The Brilliant Fighting Master
1534 Teacher, Long Time, No See
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1534 Teacher, Long Time, No See

The crowd had seen Jiang Chen and Xuan Qing entering the bamboo house. When they pushed open the door and went inside, the crowd got ready and guarded against every kind of incident that might occur.

However, they certainly didn't expect that after the two people went inside nothing occurred.

Moreover, before they could process that nothing had occurred, a rumbling sound could be heard.

"Awful!" Ying Ying and Cao Ze had a bad feeling about this, and they rushed over at full speed.

However, a white radiance emanated from the ground beneath the bamboo house, and it formed a light barrier that covered the house completely. They couldn't shatter this barrier no matter how much they attacked it.

"D*mn it!" Ying Ying regretted his previous actions. If he had known earlier that this would occur, he wouldn't have allowed those people to go inside.

However, as long as they didn't leave this place, everything would still be manageable.

"I really want to see what tricks you will use," Ying Ying said to himself.

Xuan Qing and Jiang Chen, who were inside the bamboo house, had also detected the changes, but they hadn't paid attention to them because their minds were attracted by the scene in front of them.

The bamboo house's interior was quite simple, archaic and elegant just like its outward appearance. However, the most amazing thing of all was that a white-clothed woman was standing next to a table at the center of the house.

This woman's appearance wasn't exceptionally beautiful, but her whole body emitted a peerless aura, while her gem-like black eyes shone brightly as if stars were hidden within them.

The woman's fine, long black hair almost reached the ground, and it looked like a waterfall.

The woman looked at Jiang Chen and Xuan Qing with a smile as welcoming as if she was facing two old acquaintances.

"Empyrean, Empyrean Ancestor!" Xuan Qing shouted excitedly, and her eyes teared up.

The Empyrean Goddess's portrait was present in all realms, and she was the woman in front of them.

"Sit down!"

When the Empyrean Goddess saw Xuan Qing's intense reaction, she stayed calm, with her eyes on Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen's heartbeat couldn't help but quicken. He was aware that this was a Divine Will left by the Empyrean Goddess, and it possessed the Empyrean Goddess's consciousness.

This wasn't any different than seeing the Empyrean Goddess personally.

It must be known that even when Jiang Chen broke the Empyrean Goddess's formation in the Sacred Zone, he didn't get to enjoy this treatment.

All of a sudden, the Empyrean Goddess walked toward Jiang Chen, and, as the distance between them shrank, Jiang Chen's breathing became rough, while Xuan Qing also became nervous.

When only three yards were left between them, the Empyrean Goddess came to a stop and smiled brightly. She observed Jiang Chen's reaction before she stated words that left both of them dumbfounded.

"Teacher, long time, no see," the Empyrean Goddess's voice was quite crisp, and it wasn't dignified and awe-inspiring as they had expected.

She seemed more like a gentle next-door big sister.

However, the important thing was the words that had been uttered by the Empyrean Goddess.

Jiang Chen didn't dare to think that those words were directed at him, but when he looked at the Empyrean Goddess's face, it seemed as if his divine soul's lock was opened and many pieces of memory flooded his mind.

When the Invincible God of war decided to make the Xuanhuan Realm recover, he had started reincarnating ceaselessly, and, in every life, he strove hard to achieve his objectives.

Currently, Jiang Chen was in his ninth life, and, if everything went smoothly, this would be his last life.

That said, Jiang Chen had been born in the Darkness Era in his fifth life, and, at that time, the Human Clan had declined and had been pushed around by myriad clans.

When Jiang Chen was born, a resounding dragon's roar and a phoenix's cry echoed out, and those signs foreordained that his fifth life would be out of the ordinary.

In this life, he had had the chance to meet countless people and had killed innumerable enemies, but there was still a certain important person who had left an indelible mark on his heart, and the woman in front of him was this person.

"Who are you?" Jiang Chen recalled who she was, but he still didn't dare to associate the bashful and reserved woman in his memory with the Empyrean Goddess.

"Lil Meng Xian."

The Empyrean Goddess uttered a certain name that proved Jiang Chen's assumption was correct.

