The Brilliant Fighting Master
1520 Raining Flowers
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1520 Raining Flowers

Ying Ying's team members were all strong Martial Arts Saints. Originally, there had been 20 people on the team.

But one of them had been killed in the fight.

The dead man seemed to have been a likable person, because Jiang Chen found that many people looked sad now that he was gone. There was hatred in their eyes when they looked at him.

Jiang Chen felt helpless. He recalled that it had been Xia Jiang who had killed the man, but they put the blame on him instead.

Even if he had told them about the relations between Xia Jiang and himself, they would not have believed him.

Fortunately, he had nothing to worry about.

Jiang Chen had landed in the forest to call out his practicing body while escaping.

So, it was actually the practicing body that had been brought to the new team, while the true body was acting alone on the third level.

"Now, let's start to collaborate."

Ying Ying was a decisive man who would carry out what he wanted to do resolutely. He would not expose himself prematurely.

Jiang Chen had no idea about what they wanted yet, because Cao Ze had escaped, and he had no idea where the remnants of the Empyrean Goddess were.

"Hold up."

Jiang Chen suddenly realized Ying Ying and the others were not interrogating him.

This could not be because they trusted his honesty.

It was because they did not care, since they already had some way to figure out the location of the remnants of the Empyrean Goddess.

"They must have done something just now," Jiang Chen thought to himself.

Then he had acted with the team. As to what to do, it did not take him long to figure it out.

He could not believe the team had found a group of demons including Celestial Demonic Emperors!

Celestial Demonic Emperors were much stronger than Great Celestial Demons.

Even the weakest among this group of demons were earth demons. Among human demons there were Human Demonic Kings or Human Demonic Emperors.

"Don't you want to live anymore?"

Celestial Demonic Emperors were just like humans, but they had darker skins and darker eyes.

The Celestial Demonic Emperor was pissed off, because this group of demons led by him was a big source of trouble on the third level. Few people would take the initiative to engage them.

People would only have the nerve to pick a fight with them when they had almost 100 people collaborating.

Ying Ying and the others were strong, but they did not have enough people.

"Heh, heh."

Ying Ying was not interested in wasting time in speaking with the demon. He launched an attack first.

"You are courting death!"

The Celestial Demonic Emperor was irritated. He showed his striking strength to fight Ying Ying.

At the same time, the entire group of demons also joined the battle. They flew over, covering the whole sky.

"Hey, what are you waiting for?"

The three men who had caught Jiang Chen were responsible for guarding him.

One of them was very unhappy with Jiang Chen. He was the one who had tried to teach him a lesson.

He extended his hand again to push Jiang Chen on the shoulder.

"The second time."

Jiang Chen turned around to throw that man a glance.

Before the man could react, Jiang Chen started to read a scripture silently. Then a resplendent Buddha's Light gushed out.

It was needless to mention the speed of that light. It illuminated the world in an instant.

"That's not good!"

The Celestial Demonic Emperor, who had been pissed off, suddenly turned pale. He realized the situation was unfavorable for him, so he was going to run away.

However, that was the moment Ying Ying had been waiting for. Empowered by the Buddha's Light, he killed the Celestial Demonic Emperor with a clutch.

The other demons were also killed by the others in the team.

As the biggest contributor, Jiang Chen did not get any of the demons to kill.

"You've been doing great. Keep it up. Maybe you'll be able to join my team," Ying Ying said, beaming. He was happy that he had killed the Celestial Demonic Emperor easily.

As a captive, Jiang Chen knew this was inevitable, so he said nothing about it.

He was secretly planning to satisfy Ying Ying and the others' greed so that they would become greedier and greedier. In the end, he would sacrifice this practicing body to inflict heavy casualties on them.

However, Ying Ying was pretty cautious. He did not give Jiang Chen many chances.

For the next half-day, Jiang Chen was used as a slave and was treated with rudeness and indifference.

