The Brilliant Fighting Master
1519 Failure to Escape
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1519 Failure to Escape

Jiang Chen did not have the time to choose which way to go. He just wanted to go as far away as possible.

The Buddha's power aside, he was only a Martial Emperor. He absolutely could not resist a team composed of Martial Arts Saints.

Fortunately, only those three men were chasing him.

They were all as strong as the black-clothed man he had killed last time.

A bold idea occurred to him suddenly.

Previously, he had been able to use the Star Formation and the practicing body.

Now, however, he had three rivals. Jiang Chen had to plan it well.


On the other hand, Cao Ze and the others who were on the run gathered together soon.

"We must have stayed at that square for too long."

"We caught their attention from the very beginning."

"Maybe we have a traitor among us."

As soon as they met up, they started to complain. Although no great casualties had occurred, everyone felt frustrated.

"I'm sure it's that Jiang Chen who sold us out." Seeing that Jiang Chen was not there, Xia Jiang started to slander him right away.

Murong Yanran's pretty face looked unhappy. It was she who had brought Jiang Chen into the team. Was he implying she was also a traitor?

"In my opinion, it's quite simple. We are just too noticeable," said Jin Yuan.

"I agree."

Cao Ze nodded. He was a suspicious man. This was not a flaw, but it could be a disaster if he was indecisive too.

"Are you going to leave Jiang Chen behind?"

Xuan Qing, who had followed them, simply posed one question.

"The Demonic Abyss is too spacious. Now that we are scattered, it's impossible to relocate him in a short time," Murong Yanran stated the obvious truth.

"He doesn't know the way. So you are fine with that, and are going to keep with the original plan, is that it?" Xuan Qing asked coldly.

Her accusation charged the air with awkwardness.

Those from the Demon Slayers Palace knew this descendant of the Empyrean Goddess had slipped into her old habits again. She was unusually straightforward and would say whatever she wanted to say regardless of the situation.

"We are not responsible for his safety. You can go if you are not happy with us," Xia Jiang said, a little pissed off.

So Xuan Qing got ready to leave.

Murong Yanran stopped her right away. She said, "Even though you want to help, you don't know where he is. So, what can you do if you leave?"

It made sense. Xuan Qing was so busy escaping she hadn't noticed where Jiang Chen had gone.

"Didn't Jiang Chen tell us he'd follow us? I think he'll find a way to catch up with us," Murong Yanran comforted Xuan Qing.

Actually, even she did not believe what she was saying.

She had assumed it was impossible for Jiang Chen to catch up with them.

If he was unlucky, he would die on the third level.

If he was lucky, he would be able to find his way to the teleportation room.

Even though he knew about the remnants of the Empyrean Goddess, he did not know where exactly the remnants were.

However, to her surprise, she persuaded Xuan Qing.

She struggled for a while and then nodded slightly.

Murong Yanran could not understand why she trusted Jiang Chen to such an extent, but she was happy to see Xuan Qing react in this way.


As for Jiang Chen, he was able to keep a distance from those who were chasing him, but he could not get rid of them.

He had planned to take advantage of demons to eliminate those three, just as he had done on the second level.

But unfortunately, that had happened at a secret location that only Xuan Qing knew.

There were no demons awake in this whole area, so he had to keep flying forward.

At the moment, it was very spacious here. Demons just would not appear in groups. Some group that showed up occasionally would just be in his way.

"How long do you think this guy can persist?"

"I suppose 15 minutes at most."

"Heh, heh, I really don't see why he is so confident that he thinks he can run away from three Martial Arts Saints."

The three men who were following him were quite confident. Even though Jiang Chen was insanely fast, as long as they managed to follow him, they did not think there was any big problem.

"No. I can't keep doing this. It won't work."

Obviously, Jiang Chen had realized that too.

All of a sudden, he made up his mind. Seeing a dense forest down below, he charged down and flew into the forest at high speed.

Before the chasers could get down as well, Jiang Chen flew up again from the forest and away.

The three chasers wondered why Jiang Chen had made such an unnecessary effort, but seeing him flying farther on, they also hurried up to keep pace with him.

Soon, Jiang Chen stopped, gasping for air.

"Run! Why don't you run anymore?"

The three chasers kept smiling coldly. They thought Jiang Chen was too exhausted to keep flying.

"By the way, why do you want to catch me?"

Shrugging his shoulders, Jiang Chen really did not think he deserved this. He said, "If I really knew anything, you think they would have retreated like that?"

The chasers exchanged a look. It sounded reasonable to them.

"It makes sense, but it has nothing to do with us chasing you."

"It's our task to take you back. You understand?"

"If you give up resisting, it will save all of us a lot of trouble."

Shrugging his shoulders, Jiang Chen said with a small smile, "You are Martial Arts Saints. I'm only a Martial Emperor. What kind of trouble can I cause you?"

Then he lifted his defenses, as if he was waiting for them to catch him.

"Okay. It's great you know that. You have really wasted a lot of our time."

The three chasers felt relieved, but they also felt angry at the same time. They were not being nice to Jiang Chen at all.

One of them took a step forward to teach Jiang Chen a lesson.

"If your leader wants to collaborate with me, I'll make my decision based on what you do to me."

Jiang Chen spoke to them casually, as calm as always.

The man who was going to give him a beating was struck dumb. He struggled for some time and finally gave up his intention.

He went behind Jiang Chen to give the latter a hard push.

Surrounded by the three men, Jiang Chen was brought back to the mountains where the battle had been fought.

Ying Ying was not surprised at all to see Jiang Chen brought back.

In his opinion, it would be highly unusual if his men had failed to do that.

"If you had collaborated with us in the first place, nothing like this would have happened."

Ying Ying smiled coldly. He said proudly, "Tell me. What's your task? You don't like to suffer from pain, do you?"

"No one likes pain. I'll tell you what I know," said Jiang Chen.

"What's your task?" Ying Ying asked loudly.

"The remnants of the Empyrean Goddess."


Jiang Chen's answer seemed to be magic. It made Ying Ying and the others look shocked.

"Really?!" Ying Ying came up to Jiang Chen. A great pressure dashed toward Jiang Chen to shake him so that he would tell the truth.

"At least that's what the disciples of the Demon Slayers Palace told me."

Jiang Chen answered him calmly, not affected by fear.

"Where are the remnants?"

Ying Ying took a deep breath to calm himself down. Only the excitement in his eyes told the true story.

"I have no idea."

Suddenly, Jiang Chen noticed Ying Ying's hideous look. He added, "If I really knew anything, they would not have left me behind like that."

Ying Ying nodded, seemingly pondering something. Then he said, "Tell me more details."

Jiang Chen did not try to conceal anything. He told Ying Ying all that he knew.

He did not have an obligation to keep the secret for those people, especially after they had abandoned him and left him alone.

"So, you, as a Buddhist disciple, your task was to empower them, wasn't it?"

Ying Ying nodded. He said loudly, "Okay. Listen to me. From now on, you are working with a new group."

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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》