The Brilliant Fighting Master
1511 Worldly Dharmic Idol
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1511 Worldly Dharmic Idol

There weren't any shock waves caused by the collision of energies, and the long blade formed by the demonic bats was extinguished quietly. It disappeared like a shadow exposed to the sun.

Everyone became very excited because they figured out that Jiang Chen had achieved a breakthrough just before the confrontation, and his Buddhist Power level had risen.

"God doesn't want us to die."

They had all been through so many ups and downs, and most people couldn't stand this any longer.

Jiang Chen took a step forward. He had a natural Doctrine Method, and he still retained a certain connection with the world even though he was within a Demonic Domain.

"Why is it like this?" The Great Celestial Demon couldn't understand what had happened.

Buddhist Power was deep and immeasurable, and it possessed restrictive effects against evil and demonic beings. But it still couldn't give one any advantage against normal enemies.

However, this was because Jiang Chen's mastery had still been at a superficial level. If he could get the Buddhist Power to become able to affect ordinary people, then it would be even more effective at dealing with evil beings.

Now, Jiang Chen had achieved this, and he had fused perfectly the Solar Golden Flame along with the Sky-burning Evil Flame and the Holy Seal.

For the past few years, Jiang Chen had always had an advantage in the fire field due to his Celestial Phoenix's genuine bloodline. However, this advantage had never been as great as it was now.

What the Great Celestial Demon couldn't understand was how Jiang Chen had achieved it in such a short time. He hadn't gone through any great changes. So, how did he achieve such a great advancement?

The Great Celestial Demon became angrier and angrier because he couldn't understand this matter. He abhorred Jiang Chen's aura from the bottom of his heart, and the only reason he had planned at first to leave Jiang Chen until the end was that he wanted to slowly torture him to death.

But it seemed now that that had been a grave mistake.

"A Horse Jumping Between the Poles."

At this moment, General Numa seized his chance and launched an ultimate technique while the Great Celestial Demon was still distracted.

"Demonic Armor!" The Great Celestial Demon snorted coldly, while smoke-like demonic energy erupted out of his body and turned his long robe into a black armor.

The fighting prowess of the fully armored Great Celestial Demon rose again.

General Numa's fist didn't even manage to approach the demon, and his aura became weaker when he was engulfed by the demonic energy. He felt a sharp pain in his eyes, and he ended up losing his sight temporarily.

"Die!" The Great Celestial Demon decided to finish him off.

When the demon waved his blade, terrifying energy erupted out of it. It possessed a demon's distinctive destructive power, and even if General Numa's heavy armor hadn't been destroyed, he still wouldn't have been able to take this strike.

"No!" The princess's mind was convulsed, while her face turned as pale as paper. She covered her mouth with her hand, while her eyes became filled with fright and panic.

Just as General Numa was about to suffer a miserable death, a great shining golden hand struck the blade energy and extinguished it.

"I have been waiting for you," The Great Celestial Demon cast a sideways glance at the other person, while his demonic blade whistled. Its whistle was like a malicious spirit's cry, and it made people's minds descend into panic.

"There isn't any distinction between good and evil when it comes to a demonic blade's practice."

This blade strike was even more ferocious than the one he had used on General Numa, while Jiang Chen was only a late-stage Martial Emperor. He seemed as if he was in a dangerous situation!

"Any power is inevitably linked to one's body as a foundation, and you are still too weak," the Great Celestial Demon sneered coldly. He was confident about killing this Buddhist School disciple within his own demonic domain.

"It's a pity that you haven't yet surpassed my upper limit."

"Worldly Dharmic Idol: Dharmic Idol of the World!" Jiang Chen wasn't afraid of the demonic blade, and he shouted loudly.

The holy and boundless Buddhist Power scattered the demonic power's aura that engulfed this land, and everyone could feel a warm and comfortable feeling enveloping them. The only exception was the Great Celestial Demon.

The Buddhist Radiance spread quickly like a tide, and the whole demonic domain quickly turned into a golden world, while Jiang Chen's body became bigger.

At first, there were several hundred yards between him and the ground, but, in a short while, his feet grew bigger until they reached the ground and stamped it.

Moreover, his upper body still hadn't reached its upper limit, and it was becoming bigger and taller.

After a short while, Jiang Chen reached the dome of the sky, and the blood-red dome of the sky was pressed against his hand. When he came in contact with it, the blood-red dome started disappearing like melting ice.