"Oh, my God!" Jiang Chen would have never imagined even in his wildest dreams that he had been the Empyrean Goddess's teacher.

In his fifth life, Jiang Chen had become a great expert and had taken many disciples. One of them was a woman called Xiao Meng. She had outstanding talents and was clever and quick-witted, but she wasn't all that confident in herself because she wasn't that pretty.

However, she had changed thanks to Jiang Chen's patient teachings in his fifth life.

At that time, Jiang Chen had believed that she would have outstanding achievements, but he still didn't expect that they would be so exceptional.

All of a sudden, Jiang Chen recalled that in his fifth life he had possessed the Supreme Venerable Xuan Wu's title, and, as he associated this with the title of the Empyrean Goddess, Xuan Nu, he couldn't help but wonder whether she had taken this title to express her respect for him.

It seemed as if the Empyrean Goddess's could see through Jiang Chen's thoughts, and a flush appeared on her fair cheeks.

Jiang Chen suddenly recalled something and looked at Xuan Qing who was next to them. Letting the others learn about this wouldn't be good for him.

"Teacher, don't worry. After everything comes to an end, she won't remember anything," the Empyrean Goddess spoke in a low voice that could be heard only by the two of them.

Jiang Chen stroked his chin. He had many questions he wanted to raise like how had she managed to learn about Jiang Chen's identity in his current life and how she had managed to become the Empyrean Goddess.

In the end, he discovered the same answer for everything, and it was that she was the Empyrean Goddess. She was aware of everything because of this, and it would've been strange if someone like her was oblivious to it.

"Come to an end? What will come to an end?" Jiang Chen came back to his senses. He didn't even know what had started.

"The Demon Clan will shortly become a part of the Xuanhuan Realm's history, but they aren't willing to give up and don't mind sacrificing their lives to make a counterattack."

After they started speaking about major matters, Jiang Chen detected a powerful aura emanating from the Empyrean Goddess, and he felt like this was probably the Empyrean Goddess's true face.

"Teacher, it's obviously you who have to finish everything."

However, the Empyrean Goddess soon smiled again, and she didn't have a haughty air befitting her identity as the Empyrean Goddess. She seemed more like Lil Meng Xian who had followed him around in the past.

"You are now much stronger than me and I can't stand being called a teacher by you," Jiang Chen smiled helplessly as he spoke.

"Teacher, don't try to deceive me. I know that you are the strongest War God, and you are the ancient times' greatest powerhouse," the Empyrean Goddess revealed a crafty smile as she spoke.

"You know even this?" Jiang Chen was surprised greatly.

"Hey, what are you talking about?"

In the end, Xuan Qing came back to her senses. She felt as if she had been dreaming as she observed those two people chatting merrily. This was a ridiculous and absurd dream!

"Let's talk about proper business. The demon is getting restless again."

It seemed as if the Empyrean Goddess treated her descendant quite coldly, and when she started speaking about the Great Demon Lord, her expression became solemn.

"This land was built by me using Gods' power and cooperating with many heroes. We have managed to strand the arrogant Demon Lords, and gradually whittle away their vigorous life force."

"Every prison had a hero's Divine Will, as well as one of the Gods. It's only through this that they can persist for a long time."

"However, I didn't expect that the Divine Will of a certain hero would be corroded by a Demon Lord, and that the Demon Lord would manage to make an escape."

The situation mentioned by the Empyrean Goddess was the same as the one Jiang Chen knew about, and the sole difference was that the Empyrean Goddess knew what should be done.

"Now that Demon Lord has fused with the hero's Divine Will, and he's outside," the Empyrean Goddess spoke again.

"Sure enough!" Jiang Chen also had had the same guess, and he was sure that the Demon Lord had replaced someone while they were still engulfed by the fog.

"Once they manage to coordinate from both inside and outside, the source of the Gods' power will lose effectiveness, and our perseverance for countless years will have been wasted," the Empyrean Goddess said.

"Even you don't have a way of dealing with this?" Jiang Chen was quite surprised.

"Teacher, everything was settled, and it's just my Divine Will that is left here. I can't do many things, and everything will still depend upon you."


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