The Brilliant Fighting Master
1525 Change on the Demon-Slaying Lis
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1525 Change on the Demon-Slaying Lis

Back then, in the olden days, the Empyrean Goddess had led some first-class strong people to defeat the Demon. After that, the same strong people also helped her suppress the Demon Lords.

As a result, each building here had a different style.

Because each of them represented a hero who had helped save the world.

Each building adopted those hero's styles, as well as their strengths.

Take this temple, for example. The strong man who built this temple must have gotten the inheritance of the Immortal Sword of ancient times, and that was why he built this Pure Yang Hall.

Due to each one's particularity, the buildings would attack intruders in their own special ways.

No one should ever enter here in the first place.

Over time, the Demon Lords would all die.

However, the appearance of that crack changed everything.

"Whoever comes in will be attacked by the buildings. The power imprisoning us here gets weaker in that moment, and we'll smelt the corpse of the intruder to strengthen ourselves."

The Demon Lord was afraid of Jiang Chen's Sacred Flame. It did not dare go against him, so it told him everything honestly.

"Over time, we would be able to get rid of the suppression and escape from here."

Then Jiang Chen thought of Jin Yuan.

To realize the plan that the Demon Lord was talking about, they would need someone to work with them to con people into coming here.

However, Jiang Chen recalled that the information about the Goddess's remnants actually came from Xia Jiang.

On second thought, he realized that even if Xia Jiang really knew about this place, Jin Yuan must be the one manipulating everything.

In this way, no one would find him suspicious.

If Jin Yuan had not attacked his practicing body, Jiang Chen would have thought of Xia Jiang first as well.

"Can you Demon Lords communicate with each other?" Jiang Chen asked calmly.

"Someone will pass on messages to us."

"Oh? Why is that someone doing that?"

"We Demons can be compared to the Divine Race. We are as great as they are. Our paramount demon methods are downward compatible. All races can practice them," said the Demon Lord.

This also explained why Jiang Chen had sensed some demonic energy in that palm attack of Jin Yuan's.

Jiang Chen smiled coldly. In this era in which even the Sacred Institute had been eliminated, who would care what methods others were practicing?

Whoever was strong would have the rights.

The important thing was, if Jiang Chen had not gotten the supreme Buddha's power, he would not have been able to see what was wrong with Jin Yuan's palm attack.

Jiang Chen did not let go of this Demon Lord after getting what he wanted. He started the Sacred Flame to burn it to ashes.

AH! AH! "Hateful! The Great Demon Lord won't let go you go!"

The Demon Lord shouted, reluctant to die, before being eliminated.

"The Great Demon Lord?"

Jiang Chen's facial expression changed slightly. It sounded as if another Demon Lord would fall at his feet very soon.

Things would not be good if that was true.

He could have killed this one thanks to the suppressive power of the building itself.


Jiang Chen, musing, suddenly realized something. A flaming light flashed in his eyes.

He touched his chest with an incredible look. The seal in his body was still reacting to something although this Demon Lord had been killed.

Demon Lords were the strongest demons in the Demonic Abyss. The energy he would get from killing them was strikingly strong.


At the same time, things were happening on the island where the Demon Slayers Palace was located.

A new batch of people were waiting to enter the Demonic Abyss. Just like what had happened to Jiang Chen, they had visited the square where the Mysterious Gate was situated first.

Then, standing around the Demon-Slaying List, they started to comment on it.

There were 100 places on the Demon-Slaying List and only the first three places had not been taken. Those who could get onto the list were all extraordinary people.

"The top ten entrants are all martial arts practitioners who have won some titles."

"They didn't get onto the list because they had already been titled martial arts practitioners. On the contrary, they got onto the list first and then became titled martial arts practitioners."

"Rumor has it that the top ten entrants will get the Goddess's unique movements. This must have helped them a lot."

They were talking about the same things that every batch of newbies would talk about.

"If only I could be one of the top ten entrants."

Most people thought this way. The first three places had never been taken. No one knew what needed to be done in order to take these places.

People thought the Demon Slayer Palace was doing this intentionally to motivate others to take challenges.

"It's already a big thing to get onto the list. You only have one month. How many demons do you think you can kill in this one month? Not many really. Even though you can go in there again and again, your results will be reset every time and the amount of demons you've killed won't be added in."

"If you stay in there and refuse to leave, so that the rankings are affected, the Demon Slayer Palace will just cross out your name."

Those in the know knew the Demon-Slaying List rarely had changes.

Last time when the Sovereign Path was held, some geniuses got onto the list because of their excellent performances.

Nonetheless, they were all ranked between 20th and 50th.

"Look, there is a new name on the list!"

The Demon-Slaying List had a change all of a sudden.

The list on the stone wall was similar to a chessboard. The names of the entrants were like square chess pieces.

A new square moved along. The profound grating sound came from the slot.

The square moved into the list and kept moving up. It did not slow down until it had surpassed the 80th place.

In the end, the square stopped at 54th.

The former 54th moved down to 55th.

"Did this person kill a large group of Celestial Demonic Emperors? How is it possible to have reached almost 50th at one go?"

Those on the square all gathered together, unable to believe it.

The Demon-Slaying List did not judge one's strength by his or her state strength, but by the demons they had killed.

The ranking usually changed and improved little by little.

Even the disciples of the Demon-Slaying List could not explain the current situation.

They were all staring at the square, because the Demon-Slaying List would soon display this person's name.

There seemed to be a shapeless sharp blade carving on the square, stroke by stroke.

When the last stroke had been done, a name showed up.

Jiang Chen!

The crowd went into uproar, because they had never heard of this name.


But the vice leader of the Demon Slayer Palace knew it well, and he did not think it was another man called by the same name. He had just arrived after getting the news.

"Investigate it. Maybe there is something wrong," he gave the order immediately.

In the so-called remnants, Jiang Chen did not know anything about the Demon-Slaying List yet.

However, he was thinking about something regarding the Demon-Slaying List.

He could not help but wonder whether the remnants of the Goddess were really here!

If he could eliminate all of the Demon Lords here, he supposed he could win the first three places judging by the reaction of the seal!

It was said the top three entrants would get the remnants of the Goddess.

Everything seemed to be connected in some way.

Besides, Jiang Chen did not think a fantastic woman like the Empyrean Goddess would have made such a mistake.

Or maybe, this was an ordeal?

The biggest risk here came from the attacks programmed into the buildings. Thanks to his holy soul, Jiang Chen seemed to be able to stay immune to them.

But he was not sure whether he could stay immune to all of them.

There was only one statue in this Pure Yang Palace. It was that Immortal Sword.

The sword attack just now was launched by that statue.

"If each strong person who suppressed a Demon Lord here got one inheritance from ancient times, this process would repeat again and again. The thing is, can it be such a coincidence?"

To confirm that, Jiang Chen sent his practicing body to the temple in the Northern Building.

If things were as he predicted, there would be a Demon Lord and the buildings would have been programmed to attack as well.

Jiang Chen took a deep breath. Then he pushed the door open.

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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》