"The demonic domain has been broken!" There was someone who noticed this matter before the others, and he couldn't help but cry out.

Some of those people wanted to quickly escape, but they soon realized that there wasn't any need to do so.

After the Great Celestial Demon lost the demonic domain's assistance, his blade had only managed to leave a faint mark on Jiang Chen's body.

"A Dharmic Idol? And it's still a worldly Dharmic Idol. How is this possible?"

It was obvious that the Great Celestial Demon had an understanding of Buddhism and understood what a Dharmic Idol implied.

There were many kinds of Dharmic Idols, and they were identified according to the Buddhist Will of the Buddhist School disciples. It was similar to a person's Martial Soul. Every Martial Soul's power depended on the user's overall skill.

According to the Great Celestial Demon's knowledge, only people in a Buddhist Chief's position in Buddhist Schools could get a Worldly Dharmic Idol.

But Jiang Chen still hadn't taken the tonsure. So, why was it possible for him to get a great Buddhist Will?

The Great Celestial Demon couldn't understand this matter, and he was also aware that this wasn't a suitable time to try to fathom this.

The demonic domain was broken, and he clearly knew what this meant.

"You will become everyone's target in the Demonic Abyss," the Great Celestial Demon left behind these fierce words, before he turned around and started escaping.

This was the first time that the Great Celestial Demon had revealed his speed, and the crowd discovered in surprise that he was quicker than lightning.

"Can you escape?"

"Tathagata Divine Palm!"

The giant-like Jiang Chen didn't bother with chasing the Great Celestial Demon. He just thrust his palm at him. Everything in a 100-mile radius was within his reach due to his body's great size.

Even if the Great Celestial Demon had been quicker, he still wouldn't have managed to run away from the scope of Jiang Chen's eyes.

The palm burning with golden holy flames fell down.

The Great Celestial Demon turned pale with fright. He didn't need to raise his head to understand what this implied.

"Why? Were you previously hiding your power on purpose? This shouldn't be so, it shouldn't be possible!"

Even at this moment, the Great Celestial Demon still wanted to get an answer for his doubts. However, no matter how rich his imagination was, he still couldn't imagine that at this same moment there was another Jiang Chen in a private room in the Seventh Realm.


Jiang Chen, who seemed relieved of a heavy burden, extended his hand to take down the Buddhist Relics.

"As expected of Buddhist Relics."

If Jiang Chen didn't have these Buddhist Relics, he would have had to spend a long time to achieve what he wanted. He did make progress in his study of the Great Solar Scripture by depending upon the Buddhist Relics.


Returning to the main topic, the story continued. The Great Celestial Demon was slapped by the giant palm, and a whole mountain was flattened along with him.

The Great Celestial Demon was pressed down on the ground and burned to death by the divine palm's holy flames.

"He died! He was slapped to death like a fly!"

The crowd was startled. They had assumed that a spectacular battle between a Buddha and a demon would occur. Yet it seemed now that their imaginations had run wild.

As they mulled this over, they realized that the outcome was quite reasonable. The Great Celestial Demon, who had lost his demonic domain, had lost his greatest support, and they didn't even need Jiang Chen to deal with him, as even General Numa in his peak state was able to kill the Great Celestial Demon.

However, it was obvious that if Jiang Chen hadn't used his skill to break the demonic domain, everything would have ended in a much different way.

Afterward, the Buddhist Light was retracted, and Jiang Chen's body returned to its normal size.

"Jiang Chen!" Du Yongbo was the first person to come up to him. His expression seemed filled with excitement. Anyone who had made a narrow escape from death would be in this state.

Jiang Chen nodded at him with a gloomy look. Three members of the Wolf Tooth Team had died a while ago.

"If I had achieved a breakthrough earlier, the others wouldn't have died," Jiang Chen spoke helplessly.

"What are you saying? If you hadn't achieved a breakthrough, we would have all died here."

Du Yongbo wasn't a person who would bite the hand that fed him, and he was aware that Jiang Chen had done his best. Moreover, Jiang Chen wasn't stranded here in the beginning. He had entered of his own free will to save them.

"If we have to blame someone, we should blame a certain opinionated woman."

However, this didn't mean that Du Yongbo wasn't aggrieved, and his ferocious gaze looked at the princess, who still felt panicky.


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