The Brilliant Fighting Master
1522 Jin Yuan’s True Colors
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1522 Jin Yuan’s True Colors

Remnants were different from treasures. There would not be a great amount of treasures waiting for people to take.

With remnants, one would need to rely on luck and a good eye in order to find valuable stuff.

Sometimes, a random painting on a wall would contain the law of nature or some profound meaning.

For example, in a practice field for martial arts, some rock used to test power could contain the Will of Sword Doctrine and help people gain insights.

This was also why everything had been taken away in the palace where they had entered the remnant zone.

Since everyone had storage spiritual ware, they could just store everything and discover what it was and organize it after getting back to a resting place.

Jiang Chen's practicing body was flying with Tang Zheng's group. They had not gotten very far when they found an ancient yard on a mountain.

The group landed without hesitation.

"There is a ward, but it's broken."

Tang Zheng was flying in the front. He suddenly found something and changed his direction. He landed outside the gate.

The others all followed him.

"You, stay outside and guard the place. I'll go inside to crack the ward."

Tang Zheng told them. Then he went forward alone. He pushed the door open and walked in.

The others were not happy with this arrangement, but none of them did anything to oppose him.

Jiang Chen realized Tang Zheng was a very greedy person.

There was of course a ward, but it had been out of function for a long time.

At the thought of all the kinds of treasures the Goddess could have left inside, these people were eager to go inside and take a look.

They would have done it if they had not been afraid of Tang Zheng.


To their surprise, the sound of Tang Zheng's scream came from inside. It sounded tragic, as if he had received a deadly punch.

Those staying outside took a step back out of instinct. They did not try to go to his rescue.

They did not think about flying into the air to observe the situation until they had calmed down.

There was a palace right opposite to the gate. Through the open gate, they could sense the disturbances inside.

However, due to their angle, no one could see anything clearly.

Their holy awareness could not see anything from the yard either. It was like a rock that had sunk in the sea.

"What shall we do?"

They looked at each other, no idea what to do.

If it was a crisis that even Tang Zheng could not handle, it would be dangerous for them as well if they went inside.

However, they could not leave without figuring something out.

"You, go inside and take a look."

Soon, they thought of Jiang Chen, who had come here with them.

Zhang Tian yelled, as if he would not allow any room for negotiation.

The others agreed. Jiang Chen was the best man to do it.

He knew Buddhist methods. Neither monsters nor demons could disturb him. More important, even if he died, it would not be a big deal.

Jiang Chen did not move. Gazing at the yard, he remained silent.

"Hey! Did you hear me??" Zhang Tian would be out of patience very soon.

He had complained to himself when he had to chase Jiang Chen, but this was not the most important thing that irritated him about Jiang Chen.

What he liked least about Jiang Chen was the latter's casual manner. He was not behaving like a captive at all.

Over time, Zhang Tian had gotten angrier and angrier with him.

He dashed forward to approach Jiang Chen. Then he extended his hand to give the latter a push.

His hand pressed against Jiang Chen's shoulder hard, so that the latter lost his balance and took a few steps forward.

"The third time."

Jiang Chen said, looking back.

"Huh, what? Will there be a fourth time, a fifth time, and even a 100th time?"

Zhang Tian knew what he meant. He was disdainful.

"This is the last time."

Then Jiang Chen drew out the Red Cloud Sword. He attacked with the fierce Sacred Flame.

Seeing him have the nerve to act, those around were greatly surprised.

Even Zhang Tian himself was surprised. Then he laughed, very thrilled.

"You think you can fight me just because you managed to restrain that Celestial Demonic Emperor?"

Then a giant knife showed up in Zhang Tian's right hand. He attacked with it fast and hard.

The powerful knife attack cut the Sacred Flame in two immediately. Even the blade was damaged.

"A Martial Emperor is just a Martial Emperor."

Shrugging his shoulders and looking toward the others, he said, "I'm going to kill this guy. What do you think?"

Two of the other four had been chasing Jiang Chen with him, and the other two were from the original team.

They did not care about Jiang Chen's fate. Shrugging their shoulders, they did not even speak.


Zhang Tian got excited. He was about to kill Jiang Chen when he had a strong burning feeling on his arm, especially the right hand that was holding the knife.

"What's going on? Isn't his Sacred Flame only effective for demons?"

Recalling the blow exchange, Zhang Tian was confused.

But it was only a burning feeling. He was not hurt, so he did not take it seriously.

"Fast Wind and Mad Knife!"

Zhang Tian was going to get rid of this guy with a single knife attack and take a look at his last facial expression when he was alive. The mere thought of it excited him.

Jiang Chen could in no way resist an all-out knife attack from a Martial Arts Saint.

However, he did not dodge. He switched on the Invincible Golden Body and kept waving the Red Cloud Sword.

If anyone had taken a closer look, it would have been easy to find that every time Jiang Chen used his sword, the Sacred Flame the Red Cloud Sword was emitting was a little different.

When the knife and the sword had struck, a fierce gale extinguished the Sacred Flame.

Jiang Chen lost his balance and started to tumble in the air.

"He's not dead?"

Zhang Tian was greatly surprised. He was surprised by how great Jiang Chen's defense was.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha."

However, he could not expose what he was thinking. He tried to cover his feelings by laughing.

"This is your revenge for the third time?" Zhang Tian asked scornfully.

Jiang Chen steadied himself and wiped blood off the corners of his mouth.

"You are a little stronger than I thought. Now things seem to be more interesting," he said.

Zhang Tian squinted. A cold light flashed in his eyes. He said, "I really don't know what you have in mind. Pretending to be mysterious won't save your life."

"It won't be necessary to deal with you."

Jiang Chen's voice came, but, surprisingly, it came from behind Zhang Tian.

Zhang Tian looked back and saw another Jiang Chen flying over at high speed.

Looking back, Jiang Chen was also in front of him.

"A clone?"

He and the others were all struck dumb.

The other two who had chased Jiang Chen thought of the same thing.

Jiang Chen had suddenly charged down into a dense forest while passing by and then flown into the air again.

They supposed it was then when he had swapped with his practicing body.

Zhang Tian came to understand about this very soon. His facial expression became weird.

Because he knew this Jiang Chen was also just a Martial Emperor in the late stage.

"Are you back to court death?" asked Zhang Tian.

"No. I'm here to kill you."

Jiang Chen's true body was holding the Infinite Sai. Holy thunders growled madly. To Lil Ying's cheer, it adopted the shape of a sword.

Then, his right hand made a gesture of throwing.

Things that looked like stars flew out. Instantly, the sky was scattered with stars.

"The Seven Movements of Sacred Seal: Into the Sword."

At the same time, the practicing body held the Red Cloud Sword high. He grasped the sword handle with both hands and the Sacred Flame flew in.

What was special this time was that the Sacred Flame did not end up on the surface of the blade, but was injected into the blade.

This Doctrine Sword closely connected with fire chimed loudly.

The Buddha's Light the practicing body was emitting also became the color of rose gold.

This was the result of the true body's searching for a way to further exert the Sacred Flame through incessant hunting.

Into the Sword!

It matched his identity as a swordsman perfectly.

"Sword Spirit of Wind and Cloud, Thousand Swords Induce Thunders."

The true body was extraordinary. The Nine Clouds Thunders were at his disposal, waiting to be used by him.


The true body and the practicing body threw their swords at the same time. Buddhism and Taoism turned into one. Two swords turned into one sword!

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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》