The Brilliant Fighting Master
1512 Demon Slayer Horn
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1512 Demon Slayer Horn

The princess still hadn't come back to her senses. The others were cheerful because they had managed to survive, but her heart was still filled with shock.

She was still dumbfounded by the sight of Jiang Chen using a Worldly Dharmic Idol and slapping to death the Great Celestial Demon.

It was only when the woman faced Du Yongbo that she came back to her senses.

"What, what do you want to do?" She was slightly flustered.

General Numa had sustained heavy injuries and lost his sight. It was difficult for him to even protect himself.

"Aren't you fond of showing off? Don't you think that you are quite clever?" Du Yongbo closed in on the woman step by step like a hungry tiger. No one could discern what he wanted to do.

"If you hadn't blocked our way, my brothers wouldn't have died."

When the last words echoed out, a murderous aura emanated from Du Yongbo, and it scared the princess greatly.

As a matter of fact, both sides' realm levels were almost the same. But the princess was scared by Du Yongbo's imposing manner.

"How, how could I have known it?" She was aware that she had made a mistake, and she couldn't refute this. But her attitude didn't change much from before.

Du Yongbo clenched his teeth and charged over without regard to anything.

She was scared by this. She didn't know what she should do.

At this crucial juncture, General Numa rushed over. His sight still hadn't recovered, and he had depended upon his ears to discern Du Yongbo's path. He put his hand in front of the princess and said, "Friend, please leave it at this."

"For what reasons?" Du Yongbo gnashed his teeth. He could dispose of General Numa at this moment. But he didn't want to attack him.

"Just do it for my sake. I made an all-out effort to obstruct the Great Celestial Demon and gained enough time for you. Please don't bother with her," General Numa understood where the issue lay.

Du Yongbo was slightly moved. If General Numa hadn't obstructed the enemy for several minutes, Jiang Chen wouldn't have gotten the chance to achieve a breakthrough, and they would have all died in the demonic domain.

However, as long as he recalled that his several brothers had once had an opportunity to escape and leave, he found himself unable to accept this.

"Princess, apologize to him," General Numa said softly.

Everything should be handled separately. The other people got a chance to be rescued because Jiang Chen and Wolf Tooth Team stayed here.

If the princess hadn't obstructed the Wolf Tooth Team at first, then no one would owe someone anything due to General Numa's previous actions.

"I won't apologize," the princess became more confident because she was behind General Numa, being protected by him.

But when she had heard the General's words, her expression had changed. She wasn't as bold and confident as before, but she still couldn't condescend to do such an action.

"You!" Du Yongbo's eyes shone with a ferocious glint, and he nearly couldn't stop pulling out his blade.

Jiang Chen who was behind him didn't try to obstruct him. If Du Yongbo really wanted to kill her, he wouldn't raise any objections.

"I will offer my apologies to your teammates on behalf of the Xia Clan's imperial family, and those three Divine Dragon Badges can be considered a token of my regard," General Numa spoke and sighed to himself. He had to deal with this matter by himself!

"Divine Dragon Badges?"

Everyone was startled, and even the princess was startled.

"General Numa, what are you doing?" The princess felt slightly apologetic. She was clearly aware of the Divine Dragon Badges' value, and she couldn't help but struggle inwardly because General Numa had had to pay such a great price for her actions.

Du Yongbo's anger cooled down. Even when he was at the peak of his anger, he was still hesitant to kill the princess, because then he would have had to dispose of General Numa, and, if this Titled Martial Artist recovered his power, it would be him who would die.

Now, when Du Yongbo saw a Titled Martial Artist take this approach, he looked at the Divine Dragon Badges and said to himself, "Even if my three brothers risked their lives and did their utmost, they wouldn't have managed to get even a single Divine Dragon Badge. If I accept the badges and take them back to their relatives, it will better for them than being left with nothing."

Thereupon, Du Yongbo accepted the Divine Dragon Badges and took them.

Jiang Chen witnessed that the dispute was settled in this way and he didn't say anything. He respected Du Yongbo's choice.

If it were him, he would surely have killed the princess without any hesitation. But he still wouldn't harm General Numa.

