


All of a sudden, the Goddess gnashed her teeth and made up her mind. She said, "The real ordeal will not come until the Black Yellow Great World is saved!"


Then the Goddess's Holy Sense exploded and vanished.

Jiang Chen was shocked. This was obviously not her normal way of leaving. It was more like she had been destroyed by some invisible power because she had leaked some important information to him.

He could not help but worry about the safety of the Goddess's true body.

"The real ordeal...?"

Jiang Chen murmured to himself. The crisis of the Blood Race had not been resolved yet. He was not mentally ready for more challenges at the moment.

Suddenly, the spear in his hand and the golden sacred armor disappeared. His status as a God officially ended.

The world before him turned white quickly, like a discolored painting.

Soon, everything around him was filled with moving lights. A mysterious power sent him and Xuan Qing to the outside.

The venue of suppression had gone, without leaving any trace in the Demonic Abyss.

"What happened?"

Xuan Qing woke up. Her mind was blank. There was not much she could recall.

She tried very hard to recall anything, but all she was left with were vague ideas, such as that she and Jiang Chen had seen the Empyrean Goddess, but about what had happened, she had no idea.

She had no memory of what the Goddess had said about the Heavenly Bestowal Woman.

"Where are we?"

Looking around, Xuan Qing seemed to be in a trance, as if everything had been only a dream.

"Yes. All the Demon Lords have been finished off."

Jiang Chen was still thinking about the conversations he had had with the Goddess.

"Were they killed by the Goddess?"

Xuan Qing felt relieved, but she was also shocked, because there had been so many Demon Lords and she assumed only the Goddess was able to do that.

"Kind of."

Jiang Chen took a deep breath. Then he looked in the direction where the teleportation room was.

It was time to take Whitey home.

"Your realm level?"

Xuan Qing opened her beautiful eyes wide. She had suddenly realized a surprising fact.

It turned out that Jiang Chen's state had been further enhanced from the peak Martial Emperor stage to now a Martial Arts Saint.

Since they had been in the Demonic Abyss, the ko of thunder to keep the world in balance hadn't happened.

"Did you get the Goddess's remnants?"

Xuan Qing asked before Jiang Chen could say anything.

This was the only explanation. Otherwise, how could his state have enhanced so much in such a short time?

"You could say that."

Jiang Chen was not pretending to be mysterious. This was actually the most proper way to put it.

When he was in the status of a God, numerous crystals and God's forces combined in him. Although it would end sometime, Jiang Chen had been absorbing energies and getting stronger and stronger during this process.


Xuan Qing wanted to know more, but some deep, depressing bells tolled out. There were nine tolls in all.

"What's going on?!"

Xuan Qing turned pale. She knew what the bell tolls meant. Everyone in the Demonic Abyss knew it.

Once something severe happened, the bell would toll, and it could be heard from any part of the Demonic Abyss.

Three tolls meant Great Celestial Demons had showed up on the first and second levels. Those on these two levels should stay in the teleportation rooms until the Great Celestial Demons had been killed.

Six tolls meant some existence even greater than the three types of demons, Human Demon, Earth Demon, and Celestial Demon, had appeared in the first three levels. In this case, no one should leave the teleportation rooms.

Generally speaking, the bell scarcely tolled. When it tolled occasionally, it would only toll three times.

Six tolls were very rare. Xuan Qing had not heard this even once since she had joined the Demon Slayers Palace.

Not to mention nine tolls...

This meant the most urgent situation. Everyone should leave the Demonic Abyss as soon as possible, no matter whether they had stayed here for one month or not.

As long as the bell tolled nine times, they must leave.

It was not surprising that Xuan Qing had reacted in this way.

"It must be Cao Ze. He could have reported what happened."

Jiang Chen made a guess.

In his opinion, the nine tolls were only a false alarm, since the Demon Lords didn't exist anymore.

Unfortunately, Cao Ze did not know that. He reported only what he knew, that countless Demon Lords were kept somewhere and they could escape the trap anytime. The Demon Slayers Palace was freaked out. So they tolled the bell nine times.

"Let's go."

Jiang Chen decided to throw caution to the winds. He walked toward the teleportation room, with the intention of going to the fourth level.

At the moment, the square in front of the teleportation room on the third level was packed with people. There must have been thousands of people, which far exceeded the regulated 800 people per time.

And this was only the third level!

Those from the Demon Slayers Palace were pissed off. They knew there were occasionally people staying in the Demonic Abyss secretly, but this amount still surprised them.

The Demon Slayers Palace absolutely wouldn't have known about this if the bell hadn't tolled this day.

"What happened? Nine bell tolls. I'm freaked out."

"Is this a trick of the Demon Slayers Palace? Maybe they've lied to us."

"I don't think so. Never heard of them doing so over many years."

Some people did not believe there could be a danger worth nine bell tolls, but they were not 100 percent sure, so they still had to head for the teleportation rooms to figure things out.

The disciples guarding the teleportation rooms were very stressed to see so many people here. On the alert, they could not be too careful.


Some disciples shouted in a stern voice suddenly. It gave the people who were walking around a scare and also drew many others' attentions.

They saw a man and a woman walking toward the teleportation room.

It was confusing. Even if they hadn't been in an emergency, if these two used the teleportation room on the third level, it was the fourth level they would go to.

"It's him!"

Cao Ze and Ying Ying were also in the crowd. They recognized Jiang Chen and Xuan Qing immediately.

They couldn't take their eyes off Jiang Chen, as if he was carrying a magnetic stone.

These people were lucky, because they were the first people in the world who had witnessed the war between Gods and demons with their own eyes.

They could not erase the image of the Invincible God of War from their minds.

And that image overlapped perfectly with the youngster before them!


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