The Brilliant Fighting Master
1524 Immortal Sword and Demon Lord
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1524 Immortal Sword and Demon Lord

The remnants were a spacious area. Since flying was not forbidden, Martial- level people would have plenty of places to go.

Even if they did not know which direction they needed to fly in, they would be able to travel around the area flying at high speed.

Jiang Chen had lost his practicing bodies, so he had to be extremely careful.

Each time a practicing body died, his attitude toward death would had some changes.

He was growing more and more indifferent to death, which was extremely dangerous.

Jiang Chen did not want to die suddenly one day without knowing the reason why.

At this moment, he discovered something. There was an architectural complex on a cliff down there.

At first sight, it looked as if it was built in the air. But taking a closer look, he found that under the house there were beams inserted into the side of the mountain and pillars that supported the house with the aid of rocks.

Jiang Chen landed slowly, gazing at this architectural complex in the air.

"A Buddhist temple?"

Jiang Chen was kind of surprised. These buildings turned out to be a temple.

As far as he knew, after the end of the Era of Darkness, the Sacred Institute was founded, and temples that symbolized Buddhism disappeared in all realms.

According to written records, Buddhist organizations were incorporated into the Sacred Institute.

Later, when the Sacred Institute had declined, Buddhist organizations also disappeared.

In the current age were there only a few Buddhist disciples, most of whom were fakes.

So it was not difficult to imagine how surprised Jiang Chen was to see a temple here.

Like the yard previously, the temple did not have a powerful ward.

This reminded Jiang Chen of Tang Zheng.

And according to what Jin Yuan had said, these buildings were extremely dangerous.

He was dozens of miles away from the temple. Everything looked fine from the outside. He could not find anything suspicious.

But Jiang Chen knew reasonably that he had better not go inside, and the farther he stayed away from it, the better.

However, curiosity made him stay.

"If I don't go in, I shouldn't have come to the Goddess's remnants at all."

At this thought, Jiang Chen landed on a cliff. He sat down in a hidden crevice, waiting until he could exert One Qi Transformed into Three Pure Ones again.

He would need 24 hours to create another practicing body.

Starting from the last practicing body's disappearance or death, it was always 24 hours until he could create another practicing body.

24 hours was exactly one day.

Jiang Chen held his breath and focused. He was communicating with the universe. Little by little, he lost track of time.

One day passed like flowing water.

When he opened his eyes again, a practicing body was sitting next to him.

It was worth mentioning that, as the true body's state had a breakthrough, the practicing body he created would have a greater state strength as well.

The practicing body killed by Jin Yuan was a Martial Emperor in the late stage, and the current one was a Martial Emperor at the peak.

"I'll go down to check it out."

The practicing body jumped down. He landed on the roof of the temple in the air. The ward certainly could not stop him.

The temple was composed of two buildings, the Northern Building and the Southern Building, which were connected by a bridge.

Going inside, Jiang Chen found the temple was not only Buddhist, but also Taoist!

This was a unique temple with Buddhism and Taoism combined into one.

Jiang Chen's practicing body came to the biggest hall in the Southern Building first.

A plaque was hanging above the door, written with three characters, which had strong, smooth strokes.

It said Pure Yang Hall!

Jiang Chen, about to push the door open, was struck dumb. He could not help but frown.

He had a holy soul, and he knew the secrets about preliterate times and the ancient times pretty well.

In the preliterate times, most heavenly gods were Taoists.

In that era, every famous temple worshiped and symbolized a god.

The god Pure Yang Hall worshiped was one of the Eight Immortals.

Jiang Chen did not only know that man, but also had a good relation with him.

What he was seeing at the moment reminded him of the past. An emotion that was hard to put into words arose in him.

Then he pushed the door lightly, and it opened.

Jiang Chen switched on his protective energy to isolate himself from the outside world, in case any accident happened.

