The Brilliant Fighting Master
1527 A Buddha and a Demon
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1527 A Buddha and a Demon

"Who are you??"

When Jin Yuan witnessed that Jiang Chen's other magical clone also possessed the main body's full power, he couldn't help but raise questions about this matter.

He had seen many talented experts, but none of them were like Jiang Chen. Countless people would like to possess one magical clone that had the main body's fighting prowess, while Jiang Chen had two of them.

Moreover, they were different than the last time he'd seen them. The main body and the magical clones' realm levels had reached the Martial Emperor peak stage.

According to reason, it wouldn't matter if they were primary-stage or apex-stage Martial Emperors, they still shouldn't be able to affect a Martial Saint like Jin Yuan.

But Jin Yuan felt a sense of danger, and he didn't know whether it was because of the Stars Formation or something else.

"A pitiful person who is hunted down everywhere...," Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders and observed Jin Yuan's reaction, as he continued, "How does it feel to betray the Human Clan and seek refuge in the Demon Clan?"

Jin Yuan was caught unprepared by this question. He had undoubtedly exposed his true face, but he still didn't believe that Jiang Chen knew too much about this matter.

"You are deceiving people to lure them here to consume the buildings' energy so that the Demon Lords can escape. I really want to know what is inside your head."

When Jiang Chen had witnessed that the man still had some desires, he spoke in a sharp voice. He was really angry because no one liked traitors, especially traitors like Jin Yuan.

"Impossible!" Jin Yuan shouted sharply, while his expression became quite hideous.

"It turns out that you weren't trying to keep a low profile. It's just that your mind is too unstable due to your cultivation of a demonic technique, and you could end up losing control of yourself," Jiang Chen had finally figured this out.

Jin Yuan sneered and his gaze turned ferocious. He seemed like a completely different person than he had been in their first meeting.

"How did you get to know all this?" Jin Yuan wasn't willing to accept this, and he questioned him.

"A Demon Lord informed me of it."

"You have entered the buildings? It shouldn't have been possible for you to survive."

Jin Yuan felt as if he had heard something incredulous, and he couldn't help but recall his first trip here. He had followed a powerful team and gone down a cliff to enter this place through a crevice.

At that time, everyone was overjoyed. They had assumed that it was a great opportunity and that they could achieve instant success. But when they entered the first palace, they suffered a merciless slaughter.

Many people had died, and that was why Jin Yuan had run toward the palace's gate. It was then that a stranded Demon Lord had seized the chance to escape, and this was why Jin Yuan didn't suffer any attacks.

At that moment, Jin Yuan didn't dare to put up any resistance, and he let the Demon Lord do with him what he wanted.

The Demon Lord forcefully put a Demonic Seed in his body before he allowed him to leave.

"If you want to achieve peerless power, continue bringing people here." Those had been the only words uttered by the Demon Lord.

Jin Yuan hadn't given this matter careful consideration. He had fled completely flustered and gone back outside the crevice.

He had informed the patrolling Demon Slayers Palace's disciples on the third floor of the situation truthfully.

Those disciples didn't dare to take this matter lightly, and they looked for the crevice in the cliff.

"This is an important discovery, and we must report it to the Demon Slayers Palace."

At that time, this was what most people had believed.

"Wait for a moment, that Demon Lord slaughtered everyone. Yet he allowed you solely to leave?

"Did you say that he had planted a Demonic Seed in your body? Is it you who had requested this from him?"

Just when Jin Yuan assumed that this affair would come to an end, the few Demon Slayers Palace's disciples started raising difficult questions.

"Do you want to take the merit for yourself?"

Jin Yuan was old and experienced, and he managed to immediately discern the aims of the Demon Slayers Palace's disciples. They wanted to dispose of him to become this location's first discoverers.

Jin Yuan's age was higher by much than the disciples, but there was still a large disparity between their powers.

At that time, Jin Yuan had assumed that he would surely die, and he activated the Demonic Seed within his body out of anger. He got then great power and slaughtered the disciples.

After Jin Yuan had killed the Demon Slayers Palace's disciples, he realized that he didn't have a way to go back, and he decided to become the Demon Lord's pawn.

As Jin Yuan recalled those past events, his emotions were stirred.

