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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1518 Ying Ying

This team had followed them. They had always thought that Jiang Chen and the others must have had some secret.

However, after following them for more than half a day, they had not seen anything special.

Afraid they were following them in vain, they took the initiative to show up. They were going to use Jiang Chen as an excuse to pick a fight.

Cao Ze was wondering what was going on. All the others also looked toward Jiang Chen.

Except Xia Jiang, no one wanted Jiang Chen to leave.

Jiang Chen had been playing an important role on their way so that they had managed to arrive here smoothly. Although there had been threatening situations, it had not really been dangerous for them.

If they had not been with Jiang Chen, the demons they had run into could have made them suffer.

"You want to borrow people here? I think you are trying to pick a fight."

Left Knife behaved just like when he had seen Jiang Chen for the first time. He was very unkind to those people.

"Huh, Left Knife and Right Sword, as brother and sister, you two are in an incestuous relationship. You don't get to speak here!"

Someone in that team knew them. He disclosed their relationship.

Jiang Chen was shocked. He had never expected them to be brother and sister.

Left Knife and Right Sword were irritated. They stared at the man who had spoken with a hideous look.

It was one of the three leaders of the team who had spoken, a middle-aged man with a long beard standing on the right of the Martial Arts Saint.

"We are not biological brother and sister. Nothing is wrong!" Right Knife, who rarely spoke, was a pretty young woman. There was anger in her eyes.

"But still, you two grew up together as brother and sister. That's a fact you can't deny."

The man insisted, as if he had grudge against Left Knife and Right Sword.


The Martial Arts Saint waved his hand to stop the conversation. He flew into the air.

This action alerted Cao Ze and the others. They all showed their weapons one after another.

"You are showing no respect to a senior."

The Martial Arts Saint was white-haired. Even his thick eyebrows were grey and white. His face was very wrinkled.

However, his body was still strong. His back was still straight. Through the light armor on his chest it was even possible to see the outline of his muscles.

Ignoring Cao Ze and the others and looking into Jiang Chen's eyes, he said in a deep voice, "Come to help me. I won't treat you shabbily."

"Is this how you ask people for help?" Jiang Chen asked.

"The Demonic Abyss isn't an ordinary place. I can't stand on ceremony."

Murong Yan came forward. She said, "Senior, we have an urgent task to finish. You've seen how important this Buddhist disciple is to us. Please excuse us."

"Oh? What kind of urgent task? Can you tell me about it?"

The Martial Arts Saint peered at her. He got the point immediately. His voice sounded much colder.

"In this Demonic Abyss, the goal is either to kill demons or to look for the Empyrean Goddess's remnants. More than half of your team members are disciples of the Demon Slayers Palace. If what you wanted were the remnants, you wouldn't have come here."

He sized them up one by one. The whole mountain was shrouded in his strong energy.

"What are you implying?"

Cao Ze knew there was something wrong. It was obvious that the enemy had come prepared.

"Tell us every detail. Maybe we can collaborate."

Relying on their advantage, the Martial Arts Saint asked directly without beating around the bush.

"What if we don't want to collaborate with you?"

Cao Ze answered him in a cold voice.

"Then, we'll beat you until you agree!"

"Delve into Pockets!"

As soon as he had finished speaking, the Martial Arts Saint clutched his fist. His hand looked like a claw.

Wherever the sharp claw clutched, the air was frozen. His powerful strength made it impossible to run away.

"Are you insane? If you want to fight, just fight. Don't use me as an excuse."

Jiang Chen complained to the Martial Saint. That clutching fist came toward him.

This was the second time he had been attacked by a Martial Arts Saint at the peak.

It was Zhang Tian, Sword King of Breeze, the first time.

The thing was he did not have the bronze cauldron with him this time, so there was no way he could resist this attack.

Most important, this man was not only strong. This movement of his, Delve into Pockets, was actually one of the unique movements of the Empyrean Goddess.

This man had evidently stayed in the Demonic Abyss for a long time.

"Senior Ying Ying, you are going too far!"

Cao Ze was not going allow them to take Jiang Chen away. He did not want more people to know about the secret of the Empyrean Goddess's remnants.

A steel spear with meteorite as one of its raw materials appeared in his hand. He flew into the air to crack the enemy's claw method.

He stomped on the ground. Then, after a bang, numerous cracks appeared on the ground under his feet.

A great amount of dust gushed out of the cracks.

A golden dragon with five claws rose from the spear to crack that claw method in an overwhelming way.

Jiang Chen took the chance to retreat to stay out of the affected range.

"You have recognized me. So, you really do have some secret that you can't share with others!"

The failure of the attack did not bother Ying Ying too much. He was paying all of his attention to Cao Ze.

At the same time, Left Knife and Right Hand were fighting the middle-aged man who had insulted them.

The two teams started to fight. It was difficult to tell who had the advantage.

Cao Ze showed signs of losing very quickly. After all, his rival was a veteran Martial Arts Saint at his peak.

Thus, Jin Yuan joined the fight to help Cao Ze.

As for the others, if they were weaker in strength, more people would join in to fill the gap.

"Catch that Buddhist disciple!"

Ying Ying and the others targeted Jiang Chen.

Several Martial Arts Saints went toward Jiang Chen.

"A group of morons."

Jiang Chen was speechless. He was the one who knew the least. However, they were targeting him.

The enemy outnumbered them. Murong Yan and Xuan Qing were both stuck in fights with their rivals.

However, due to his disguise, Xia Jiang had been reserving his strength.

Unaware of that, his rival was fighting very hard.

Seeing Jiang Chen being attacked by three Martial Arts Saints at the same time, Xia Jiang showed a complacent smile.

He was the only one who could help Jiang Chen at that moment, but he surely did not care what would happen to him.

"Retreat. Whoever can't get out of this can only blame his bad luck."

Cao Ze suddenly ordered them, because he had seen something wrong and realized it was almost impossible to keep the secret and leave intact at the same time.


That was exactly what Xia Jiang wanted. He showed his real strength and killed his rival immediately.

Despite their anger, Left Knife and Right Sword also knew the situation was unfavorable for them. They started to retreat while fighting.

Jiang Chen was stuck with the three Martial Arts Saints. His situation was the trickiest.

Xuan Qing wanted to come to his aid, but her rival did not allow her to. He left some wounds on her while she was distracted.

"Don't worry about me. Go with them. I'll catch up with you."

Jiang Chen noticed this and shouted at her.

TUT! TUT! TUT! "You are still able to care about others at this moment."

The three who were attacking him smiled, as if they were three cats who were playing with a mouse.

They wanted to catch him alive. Otherwise, they did not think Jiang Chen, a Martial Emperor, would still be alive.

"You think you can stop me if I want to go?"

Jiang Chen was more arrogant than they were. He looked disdainful.


The three were pissed off. They were going to launch a serious attack to catch Jiang Chen.

To their surprise, a wind caused by a sword blew up, and Jiang Chen fled like a flowing light.

"That speed? Can a Martial Emperor be so fast?"

The three looked at each other. They had not achieved the law of speed yet.

"Catch up with him! Don't come back if you can't!"

Ying Ying ordered the three. He was pissed off seeing the enemy run away.

No matter how much Jiang Chen knew, the latter's identity as a Buddhist disciple was already worth the effort.

"Let me see what kind of surprise you'll give me."

Ying Ying smiled coldly, looking into the direction where Cao Ze and others had escaped.

He was not as stupid as Jiang Chen thought he was. He had done all this intentionally to alert the enemy.

He had taken the chance to leave some tracking devices on those people.


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