He got to know the general situation of the team pretty well.

Ying Ying was the leader, and he had two deputies.

The one who had insulted Left Knife and Right Sword was called Tang Zheng.

The other one was called Xie Chengchao.

Besides these three, Jiang Chen knew another member's name.

It was Zhang Shan.

He was one of the three men who had chased Jiang Chen. Due to some verbal conflicts, this man did not like Jiang Chen even a little bit.

Especially when he had noticed Ying Ying not paying much attention to Jiang Chen, he had started to provoke Jiang Chen verbally from time to time.


Ying Ying suddenly stopped before finding more demons.

He was waving his closed fists. The others were so nervous that they did not even have the nerve to breathe. They just stayed quiet.

Ying Ying looked like he was listening to some sound that the others could not hear. The expression on his face subtly changed.

"All right. They have stopped."

Then Ying Ying smiled complacently. Looking at Jiang Chen, he said, "Let's go. Let's meet your old friends."

In this way, Jiang Chen knew that he had guessed it right.

Cao Ze and the others were being tracked, and it seemed they had not realized it yet.


In another place, Jiang Chen's true body was strolling.

It was really very dangerous to move around alone on the third level.

Jiang Chen was very careful, as if he were stepping on a thin layer of ice. He was afraid he was making too much noise and was worried that too many demons would be alerted.

He was like one of those most cautious old hunters.

Although he was alone, he did not give up. He was continuing with his task.

He had satisfied more than half of the quota he needed to reach the fourth level.

He had basically finished when he was with Cao Ze and the others.

This was why he had said yes to Murong Yanran in the first place. It was faster indeed.

But certainly being alone also had its advantages.

He was becoming more and more skilled in using the Sacred Flame. And his genuine blood of celestial phoenix was getting purer and purer.

But unfortunately, his Solar Golden Flame was not improving.

Just like the Du Tian Holy Thunder and the Void Divine Wind, this type of energy of the universe could not be generated from nothing. He had to find it first and then absorb it.

He did not have to find the Solar Golden Flame, but any powerful fire energy would work.

Unluckily, he had not seen any fire energy anywhere from the first level to the third level of the Demonic Abyss.

Nevertheless, he had completely mastered the Sky-burning Evil Flame. He was already as good at it as his father had been in his prime.

"Oh? Is it time for a breakthrough?"

The seal was reacting more and more strongly after he had killed a Celestial Demonic King with great effort.

The strength of his state was so strong that it seemed as if the breakthrough would happen at any minute.

"Well, it makes sense."

It did not surprise Jiang Chen much. He had taken great advantage of the Buddha's power. The demons he had killed these last days were more than what Martial Arts Saints could kill in a month.

As a Martial Emperor, his gains were naturally very obvious.

Soon, after eliminating a group of demons with the Sacred Flame, Jiang Chen's state had an official breakthrough.

He unsheathed his sword immediately to get ready for a ko of thunder.

But to his surprise, it was very peaceful in the sky. Not even one ko cloud showed up.

And Jiang Chen had really been a Martial Emperor in the late stage.

"Can the Demonic Abyss even resist the laws of nature?"

Jiang Chen was shocked. He was filled with admiration for the Empyrean Goddess.

The ko of thunder was a way to achieve balance with nature. As a divine body, Jiang Chen could affect the world a lot. That was why he would evoke kos of thunder every time his state had a breakthrough.

No matter whether it was a small breakthrough or a large one, it was always the same.

However, no ko of thunder came now, and it confused Jiang Chen.

All of a sudden, a brilliant glowing sun appeared overhead. Then exotic flowers fell one after another.

"Raining flowers? It's a unique movement of the Empyrean Goddess!"

Jiang Chen was greatly surprised. Although Xuan Qing was not with him, he did know that.

It seemed his killing in the Demonic Abyss had caught the attention of the Mysterious Gate, and it wanted to give him a unique moment.


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