The Brilliant Fighting Master
1536 He Dared to Order the Sun and Moon to Change the Weather
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1536 He Dared to Order the Sun and Moon to Change the Weather

Jiang Chen was transforming into a divine state. He was draped with his golden war clothes and war boots, and he trod upon multicolored magic clouds.

His pitch-black hair fluttered in the wind, and a purple-golden crown appeared atop his head.

Once Jiang Chen had stood up again, he was still himself and only seemed slightly different. He had no facial hair, fine brows, pretty eyes, silver teeth, and a rosy mouth. He was quite handsome, and his whole being possessed great grace.

If Jiang Chen's eyes hadn't been so ice-cold, it would have been difficult for people to avert their eyes from him.

Suddenly, Jiang Chen turned over his right hand, and a three-pointed spear with a double-edged blade appeared on it. This was a true divine weapon, and it couldn't be rivaled even by the Immeasurable Ruler.

The Empyrean Goddess held her breath. Her heart beat wildly.

"Teacher," she whispered. She felt as if she was seeing the idol she had adored for such a long time.

"Release the demon," Jiang Chen spoke.

"All right," the Empyrean Goddess didn't hesitate and carried out the next stage of the plan.


The bamboo house was destroyed by a tremendous force, and the elegant island was engulfed by terrifying demonic energy. It turned eerie and horrifying!

"What's going on?"

The people outside the house turned pale with fright, and they exchanged glances. Everyone looked absolutely terrified.

"The Great Demon Lord!"

"It's true, what Xuan Qing said is true."

"The Great Demon Lord has escaped."

These people regretted their past actions, and this was especially the case for Ying Ying, who had been attacked a while ago. Ying Ying assumed that the Great Demon Lord had managed to escape because he had tried to ruin the Mysterious Crystals' refining.

Apart from Ma Fei, everyone wore desperate looks as if they were facing the end of the world.

After a short while, the crowd actually got to see the Great Demon Lord's appearance. He looked like a lump of black clouds, with blazing light flickering among them.

A giant skeleton head was glaring at the crowd, and its blood-red eyes were bigger than anyone standing here.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! I'm the Great Demon Lord, and no one could keep me a prisoner. It wasn't even possible for the Empyrean Goddess."

The Great Demon Lord's voice seemed like a noise that came from h*ll, and when it rang out near people's ears, fright welled up in their hearts and they started shivering with fear.

Ying Ying, who had stated previously that he would be able to crush everyone once he became a Martial Sovereign, quieted. He was aware that even if he became a Martial Sovereign, he wouldn't be able to deal with the Great Demon Lord.

"We will all die here," Cao Ze's expression was unsightly, and he wished greatly to kill Xia Jiang.

"No, it's you that will die here," Ma Fei didn't try to hide his identity any longer. Demonic energy erupted out of his body, and he revealed his true colors.


When Cao Ze and his companions witnessed this person, who had been their fellow disciple, turn into a demon, they were dumbfounded.

"A Great Demon Lord, and a Demon Lord who has recovered his freedom. Is there any hope left?"

The crowd was desperate, and, at this moment, they only hoped to get an easy death.


It was at this moment that the light of dawn appeared, and a bright divine light beam shot out of the island. The divine light beam penetrated the Great Demon Lord's body, which was made out of black clouds, and made in it a hole that showed no signs of recovering.

Afterward, a tall, imposing body appeared before the crowd.

" that a God?"

When the crowd saw the person who had emerged suddenly, they were all startled and stunned.

"No, it's Jiang Chen."

All of a sudden, someone had a clear look at the god-like man's appearance, and he recognized that it was Jiang Chen, even though he had changed a lot.

"It's impossible!"

Upon detecting Jiang Chen's power, Xia Jiang cried out involuntarily.

"He's handsome!"

Murong Yanran was a woman who paid attention to different aspects than other people. Jiang Chen in a divine state seemed peerless and unrivaled.

"You have unexpectedly gotten divine power? This is impossible." When the Great Demon Lord saw Jiang Chen, he also found this matter unbelievable.

