The Brilliant Fighting Master
1513 Part God, Part Taoist, and Part Buddhis
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1513 Part God, Part Taoist, and Part Buddhis

When Jiang Chen looked at the woman's eyes, he found them quite familiar. If she had been a man, she would have been exactly the same as his senior brother from his previous life, Xu.

"The last time I met a Buddhist School disciple was two years ago, and now I have gotten to meet one today. It's really a rare occurrence." The woman didn't mention the great celestial demon, she just spoke bluntly, "My name is Murong Yanran, and I'm a core disciple of the Demon Slayer Palace. Xuan Qing is my intimate friend."

Jiang Chen clearly noticed that when the woman introduced herself, she emphasized this last point.

"I'm not wholly a Buddhist School disciple..."

Jiang Chen wasn't restricted by any status, and he could be considered part God, part Taoist, and part Buddhist.

"I'm just me," he said to himself.

"I guess you're not wholly a Buddhist School disciple, as you're not bald," Murong Yanran said and smiled unmaliciously as she tried to get close to him.

Afterward, Murong Yanran noticed that the people in the vicinity were all injured, especially General Numa, whose injuries were the most severe.

"Let's go to the teleportation room before we discuss anything else. This place isn't safe."

No one had any objection to this, as they all felt as if they had walked at death's door. They really needed a place where they could recuperate. The teleportation room was the most suitable place. It was a room left behind by the Empyrean Goddess. This was why demons didn't dare to approach it.

Murong Yanran explained something to the Demon Slayer Palace disciples who had come with her, before she led Jiang Chen and the others to the teleportation room.

"We could actually go there by ourselves," Xuan Qing said softly.

Everyone in the Demon Slayer Palace had assumed that Xuan Qing had a reclusive and ice-cold character, and there was really a justified reason behind this as even when Xuan Qing faced her close friend, she still acted coldly.

However, Murong Yanran didn't care about this, and she said with a smile, "I'm not just escorting you there. You came here with great difficulty, and we surely must travel together."

It turned out that Murong Yanran wanted to stay with Xuan Qing.

Xuan Qing found herself in an awkward situation, and she cast a glance at Jiang Chen out of the corner of her eye.

"We want to go to the fourth level to save the Monster Clan's Young Sovereign," Xuan Qing spoke in a low voice that could be heard only by the two of them.

"Have you gone crazy?" Murong Yanran was shocked, and she stopped flying.

It was only when the other people looked at Murong Yanran weirdly that she continued flying forward calmly.

"The Demon Slayer Palace has restrained the topmost three levels' demons for the Sovereign Road event held here. But soon they will move in the opposite direction. The restraints have already started to disappear, and the demons have become even more crazy than usual. A great celestial demon has even appeared on the second floor."

It was obvious that Murong Yanran didn't want Xuan Qing to go to the fourth level, and she stated what anyone would say in such a situation.

"Moreover, that Monster Clan's Young Sovereign has already gone crazy, and before he went into the fourth level, he inflicted heavy injuries upon senior brother Haoran and other disciples who were with him, who were in the third floor's teleportation room."

It was forbidden to go to the fourth level, and this was why the third floor's teleportation room was guarded by the Demon Slayer Palace's strongest disciples such as senior brother Haoran, who had been mentioned previously.

However, even this guy couldn't block a single attack from the claw of the Monster Clan's Young Sovereign, and he was knocked out.

"You can set your mind at ease about this," Xuan Qing said. She still hadn't agreed to travel along with Murong Yanran, and that was why she didn't have to explain anything.

SIGH! Murong Yanran understood this, and that was why she became quite anxious.

After a short while, the crowd reached the teleportation room, and the Demon Slayer Palace disciples let them enter because they had the two women, Xuan Qing and Murong Yanran, with them.

"Jiang Chen, thanks aren't enough for this great favor. I'm Chen Haonan, and, if you need any help later, you just go ahead and look for me."

The people who had come with Jiang Chen expressed their thanks to him, before they separated and traveled on alone.

Jiang Chen nodded to them in response, before he looked at General Numa and the stupid woman and walked toward them.

"What do you want to do?"

