The Brilliant Fighting Master
1523 A Unique Theurgy
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1523 A Unique Theurgy

"That's what two Martial Emperors can achieve together?"

Zhang Tian panicked. He suddenly had no idea which one he should block, the practicing body or the true body.

He knew by instinct that he wouldn't be able to block this enemy, no matter which one it was.

"No, I have to do something or I'll lose my life."

Zhang Tian gnashed his teeth. He understood he should go all out.

He sheathed the knife and opened his arms. During this process, a striking energy was flowing under his long robe.

"Universal Heart-Protecting Armor!"

"Universal Movement!"

Jiang Chen wasn't the only one who had external forces. Zhang Tian had them too.

He had a super-level Doctrine Artifact, which was similar to a Pseudo-Immortal Artifact. It was an armor that had a wonderful effect.

People wearing this armor could use theurgy-like methods to demolish the enemy's attack.

This was Zhang Tian's secret weapon. He believed others in the team had something like this too, but they wouldn't show it until some life-or-death crucial moment arrived.

Facing two Jiang Chens at the same time, Zhang Tian had to resort to it.

However, even so, the sense of danger wasn't alleviated at all.

As those two Jiang Chen's blades approached, he felt his heart was being clutched harder and harder by someone.


In the end, the blade with thunder fire fell, and the universal power was demolished in an instant.

Zhang Tian received a cruel strike. The super-level Doctrine Artifact helped him hold on for more than one second.

If he had had a way to escape, this short one second would've been enough for him to survive.

But, unfortunately, Zhang Tian didn't.

His Universal Heart-Protecting Armor was broken in a second, together with Zhang Tian himself.

In his last second, he experienced what those demons had experienced.

Although he wasn't anything evil, Jiang Chen's great sacred power of Buddhism and Taoism still had a wonderful amplifying effect.

Zhang Tian didn't have the time to figure it out, because he'd been destroyed by the thunder fire. Not even a small part of him was left.


The other four hadn't come to themselves yet. They were shocked to see Zhang Tian killed in one second.

It'd be more reasonable if others had killed him. The thing was the killer was only a Martial Emperor. This just didn't make sense.


"Kill him!"

The four weren't scared off. They knew the attack must be of some explosive type that a Martial Emperor could achieve, and he couldn't launch another one in a short time.

They were right.

Even if the true body's state had been enhanced, facing four Martial Arts Saints at the same time, he would still be more pressed than when being chased.

"Great Method of Void!"

Jiang Chen's right hand clutched the air. He took the Star Formation Painting back and exerted the unique theurgy together with his practicing body.

CLATTER! Then the two suddenly disappeared. Even the stars in the sky disappeared with them.

The four men who'd rushed at Jiang Chen exchanged looks. They didn't understand what had happened.

If Zhang Tian hadn't died in such a tragic way, they would doubt whether everything had been just an illusion.

"A Martial Emperor with so many skills. Why did he come here alone? That's unbelievable."

They complained vociferously about Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen's performance made them assume he must have a great background.

They just couldn't understand why he was in a place like the Demonic Abyss without any bodyguard.


Leaving these four behind, we head back to Jiang Chen. He and his practicing body, who had both exerted the same unique theurgy, appeared in different places.

"What the h*ll."

Jiang Chen smiled ruefully. He was still not good enough at the Great Method of Void. The practicing body in the Heavenly Palace must work harder.

He knew nothing about the remnants at the moment. He didn't even know where the exit was.

What the true body and the practicing body were seeing was a similar mountain view. Fortunately, they could sense one another's locations.

"Let's meet up first."

Jiang Chen thought of the yard while flying.

It'd been a long time. And he did not see any disturbances created by Tang Zheng. He supposed the latter had died in the yard.

"What on earth is in there?"

Although he knew it was extremely dangerous, Jiang Chen was very curious about the situation inside.

If he hadn't been forced to exert the Great Method of Void, he really would've liked to send his practicing body in to check it out.

"I'm already a Martial Emperor at the peak, but it's still very hard to deal with Martial Arts Saints. The gap between Martial Emperor and Martial Arts Saint is really great."

It was thanks to the Star Formation Painting that he'd been able to kill one and then another Martial Arts Saint.

Jiang Chen certainly wouldn't refuse to use the Star Formation Painting.

He'd managed to illuminate all of the seven stars with his own effort. Strictly speaking, it was part of his strength as well.

However, according to the strict rule of fighting, the Star Formation Painting was forbidden.

However, in the Demonic Abyss, if he could use it, Jiang Chen absolutely wouldn't refuse.

"Oh? Jiang Chen!"

Suddenly, the practicing body ran into a person he hadn't expected to meet again.

Jin Yuan!

He was one of Cao Ze's teammates.

They were both surprised to see one another.

"Weren't you caught?" Jin Yuan asked without thinking.

Even if Jiang Chen hadn't been caught, he shouldn't have found this place.

What Jiang Chen felt was strange was that Jin Yuan was acting alone.

"I was caught. I came here with them and found a chance to escape," said Jiang Chen.

"How did they follow us here?" Jin Yuan looked serious.

"I really don't know."

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders without telling him the obvious answer.

"Senior, why are you alone? Where are the others?"

Jin Yuan was older than Jiang Chen. His attainments were greater than the latter's as well. So, it was reasonable for Jiang Chen to call him senior.

"We separated. Cao Ze is in the other group. I was with Miss Murong and some other people."

Then Jin Yuan looked strange, as if he was afraid of something.

"We entered an architectural complex. A disciple of the Demon Slayers Palace and Left Knife and Right Sword died tragically before we knew what was happening."

"Miss Murong, Miss Xuan Qing, and I ran away and got separated."

What he said sounded very weird. Jiang Chen wouldn't have bought it at all if he hadn't seen that mysterious yard.

"Left Knife and Right Sword are dead?"

Jiang Chen felt pity at the thought of that lovely couple.

"Some dreadful devils seem to be living in those buildings. Once you enter there, you'll die."

Jin Yuan shook his head, also very sad.

"Now that we've met, let's go in together."

Jiang Chen nodded out of instinct, but he turned pale immediately.

He was taken by surprise. Jin Yuan punched him in the chest.

Although he had taken precautions, the energy released by Jin Yuan was beyond imagination, and his bones were all broken in an instant.


Jiang Chen couldn't figure out why Jin Yuan had attacked him.

"Practicing body? D*mn it!"

Jin Yuan noticed that Jiang Chen's body was sometimes solid and sometimes virtual, and it was even flashing, so he realized this fact immediately.

"Why'd you do that?"

Jiang Chen asked before the practicing body had disappeared.

"I'll tell your true body about it."

Jin Yuan curled his lips and then punched him again.

Jiang Chen chose to explode. The furious energy took Jin Yuan by surprise. He was very embarrassed.

"He is insane."

Jin Yuan frowned. Although it was a practicing body, it still required the resolution to die to blow himself up.

Jiang Chen's true body, on his way to meet the practicing body, stopped flying.

"This is getting more complicated."

Ruminating on the situation, he found Jin Yuan's palm force seemed to have a trace of some demon method.

If that was the case, the remnants were not a blessing at all. It was a dangerous place instead.

He should leave, but Xuan Qing was still here.

"Just in case. This is the only thing I can do."

Jiang Chen made up his mind. He eliminated the practicing body in the Heavenly Palace.

When he was able to create practicing bodies again, there would be three of him.

Fortunately, the practicing body had been practicing in the area of conception, so none of his resources had been wasted.


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