The Brilliant Fighting Master
1529 A Demon Lord“s Escape
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1529 A Demon Lord“s Escape

Murong Yanran's breathing became rough, while her chest heaved up and down. She didn't know who had won the fight, and she also didn't know what she would do if it was Jin Yuan.

When the sound of footsteps disappeared, Murong Yanran saw a person appearing in front of her. Her pupils contracted suddenly, while disbelief appeared on her pretty face.

"Where is Xuan Qing?" Jiang Chen lifted the restrictions on Murong Yanran before questioning her.

"You! How is it possible for you to show up here? Is it you who have attacked Jin Yuan? Where is he?"

Murong Yanran stood up quickly and grabbed Jiang Chen's shoulder. She couldn't believe that this was true.

Honestly, Murong Yanran didn't value Jiang Chen at all because once a Buddhist School disciple left the Demonic Abyss, he wouldn't have a suitable place to use his skills, and he would be just a mediocre nobody. This was why she didn't support Xuan Qing's relationship with Jiang Chen.

But now, Jiang Chen had appeared out of nowhere and saved her. It seemed as if it must have been Jiang Chen who was involved in the intense battle.

"He died," Jiang Chen said calmly.


Even though Murong Yanran had already guessed this, she still had a different feeling about it once she heard him admit it.

"How did you manage to achieve that?" Murong Yanran couldn't help but question him.

Murong Yanran had noticed that Jiang Chen's realm level had reached the Martial Emperor's apex, but she knew that even a Martial Saint like her wasn't a match for Jin Yuan. So didn't this mean that she also wasn't a match for Jiang Chen?

"I just made an all-out effort," Jiang Chen didn't say much about this matter, and he looked at Murong Yanran's pretty eyes. He said, "You still haven't answered my question."

Murong Yanran came back to her senses quickly, and a slightly flustered look appeared on her face. She was aware of Xuan Qing's whereabouts.

"Jin Yuan has said that you were stranded in the building along with Left Blade and Right Sword. How did you manage to get out?"

Upon seeing her current look, Jiang Chen realized that this affair wasn't so simple, but he still didn't beat around the bush and mentioned the key point bluntly.

"I didn't do it deliberately."

Guilt and grief appeared in Murong Yanran's eyes, and she spoke in a shivering voice.

According to what she then said, the whole team entered the building, but, just as Jin Yuan was about to enter the gate, he turned around and escaped.

The other four people had realized then that something was amiss, but it was already too late. Left Blade and Right Sword suffered a miserable death one after the other, while Xuan Qing and Murong Yanran were frightened greatly.

They were at death's door,and couldn't keep their calm. They strove hard to run away, and Murong Yanran was behind Xuan Qing. When she turned around to escape, she was at the front.

At that moment, Murong Yanran was frightened, and that was why she pushed Xuan Qing before she ran away and rushed through the door.

"I have recalled a certain story thanks to you," Jiang Chen spoke coldly.

In the story, two people met a ferocious beast in the forest, and they escaped, flustered. At that time, one of them said to his companion, "I will be fine as long as I can run faster than you."

After that man spoke, he knocked down his companion and escaped by himself.

Murong Yanran's actions were nearly the same.

Upon witnessing Jiang Chen's current look, Murong Yanran covered her face and wept bitterly.

"Fine, tell me where the building is," Jiang Chen wasn't too aggrieved because he had only interacted with Xuan Qing for several days.

"Are you going to go there?" Murong Yanran was slightly surprised. She had gone to that place once, and she didn't want to go back to that d*mned place.

But when Murong Yanran saw Jiang Chen's ice-cold gaze, she informed him honestly of the place's location, and she even led Jiang Chen to it.

After a short while, they found a manor.

This was the most magnificent building Jiang Chen had seen since he'd been here. It was a tall building made out of white bricks that was several stories high. The bricks had an irregular arrangement, and they added a special charm to the building.

"Where is she?"

Murong Yanran pointed at an inverted triangle-like room at the top, while fright appeared on her face. It was obvious that she didn't plan to go inside.