The stupid woman was more afraid of Jiang Chen than of Du Yongbo. She got scared when she saw him walking toward her.

Jiang Chen didn't pay any attention to her, and he went directly up to General Numa. He took a look at his eyes and examined them.

"If you don't treat them in time, you will lose your sight forever," Jiang Chen said.

General Numa's expression changed, and he quickly responded in a deep voice, "I am sorry to trouble you with this."

After General Numa spoke, he loosened his guard and sat down in front of Jiang Chen.

"You are quite straightforward," Jiang Chen praised him before he started treating him.

Jiang Chen had a favorable impression of General Numa because he was a good man with an iron will, and he deserved respect and esteem.

There wasn't any suspense about the outcome due to Jiang Chen's exquisite and brilliant medical techniques. General Numa's injuries quickly recovered, and he also recovered his sight.

"Many thanks!" Gratitude and respect were apparent on General Numa's face, which usually wore an ice-cold look.

Jiang Chen was just a youngster, but he had showed an outstanding performance when they faced danger, and even an old man like him wasn't as good as Jiang Chen.

These two men were simpatico, and they resembled one another.

Afterward, General Numa stretched his hand into his Spirit Storage artifact and was about to take something from it. But his movements quickly stiffened, and an odd look appeared on his face. He had already given all his Divine Dragon Badges to Du Yongbo and didn't have any better object to give Jiang Chen as a repayment.

"I have saved you only because I appreciated your loyalty. But I still hope that you can differentiate between foolish loyalty and true loyalty and bravery."

After Jiang Chen spoke, he walked toward Xuan Qing without turning his head back.

General Numa realized those words' significance. The corners of his mouth curled upward and revealed a faint and helpless smile.

Later, Jiang Chen and Xuan Qing rushed up to the third floor, while Murong Yanran insisted on following them.

Du Yongbo and his sole remaining teammate stayed on the second floor, and they would later make other plans for themselves.

If one teleported into the third floor, one wouldn't appear at a random location, but would be directly teleported to the next floor's teleportation room.

"The third floor is quite dangerous, and if the teleportation was random, people would end up killed before realizing what was going on. The Empyrean Goddess must have given consideration to this, and this is why she set up the teleportation destination's next to the teleportation room," Xuan Qing said.

Jiang Chen also felt like this was the case, and as he observed this region, he discovered that there were many people in the plaza next to the teleportation room. Those must be the people who had hurried to complete their mission while Jiang Chen and the others were stranded in the demonic domain.

If one counted those people cursorily, one would discover that their number reached 100.

They weren't leaving hurriedly, but assembling here. It was unknown what they were discussing.

"They have all come to the third floor. But no one had considered going to the fourth floor. These people can be divided into three categories according to their objectives."

Murong Yanran discerned Jiang Chen's thoughts, and she dispelled his doubts.

"Well?" Jiang Chen looked curiously at her.

"The first category that comprises most of them is people who came here to train. They will strive hard to kill many demons in a single month."

"The second category is people who want to leave their names on the Demon Slayer List and get the Empyrean Goddess's lost techniques."

"As for the third category, it is made up of people who believe that there are ancient ruins or inheritances left by the Empyrean Goddess in the Demonic Abyss."

Murong Yanran was a disciple of the Demon Slayer Palace, and she managed to sum up everything well.

"Does the Demonic Abyss have the Empyrean Goddess's remnants, or is that just a piece of fake news released by your Demon Slayer Palace to attract people here?" Jiang Chen asked bluntly.

"People have varied opinions about this matter," Murong Yanran said as she revealed a faint smile.

Murong Yanran had managed to discern through their previous brief conversation that Jiang Chen was the leader, and this was why she said, "Let's cooperate. If you have my help, you will manage to get to the fourth level quicker."

When Jiang Chen heard her utter their objective, he realized that Xuan Qing must have informed her of it.

"What do you want to get?" Jiang Chen didn't believe that someone would take risks for no reason.

"A Buddhist School disciple."

Murong Yanran smiled mysteriously and said, "I belong to the third category of people. So, you understand what I mean, don't you?"

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen was startled.

The third category of people had come here for the Empyrean Goddess's remnants.


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