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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1532 Karma

"Wow, it's really mystical!"

Xuan Qing sighed before she recalled the proper business they were here for, and a grave look appeared on her beautiful face.

"Is the Demon Lord on this island?"

When Murong Yanran saw that the island had such enchanting scenery, she didn't dare to even breathe loudly.

According to what Xuan Qing had said, the Demon Lord that had escaped was here, and it was waiting for someone to enter and disturb the Empyrean Goddess's Divine Will.

"The Demon Lord's power never recovered completely, and the Gods' power can still restrict him as long as he's on the island," Xuan Qing said.

Jiang Chen had wasted a whole day in breaking the formation, and thus he was now able to use his magical clones and the star formation spell. This had helped him regain a lot of confidence.

Soon after, these three people had landed on the island. They had detected something weird just before they had left the beach to start examining the island, and they looked behind them.

Suddenly, they saw a group of people who seemed to appear out of thin air, and it was Ying Ying, Cao Ze, and the others.

When they first appeared, they looked as if they were at a loss, but soon they became overjoyed, and their eyes shone brightly.

"D*mn it! I've forgotten about this."

The reason why Ying Ying could follow them here was because he had left a tracking seal on the bodies of Cao Ze and his companions.

Moreover, since he had been able to discern that Cao Ze's team had separated and taken different routes, it was obvious that every person had had a seal on him.

At first, they had been stranded in the fog, and, later, they had detected that the locations of Xuan Qing and Jiang Chen had changed. They managed through this to figure out that the mysteries of this place lay on the lake bed.

Xuan Qing's face turned pale and she muttered to herself, "If we hadn't come here, they wouldn't have managed to reach the island."

This was like an effect of Karma. They had come here to obstruct the escape of the Great Demon Lord, yet bringing all these people with them would give the Great Demon Lord more chance to escape.

This group landed on the island excitedly, only to be greeted by Xuan Qing who flew toward them and said anxiously, "We must leave this place."


The two groups had different reactions. Ying Ying treated her disdainfully, while Cao Ze was quite confused.

"Demon Lords are stranded here, and they are terrifying beings. Jin Yuan has lured us here because he wants to use us as sacrifices that will consume the Gods' power," Xuan Qing spoke anxiously.

"What are you talking about? How is our being here related to Jin Yuan, and what is the Gods' power you're talking about?"

Upon hearing all about this, the two groups became confused. Even though they knew that the buildings were terrifying, they hadn't yet run into any Demon Lords.

Xuan Qing took a deep breath and tried to choose suitable arguments. She stated that she knew everything related to the remnants because she was a descendant of the Empyrean Goddess.

Soon after, she explained the Gods' power to them, as well as the role Jin Yuan had played.

"What you mean is that if we enter the island, we will die, and we will allow that Great Demon Lord to escape. Is this it?" Ying Ying questioned her with a mocking smile plastered at the corners of his mouth.

"That's right!" Xuan Qing replied promptly.

"So, what I really want to know is why did your group come here? If you hadn't led us here, we wouldn't have managed to enter," Ying Ying continued to mock her.

Upon hearing this, Xuan Qing felt as if she had been hit by a lightning bolt. She wasn't eloquent and didn't know what she should say.

"It seems to me that you and your lover want to take the treasure for yourselves."

Xia Jiang had noticed that Jiang Chen was on the island. This was a real meeting between foes, and Xia Jiang's eyes became filled with anger.

Xia Jiang didn't give Xuan Qing a chance to explain anything, and he took out the Mysterious Crystal again. This crystal's flickering frequency became higher and shone with a more dazzling light.

"Do you know what this means? It means that a large number of Mysterious Crystals are on this island," Xia Jiang said in a deep voice.

Xia Jiang had used the piece of Mysterious Crystal to convince Cao Ze and the others that the Empyrean Goddess's remnants existed.

The Empyrean Goddess had already torn the void apart and left. This was why Mysterious Crystals became scarce energy resources that wouldn't appear again. Once a piece was used, they would lose it forever.