"The winner will be rulers, while the loser will be considered lowly invaders. If the Demon Clan had achieved a great victory in the past, a location similar to the Demonic Abyss would have appeared in the world, and the myriad clans' surviving members would be imprisoned in it, while the members of the Demon Clan's younger generation would enter this land to hunt them down," Jin Yuan shouted.

Jin Yuan had gradually lost his reason, and the might released by his demonic technique became greater and greater.

"Perpetrators will always believe that their hands were forced, and, even if their methods were too extreme, they will still believe that they aren't the ones in the wrong, but the whole world is. You are an example of this," Jiang Chen sneered coldly and spoke.

Those words managed to infuriate Jin Yuan successfully, and his eyes shone with a ferocious glint.

"Why are you allowed to act so aloof and haughty? Didn't you depend upon countless resources and your family's influence to become a talented expert?" Jin Yuan started criticizing him angrily.

Jiang Chen could obviously be considered a talented expert, and that was why Jin Yuan believed that Jiang Chen had gotten everything from a great faction like the other talented experts.

"If the Hundred Thousand Mountains' people learned that someone from the Divine Martial Arts Realm believed that they had inexhaustible resources, they would surely laugh heartily," Jiang Chen said.

It was difficult to understand those words, and Jin Yuan didn't understand them, but he didn't really care, because he was in a bad mood, and he didn't want to think about anything.

"I will tear you apart!"

Jin Yuan's eyes changed, and he got vertical pupils like wild beasts.

"Mara Arts: Myriad Gods Shivering with Fear!"

Jin Yuan was at the Martial Saint Realm's late stage, and his power rivaled Martial Saint Realm's experts due to his demonic technique. He was much stronger than the black-clothed man and Zhang Tian, who had been killed by Jiang Chen.

"Worldly Dharmic Idol!"

"Buddhist Radiance Illumination!"

The magical clone holding the Red Cloud Sword turned into a 100,000-foot-tall giant, and holy flames started circling around his sword.

"Holy Seal Third Move: Anger Filled Buddha's Holy Face!"

Jiang Chen used a sword art with his left hand's index and middle fingers, and he tapped empty air.

"Sword Fusion!"

The Red Cloud Sword whistled as it flew forward, while the holy flames' radiance changed and shone with a dazzling golden light. As for the fire energy, it formed countless symbols.

They managed to easily extinguish the demonic energy emanating from Jin Yuan thanks to the Stars Formation's strengthening effects.

"I'm still a Martial Saint. Who the hell you are?" Jin Yuan patted his chest and a vigorous power erupted from it.

Blood-red demonic energy rose from beneath his feet, while his ash-gray hair danced in the wind, and demonic symbols appeared on his face.

"A Demonic Seed?"

Jiang Chen recognized it at first glance. He had once turned into a demon, and he had an understanding of Demonic Seeds.

It could be seen that Jin Yuan raised his hand before he waved his palm.

The Red Cloud Sword that was flying down like a shooting star was obstructed by a formless power, while energy ripples appeared beneath the tip of the sword.

"Ha, ha, the demonic cultivation technique is matchless and can't be rivaled by anyone in the world."

Jin Yuan had managed to easily block Jiang Chen's sword strike and he was quite pleased with himself, as he said, "What does Buddhism amount to? If you don't have enough power, everything is useless."

"Peerless Magical Technique: Void Interception Divine Finger!"

The other magical clone didn't stay idle, and it soared up while he clenched his right hand into a fist, stuck up his thumb, and pointed it at Jin Yuan.

"A peerless magical technique? Are you trying to scare me?"

The furious Jin Yuan quivered. He couldn't believe this.

Magical techniques were explosive techniques and could also be used to challenge someone at a higher realm level. This one was a peerless magical technique.

Jiang Chen wasn't trying to scare him. This was really the second peerless magical technique of the Void Scripture.

Jin Yuan discovered that his power had been intercepted by something, and it disappeared thoroughly.

The Red Cloud Sword broke through the obstruction and flew toward Jin Yuan. It brought with it boundless holy flames!

"Firmament Wind Sword Spirit: Peerless and Magnificent Wind!"

The corners of the main body's mouth curled upward, and he revealed a faint smile before swinging the Immeasurable Ruler and attacking with his sword.

"Xiao Ying, let him taste divine lightning's great power."

As his voice echoed, both the main body and the sword revealed their great power. They were thunderous and unstoppable!


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