Walking inside, Jiang Chen was very wary. Even though it was a practicing body, he did not want it to die easily.


As soon as he got inside, a great disturbance came from the front of the room.

A blade shook the air into pieces and traveled over at high speed, with the resolution to destroy everything.

Jiang Chen could not resist this blade at all. All he could do was to allow himself to be seized without fighting back.

Fortunately, at such a crucial moment, the holy soul in Jiang Chen's body reacted strongly.

The blade disintegrated itself before him, as if it had sensed something.

It happened so fast, just in a flash.

When he had come to himself again, he felt cold at his back and found his clothes all soaked in sweat.

At the same time, it was much brighter in the hall, and Jiang Chen was able to see what it was like inside the Pure Yang Hall.

"Ah? How come?!"

Jiang Chen did not see anything, but he heard a voice coming from overhead.

Looking up, he saw a shadow moving back and forth on an upper beam. Its crimson eyes showed infinite cruelty.

"A Demon Lord?"

Jiang Chen was given a good scare. He forced himself to stay there instead of running away.

Because he knew this Demon Lord had less than 1 percent of its greatest fighting power.

"How come? How come the attack of the Immortal Sword didn't work on you?"

It was impossible to tell from the Demon Lord's hoarse voice whether it was male or female. It sounded anxious and angry.


Then the Demon Lord jumped at Jiang Chen. The shadow became a pile of mist, in which a dreadful lethal intent was included.

"Buddha's Light Shines throughout the Universe."

Jiang Chen managed to stay calm facing this danger. The Buddha's Light was flaming, like the rising sun.

The Demon Lord screamed tragically. It fell onto the ground after tumbling in the air.

"Sacred Flame!"

The practicing body did not have any weapons with him, because Jiang Chen did not want to leave his Doctrine Sword here if anything came up.

However, this Demon Lord was extremely weak, almost as weak as a Human Demonic King, which the Sacred Flame was enough to deal with.

The Demon Lord only made contact with a little of the Sacred Flame, but the flame started to burn fiercely, as if it was trying to purify him.

"No! No! Darn it!" The Demon Lord kept screaming, unable to fight back.

Something suddenly occurred to Jiang Chen. He took the Sacred Flame back.

The Demon Lord was at the gates of death. It took the chance to crawl into a crack on the floor.

"Come back!"

Jiang Chen reacted fast. He approached and caught the Demon Lord. The Sacred Flame was burning in his hand. It could break out from his fingers any time.

"Tell me what I need to know!" Jiang Chen yelled.

"How would I know what you should know?!" the Demon Lord screamed loudly.

Jiang Chen did not try to persuade it. The Sacred Flame rose from his fingers. The Demon Lord was tortured badly.

"You, what do you want to know?!"

The Demon Lord, completely restrained by the Sacred Flame, had to admit its defeat.

"What's this place? Why is there a Demon Lord?"

There were many things that Jiang Chen would have liked to ask. It would have been better to let this Demon Lord tell him the whole story from the start.

But Demon Lords were usually very deceitful. He knew he could not believe them completely.

"I call this f*cking place a god-d*mned place," said the Demon Lord.

Jiang Chen curled his lips, about to call the Sacred Flame out again.

"Wait! I really know nothing. The Empyrean Goddess and others suppressed us. How would I know what they call this place?" the Demon Lord answered immediately.

"Suppress? You?"

Jiang Chen found the whole thing very doubtful. He tried to get the information he wanted from the Demon Lord.

This place turned out to be a place used to imprison Demon Lords instead of remnants.

These Demon Lords were not devils. They were real demons instead.

In other words, they had not been transformed by the Demonic Abyss. They were the demons who had lost the war in the olden days.

Demon Lords were too strong. It was too difficult to kill all of them.

As a result, the Goddess chose to suppress and imprison them here, so that they could be eliminated gradually over time.

This was why this Demon Lord was so weak.

Every building here had a Demon Lord under it!


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