The Brilliant Fighting Master
1528 More Thorny Than Imagined
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1528 More Thorny Than Imagined

The Red Cloud Sword seemed like a falling meteorite, and it burned with raging flames, which shone with a golden radiance that seemed able to purity any filth in the world.

This was the Holy Seal's third move, and Jiang Chen could now use it because he had become an apex Martial Emperor. This was one of his gains after his advancement.

A realm level breakthrough would always bring a comprehensive promotion, and this was why everyone considered realm level power a cornerstone for everything.

After this realm level breakthrough, the aspect that had gone through the greatest transformation was his Celestial Phoenix bloodline. This was probably because Jiang Chen constantly used the holy flames to hunt demons.

Jiang Chen was now able to easily release the whole power of the Golden Solar Flame and the Sky-burning Evil Flame, and his sword strike possessed a might great enough to exterminate all demons and kill all evil beings.

A hideous looked appeared on Jin Yuan's face. He had never expected that he would be cornered by a Martial Emperor, and he couldn't do anything else but defend himself. He couldn't retaliate!

Moreover, he could only choose one at a time between the magical clones and the main body.

One mustn't be deceived by the magical clone's holy flames success in all endeavors, as even their Du Tian Divine Lightning was outstanding.

The Immeasurable Ruler that took a sword form released a might befitting an Immortal Artifact.

"Mara Arts: Eternal Demonic Heart!"

Jin Yuan couldn't pay attention to so many things facing him at once, and he decided to make an all-out effort. He used his ultimate technique!

Boundless demonic energy started gathering around Jin Yuan, and it was condensed into a powerful blood-red light ray. The blood-red light ray was like a blade, yet it was also like a sword, and it possessed powerful penetrative power.

Moreover, what was important was that this technique had a large range, and it encompassed all directions.


Jin Yuan had an imposing aura as he tried to build up power, but he was broken up as he was building his power.


Jin Yuan's face became flushed and his eyes got bloodshot. He looked at the other magical clone that had just used a peerless magical technique, and he really wished badly to tear it apart.

The Void Interception Divine Finger could whittle away all myriad beings' power, and it could turn everything into nothingness.

Jin Yuan's palm strike wasn't just dealt with, his body was restricted, and he couldn't use his power at all.

Moreover, he still didn't have enough time to come up with a solution because two swords were flying at him ferociously. One came at him from the sky, while the other charged at him head-on.

The holy flames were extinguishing the demonic energy around Jin Yuan's body, and they were becoming more vigorous as time passed, while the sword was trying to penetrate his defenses.

"I'm a Martial Saint!" Jin Yuan was so incensed that he felt as if he was going crazy.

Jiang Chen raised his hands high, while his outer clothing was torn apart.

The blood-red light ray's power rose drastically, and it blocked the holy flames, while the Red Cloud Sword started shaking intensely. It seemed as if its power would be shortly weakened.

But it was at this moment that splendid starlight shone, and the Red Cloud Sword continued flying down, penetrating everything in its path as if was assisted by a God.


Meanwhile, the main body came over with a sword in his hands, and he used once again the Golden Lightning's strongest strike. It wasn't different than directing the power of the strongest Lightning Tribulation at someone's head.

Jin Yuan's defenses cracked open, and two swords penetrated his body, one after the other.


It seemed as if Jin Yuan's body would shortly explode, and hurricane-like torrential energy wreaked havoc in his body.

At this moment, both the main body and the magical clones backed off.

It was obvious that Jin Yuan had sustained heavy injuries. Two holes appeared in his body, and devilish light emanated from them.

"I will kill you! I will tear you apart! All your relatives and women will go through nightmarish sufferings."

It seemed as if Jin Yuan had turned into an inhuman organism. His injuries healed quickly, and shining limbs like organic objects grew out of his wounds.

"You didn't die?"

Jiang Chen understood why Jin Yuan was so confident even though Jiang Chen had used the Stars Formation.

If Jiang Chen didn't have a peerless magical technique and his realm level hadn't made an advancement, he would really have been unable to deal with him.

Moreover, it still seemed from the current situation that he wasn't a match for Jin Yuan.

The Stars Formation effects would shortly come to an end and disappear, and, if he couldn't dispose of Jin Yuan by then, Jiang Chen would have to escape.