Moreover, if General Numa wanted to take revenge later, Jiang Chen would just let him come at him.

"Jiang Chen!"

It was at this moment that Xuan Qing rushed over from a distant place with her face filled with anxiety. It wasn't difficult for her to discern from the outside how terrible had been the encirclement, and she had managed to guess that the person manipulating it was surely a Great Celestial Demon.

She didn't want Jiang Chen to die, and she was all along looking for a solution. She even used the Demon Slayer Horn that was an object distinctive of the Demon Slayer Palace disciples.

The scariest matters in the Demonic Abyss were the encirclements, and, once one ended up encircled by demons, one would be in dire straits. This was why all Demon Slayer Palace disciples had a bugle horn for asking for help

Once the horn was used, all the fellow disciples in the vicinity would hear it, and they would rush over to the rescue. They would then cooperate and coordinate with each other to tear apart the encirclement.

However, Jiang Chen had managed to break free before the rescue team arrived here.

"A Great Celestial Demon?"

When Xuan Qing heard about what had happened inside, she was shocked greatly because she knew well that the appearance of a Great Celestial Demon on the second level wasn't any different than a disaster.

Once one appeared, all the people on the second level would be sent to a refuge house, while the Demon Slayer Palace would dispatch people to get rid of it.

"Was it killed by him?"

Xuan Qing looked at General Numa who had sustained heavy injuries. She assumed that it was this Titled Martial Artist who had killed the Great Celestial Demon.

When Xuan Qing found out who had actually killed the Great Celestial Demon, a spectacular expression appeared on her beautiful face. She had once seen Jiang Chen fighting, and she knew that he was from a Buddhist School. But she still didn't expect that he was able to kill a Great Celestial Demon within his own domain.

"I'm someone who wants to go to the fourth level," Jiang Chen said as he smiled upon seeing her reaction.

"You are really able to bring people nice surprises all the time," Xuan Qing grinned and looked at Jiang Chen with her shining gaze.

"Isn't this the Empyrean Goddess's descendant?"

When the people in the vicinity observed the looks of these two people chatting, they realized that they had a close relationship. Once they ascertained the woman's status, many of them were surprised.

But, as they gave this matter careful consideration, they realized that with Jiang Chen's previously outstanding performance, he was really a good match for the Empyrean Goddess's descendant.

The one who had the most complex emotions about this matter was the princess, and it was because she had discovered that she had underestimated Jiang Chen too much.


When Jiang Chen was about to rush toward this floor's teleportation room, he discovered that an intense reaction emanated from the Mysterious Seal in his body.

Vigorous energy flowed into his body. It flowed through his Nine Clouds Holy Veins and transmitted to his whole body.

Jiang Chen quickly realized that those were his gains from killing the Great Celestial Demon. He had depended upon his Buddhist Power to kill the demon, and the corresponding reward was quite shocking for a late-stage Martial Emperor like him.

Jiang Chen had just reached the Martial Emperor Realm's late stage recently, and such a reward helped his cultivation power raise up to another level.

At this moment, seven or eight people rushed over from a distant place, and they were all Demon Slayer Palace disciples.

"Has it come to an end?"

When they discovered that there wasn't anything going on, they were surprised, and they got slightly angry. "Since you could deal with it, why did you blow the Demon Slayer Horn?"

The team's female leader shouted angrily before she took a clear look at the people here. It was obvious that she had a high status in the Demon Slayer Palace.

"Junior sister Xuan Qing?"

When that female leader noticed Xuan Qing, her eyes lit up, and the irritation apparent on her face disappeared, while she revealed a delightful smile.

Upon witnessing this sight, all the people here couldn't help but roll their eyes at her, while they thought inwardly, "Beauty's charm is effective even on women."

It turned out that the leader was a woman with a tall stature and pretty face, and she went toward Xuan Qing cordially.

"A Great Celestial Demon? Is it true?"

Upon understanding what had happened, the woman was startled greatly.

When the people next to her gave her some hints, her charming eyes looked at Jiang Chen who was sitting next to Xuan Qing.

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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》