The Great Demon Lord had been stranded and suppressed by the Invincible God of War for many years, and he had a slight understanding of that God's character. He was outrageously haughty and proud, and he dared to order even the sun and the moon to change the weather for him.

The Great Demon Lord revered that God from the bottom of his heart, and this was why when he saw that a mortal had gotten said god's power, he found this matter unbelievable.

But the crux of the matter was still the fact that the divine state of the person in front of him was so perfect that he couldn't find even a single flaw in it.


The more startled the Great Demon Lord was, the more irascible and violent he became. This was a special trait of demons.

The Great Demon Lord wasn't willing to spend time thinking about the situation. He just attacked bluntly and directed a destructive strike at Jiang Chen.


When the people in the distance detected the attack's great power, they were all frightened.

However, when the attack hit Jiang Chen's body, it didn't manage to inflict any harm on him, and this explosive force that was able to destroy everything was compressed by Jiang Chen until it was turned into nothingness.

"You have disappointed me," Jiang Chen said solemnly as he raised his head. His ice-cold eyes were filled with a slight regret.

AH! The Great Demon Lord couldn't stand this impudence, and he attacked once again. He condensed his power into a single dot before releasing its explosive force.

"Cut him!" Jiang Chen held his spear with both hands and moved with it, while a bright divine radiance emanated from him.

The Great Demon Lord seemed as frail as tofu, and he was easily cut into two pieces by the spear.

"This is...this is..."

This sight scared the Demon Lord that had revealed his true form. He knew how great the Great Demon Lord's power was, and he had believed that he was the hope for the Demon Clan's rise. But he hadn't been able to stand a blow from this god.


Jiang Chen didn't leave the Great Demon Lord any opportunities to escape, and he thrust his spear forward. A bolt-like beam shot out of the spear and wiped everything out in its way.


All traces of the Great Demon Lord's existence were erased from the world thoroughly, and nothing was left of him.

"Did he die?" Cao Ze and Ying Ying stared at each other. They both felt like they were living in a dream.

"Life really has many significant ups and downs. It's really thrilling!"

Even though the people were sighing with emotions, they didn't forget that a Demon Lord was still here, and Jiang Chen also didn't forget him. He went toward him with his spear.

The Demon Lord was aware that his situation was hopeless, and he revealed a malevolent look, while he spoke in a deep voice, "The current world isn't on a par with the united Demon Clan, and the pressure brought by the Blood Clan might probably..."

The speech was never finished because the Demon Lord couldn't speak any longer. Jiang Chen's spear had already penetrated his body, and the demon's life force couldn't compare to Jiang Chen's great power.

"You are too garrulous!"

Jiang Chen pulled back his spear and looked at Cao Ze, Ying Ying, and the others

"God!" Ying Ying still remembered that he had treated Jiang Chen roughly, and this was why when Jiang Chen looked at him, he was so scared that he knelt on the ground.

Xia Jiang was more or less in the same predicament, but he still wouldn't kneel. He seemed quite unyielding. He was aware that kneeling wouldn't be of any use, and he was aware that Jiang Chen would surely kill him.

"Get lost!"

It was a pity that Xia Jiang would be disappointed.

Jiang Chen didn't plan to attack him, and he just waved his hand at him dismissively.

At this moment, these people felt for a moment that their world had been turned upside down. The next moment, they found themselves in the Demonic Abyss's third floor. It was as if everything that had occurred previously had just been a dream.

"He's too, too strong! Is he at the Divine King Realm?"

"No, it's a realm level greater than the Divine King Realm, and it's also more powerful."

These people couldn't calm down even after a long time, and they all stayed sitting motionlessly. They didn't know what they should do


In addition, the people on the plaza by the Mysterious Gate were as shocked as those sitting inside. Innumerable people had assembled on the plaza, and they were looking at the Demon Slayers List. They were attentively watching the moving block.

The block proceeded toward the top ten before it continued toward the top three.

The next second, an uproar arose because the block had finally reached the top three, and it didn't even stop there. It continued proceeding upward until it reached the top of the list.

The name written on the block had already been engraved in everyone's memory.

It was Jiang Chen!


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