Jiang Chen didn't hesitate any longer. He pulled out the Heavenly Fault Sword and threw it at the other magical clone.

Meanwhile, the magical clone holding the Red Cloud Sword stopped using the Worldly Dharmic Idol, and he recovered to normal size.

"You don't have any hope left," Jin Yuan taunted them as he seemed devilish and threatening.

"That surely isn't the case," the three Jiang Chens spoke at the same time.

"Wind and Lightning!"

"Fire and Lightning!"

"Metal and Lightning!"

The main body and the magical clones condensed their worldly forces, while they used the Immortal Spirit's power and the Worldly Rules' power.

"Strengthened Version: Heavenly Destruction Sword Move!"

Jiang Chen used the Stars Formation's remaining power to use the sword move he had created by himself. This was an ultimate technique that had previously scared away everyone in the Bloody Sea Realm.

At the same time, he forcefully fused the three worldly forces: wind, fire, and lightning. But now, it was different because every time Jiang Chen fused two worldly rules' powers, once they combined, many transformations occurred.

Even Jiang Chen himself wasn't aware of how great would be its power, and, what was most important was that once this technique's execution failed, the destructive power released by it would be more terrifying than if it succeeded.

But the difference between both situations was that if the technique's execution succeeded, Jiang Chen wouldn't suffer any harm, but, if it failed, everyone would perish.

"How many techniques do you still have?"

Jin Yuan almost couldn't bear his impulse to curse. He had assumed that Jiang Chen had exhausted all his abilities and didn't expect that he still had this powerful technique.

Moreover, what was the scariest of all was that when Jin Yuan wanted to pounce at Jiang Chen, he discovered that he couldn't differentiate between the main body and the magical clones.

"An Immortal Artifact?"

At this crucial juncture, Jin Yuan noticed a key point and managed to discern the main body through the Immeasurable Ruler. It couldn't be denied that he was quite clever!

The Lightning Spirit could only stay within the main body, and this was why if Jiang Chen wanted to maximize the Immeasurable Ruler's might, it must be used by his main body.

Jin Yuan probably didn't know all these details, but he could make a rough guess about this matter.

"Myriad Realms' Fallen Demons!" Jin Yuan didn't pay attention to anything else, he just wanted to kill Jiang Chen.

The area's space became unstable from his boundless demonic power, and even the starlight became dimmer.


When the three Jiang Chens used a sword move at the same time, the Stars Formation's remaining power was exhausted. The whole starlight concentrated within the three swords before it erupted out at a critical point.

It seemed as if everything went back to when the void was just split open, and chaotic energies were forming worlds.

Jin Yuan was just a speck of dirt in comparison to them, and when he came in contact with the erupting energy, varied dazzling lights shone out, and nothing was left other than them.

Even his miserable scream didn't echo.


Jiang Chen didn't have the leisure to rejoice because the two magical clones exploded one after the other.

The sword move hadn't been a complete success, and the price Jiang Chen had paid for it almost took his life.

The main body didn't explode like the magical clones because the magical clones scattered some of the technique's power. But the main body still sustained heavy injuries despite this.

"This was more thorny than I had imagined," Jiang Chen didn't expect that the fight would end up like this. He had assumed that Jin Yuan was at the same level as Zhang Tian.

"It seems as if there was a valid reason why this guy chose a demonic technique," Jiang Chen could understand his opponent's choice.

Jiang Chen sighed with emotion and consumed his best elixirs. He managed to quickly recover thanks to his divine body's strong recovery power.

But it was a pity that he wouldn't be able to use the magical clones and the stars formation for a whole day.


At this moment, Murong Yanran was lying on the soft grass. She didn't know who had saved her, but, after that person saved her, he didn't lift her restrictions, probably because he didn't have enough time to do it.

Afterward, Murong Yanran heard the energy's intense fluctuations and realized that a fight was occurring.

At first, she had assumed that it was her senior brother, Cao Ze, who was fighting, but as the fight became more intense, she managed to discern through the energies' ripples that it wasn't her senior brother, Cao Ze.

The reason was that they were too strong, as if this was a fight between two titled martial artists.

When a hurricane started blowing, Murong Yanran could no longer hear any noises related to the battle, and she realized that the battle had come to an end.

All of a sudden, a sound of footsteps rang out near her head, and her heart shivered intensely.


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