However, Jiang Chen didn't hesitate at all, and he dove down fast. When his feet landed on the ground, he quickly went inside through the great gate.

Murong Yanran was scared, and she covered her mouth. She couldn't help but wonder whether Jiang Chen knew the dangers inside of the manor.

If he knew them, then his courage was really astonishing, and she couldn't help but feel quite envious. She obviously also envied Xuan Qing because any women would desire that a man would treat her like that.

However, Murong Yanran didn't know that the buildings here depended upon Gods' power to quell the Demon Lords.

In ancient times, Buddhas and Gods were the most major beings.

Jiang Chen had a free pass here thanks to his divine soul, and there wouldn't be any God that would attack him. The reason behind this was quite simple, and it was that he was the Invincible God of War.

The Gods and Buddhas present here had either been defeated by him or were people that would have been shortly defeated by him.

After Jiang Chen entered a room, he noticed at first glance two charred patterns on the ground, which had human outlines.

Jiang Chen heaved a sigh. He was aware that those marks had been left by someone who was melted.

Those two people would have to have been Left Blade and Right Sword, and they must have been melted and absorbed by the Demon Lord stranded here.

Jiang Chen surveyed this place and looked for a third burn mark that would belong to Xuan Qing.

Even though Jiang Chen still held out some hope, he was aware that Xuan Qing was most likely dead because a long time had passed since Murong Yanran had left.

However, what Jiang Chen didn't expect was that when he got to see Xuan Qing, she was safe and sound. She was floating at the center of the room, and a protective barrier formed by lights of varied colors was around her body.

"It's so strange!"

The Demon Lord stranded here had showed himself. He was just a lump of darkness, and he had floated here freely without being affected by the suction force.

"One wasn't killed, and two weren't killed once again. It seems like the suppression force has already reached its limit, and I will shortly get to escape."

This Demon Lord still didn't understand his current situation, and he assumed that Jiang Chen was a prey.

"Once again?" Jiang Chen took note of the Demon Lord's words, and his expression changed drastically.

He recalled where he had intruded when he entered this world. That palace's interior had already been emptied by someone, but this wasn't the key point.

The key point was that there wasn't a Demon Lord inside it, and there weren't any suppression force's attacks. This meant that this location wasn't guarded any longer, and the Demon Lord had managed to escape.

As Jiang Chen gave this matter careful consideration, he realized that the palace had been the closest building to the entrance, and, if a Demon Lord had really managed to escape, then he must have come out of there.

Jiang Chen took a deep breath, and he recalled that he was previously flying all around. He might have even have flown atop that Demon Lord's head.

The reason why the Demon Lord didn't show himself was probably because he had seized this chance to recover his power.

"How much do you know?" Jiang Chen shouted and raised a question.

"Human, you still haven't understood your situation. You don't have a protective barrier like her." The Demon Lord was infuriated by Jiang Chen's arrogant attitude, but he was also slightly confused.

Jiang Chen sneered. The holy flames rushed out and engulfed the Demon Lord.

Another Demon Lord couldn't put up even the slightest resistance, and he could only beg forgiveness while tormented by the holy flames.

It was still a pity that this guy didn't know anything about the Demon Lord that had escaped, and he only knew that this matter had occurred.

"What is your value then?" Jiang Chen killed the Demon Lord decisively before he went toward Xuan Qing.

"Is this because she's a descendant of the Empyrean Goddess?"

Xuan Qing was protected by the suppression force, and this was the reason why Jiang Chen didn't suffer any attack when he entered.

It must be known that even though Jiang Chen possessed a divine soul, every building could still launch an attack, and it was only after they had detected his divine soul that they would stop their attack.

However, Jiang Chen didn't pay attention to anything right now. He just picked up Xuan Qing and left through the great gate.

He had already made a decision to leave this land, and it would be best for him to distance himself from it the farthest he could.

As for the Demon Lord who had escaped? He would leave it to the Demon Slayers Palace, and let them deal with it. He was just an insignificant Martial Emperor, and it wasn't up to him to act like a great savior.


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