Nowadays, all Mysterious Crystals were hoarded by the great factions, as they were keeping them for the future.

"Junior sister Xuan Qing, come over here," Cao Ze said, as he frowned. He was torn because even if he chose to believe her, Ying Ying and the others would still explore the island.

Xuan Qing became quite anxious, and she turned her head back to seek Jiang Chen's help.

However, Jiang Chen shook his head as if to indicate that saying anything at this moment would be futile.

"Even if they don't go inside, the Great Demon Lord may still manage to escape. The hero's Divine Will asked you to come here. Isn't that so?" Jiang Chen sent a sound transmission to her.

Upon hearing those words, Xuan Qing came back to her senses and wore a pensive look before she made way for them.

"You should watch your steps. After we eat the meat, we will surely leave some soup for you," Ying Ying snorted coldly and took his team onto the island after snubbing Cao Ze's team.

Jin Yuan, Right Blade, and Left Sword had suffered miserable deaths, which was why Cao Ze's team's fighting prowess had become much weaker.

Ying Ying's team had suffered losses too, but they had more people with them and could bear the losses better.

When Ying Ying stepped onto the island, his sharp gaze looked at Jiang Chen and Murong Yanran, and he rolled his eyes and spoke in a deep voice, "You made it here? Where are my brothers Tang Zheng and the others?"

"They have died," Jiang Chen replied casually.

"Is it you who've killed them?" Ying Ying squinted his eyes. It seemed like his vigorous aura would erupt at any moment.

"How do you think I could achieve it?" Jiang Chen asked back.

Those words hit the nail on the head. Ying Ying didn't believe that Tang Zheng could've been killed by Jiang Chen.

"Why didn't you die?"

However, Ying Ying still didn't let Jiang Chen off the hook.

"Are people's deaths always related to their realm levels?" Jiang Chen asked.

Ying Ying quieted down and hesitated for a moment. Those words were reasonable. Some people died because they had bad luck or walked in the front. If Ying Ying hadn't always been careful and prudent, he might've also been killed.

"Don't forget that you are still my captive, and you haven't recovered your freedom," Ying Ying spoke coldly.

"I don't like the term captive," Jiang Chen said earnestly.

Upon witnessing this, a fiendish look appeared on Ying Ying's face and he said, "I have finally understood why Zhang Tian wanted to kill you. It's because you aren't aware that you are just a weakling. Do you need me to inform you of this?"

"How about you, do you need me to inform you how you can get out?" Jiang Chen raised another question.

This time, Ying Ying didn't get angry, and, after he pondered this for a moment, he asked, "Is it you who discovered the lake bed's secret?"

At first, he had assumed that the Empyrean Goddess's descendant, Xuan Qing, had used certain techniques to achieve it.

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders and didn't say anything else.

Ying Ying hesitated. They came through the lake bed. Wasn't this also the exit?

If the exit method was different, he might not be able to find it.

Ying Ying recalled his previous experience when he was stranded in the fog for a whole day. He didn't want to go through this uncomfortable experience once again.

"It seems as if our relationship has changed. You aren't a captive any longer, and we are collaborators," Ying Ying changed his tune. He didn't want any longer to teach Jiang Chen a lesson.

"If you say so, so be it," Jiang Chen said with a faint smile.

Ying Ying controlled his impulse to beat him and revealed a hideous smile.

At this moment, the person next to him warned him.

Cao Ze and his companions had followed them here, and they would shortly pass them.

"Let's enter the island," Ying Ying didn't continue wasting time. He wanted to go look for the treasures that were probably here.

They all drew a lesson from their previous experiences, and they made a detour around the bamboo house before they searched the whole island.

Both teams' members didn't discover anything.

Thereupon, they directed their attention to the bamboo house. But no one dared to casually stride into it.

"It seems as if we need someone to take the lead."

Xia Jiang spoke in a strange tone while looking at Jiang Chen with his vicious gaze.


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