The Brilliant Fighting Master
1508 Demonic Domain
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1508 Demonic Domain

If they wanted to pass through the tunnel, they had to walk around a corner, and, just as the group was about to pass there, it became distorted with waves.

"Charge through it quickly!"

The tunnel had been formed by demons, and it could be changed by them any time they wanted. The controller in the dark wouldn't leave them any opportunities. He wanted them to descend into utter despair.

However, it was fortunate that Jiang Chen and the 20-odd people all released their power at the same time. They passed through the tunnel before it closed, and, just as it closed, countless demons pounced at it.


A fist energy full of destruction hit before Jiang Chen and the others attacked, and many demons were turned into blood fog by it.

Afterward, they saw the heavily armed man walking over along with the woman.

"As expected of a Titled Martial Artist," all the people present couldn't help but sigh with emotion.

"Do you know how amazing we are?" The stupid woman enjoyed the crowd's reaction. She was quite pleased with herself.

"I wonder what your brain is made of?" Jiang Chen asked.

"Are you seeking death?" The woman glared at him angrily. She had never met a person as loathsome as Jiang Chen.

"We will have a higher chance to leave successfully by cooperating," the heavily armed man said.

"You should then make her shut her mouth properly."

"Why are you so full of yourself? Do you really think that you are so skilled?" the woman shouted.

The heavily armed man frowned, but he didn't reprimand her or restrain her.

"It seems as if there isn't any way for us to cooperate," Jiang Chen said, as he shrugged his shoulders and took the other people with him as he continued proceeding onward.

"Who needs you?" The woman snorted coldly and disdainfully.

The tunnel wasn't filled with demons, and it seemed like a whole new dimension with a blood-red sky and a ground filled with countless white bones.

"Have we gotten out?" The crowd was taken aback, and they couldn't help but rejoice.

"No, we have walked into their trap," Jiang Chen's expression was solemn, and his hand was on his sword's hilt.

"This is a Demonic Domain, which can only be set up and created by an Earth Demon Emperor.

"An Earth Demon Emperor isn't scary, but the important thing is that an Earth Demon Emperor with a domain usually has four Earth Demon Kings, 108 earth demons, and 999 Human Demon Emperors with him to aid him."

As these words echoed out, those troops appeared in their lines of sight.

"The Demonic Domain's demonic energy will raise their fighting prowess, and it will also raise their life force's intensity. It will be quite difficult to kill them."

The crowd was aware that a bitter battle was inevitable. But it didn't make them descend into despair like the previous great army of demons they had faced. They had now a glimmer of hope!

"Kill him, and I will allow you to leave."

All of a sudden, a vigorous voice echoed in the Demonic Field, and it possessed boundless demonic power. Even though the person didn't show himself, the crowd still realized that he was referring to Jiang Chen.

"Ha, ha, ha, you deserve well this stroke of bad luck," the stupid woman couldn't help but rejoice in Jiang Chen's misfortune, and she waited for the people in Jiang Chen's group to start massacring each other.

If she hadn't been aware of General Numa's character, she would have also gone there to attack Jiang Chen.

However, what bewildered the woman was that no one attacked Jiang Chen.

"Do you think that everyone is as stupid as you?"

It was Du Yongbo that spoke this time, and he spoke in mockery, "Since the Earth Demon Emperor want us to dispose of Jiang Chen, it's obvious that he can pose a threat to him, and, if we had really killed him, would a demon fulfill his promise?"

Du Yongbo stated an argument that was so simple that it couldn't be any simpler. Yet, it still left the woman at a loss for words, and she couldn't think of anything to answer back.

"Is he wary and afraid of a late-stage Martial Emperor? What kind of joke are you trying to crack?" The woman wasn't willing to accept this and admit her mistake.

However, her words still provoked the crowd's curiosity, and this was the case for even Jiang Chen himself.

Jiang Chen recalled the restless feeling he had had previously while breaking through the encirclement. It was probably because the controller detected his Buddhist Power.

"Let's fight!" Jiang Chen unsheathed his sword. He had to kill those small fries, because the Earth Demon Emperor didn't want to show himself.

Jiang Chen had once met an Earth Demon King, and it had been quite thorny. It was fortunate that there were only four of them here.

However, what was important was that there were still 108 earth demons and 999 Human Demon Emperors here. The most terrifying trait of the Demonic Abyss's demons was their large numbers.

"Charge at them!"

There weren't any cowards among the people daring to come to the Demonic Abyss, and they attacked the demons, one after another.

The heavily armed man smiled, while his black eyes looked for something, and they emitted a radiance that was able to penetrate even the void.

After a short while, the heavily armed man had managed to lock onto the Earth Demon Emperor's aura. If one wanted to conquer a bandit group, one must first capture their king. The heavily armed man knew such a principle well.

The issue was that he still had to protect the willful, stupid woman, and he didn't dare to make an all-out effort.

"Let's first dispose of the small fries."

Thereupon, the heavily armed man targeted the four Earth Demon Kings. He was confident he could deal with them without endangering the woman's safety.

"It's more difficult to kill demons here."

"Even if their heads are chopped off, they still can move around. They are like cockroaches."

At first, the crowd fought fiercely and intensely. But casualties rarely appeared on both sides. The reason behind this was that all the people stranded here were skilled, and it was difficult to kill the demons.

Jiang Chen also discovered that his raging flames' destructive power was weaker here than in the outside world by much.

But it was fortunate that the demons weren't really immortal, and the numerous Human Demon Emperors suffered disastrous casualties because more than 20 Martial Saints were here.

Moreover, the heavily armed man performed well and that boosted their morale, and he managed to turn the four Earth Demon Kings into ashes in a single minute.

It seemed now that as long as they found the Earth Demon Emperor, everything would soon be okay.

"Do you get it? As long as General Numa is here, you won't be of any use."

Upon witnessing everything that had passed, the woman became pleased with herself, and she started shouting at Jiang Chen again.

In the end, all the demons were destroyed, while the stranded people didn't suffer any casualties. But they were still exhausted.

"It's nothing serious. After we find the Earth Demon Emperor, we will surely teach him a lesson."

It seemed as if they all saw hope for the victory, and they found dealing with the Demonic Domain easier than dealing with what was outside.

But it was a pity that despair quickly started engulfing them, and the reason was that the four Earth Demon Kings, 108 earth demons, and 999 Human Demon Emperors reappeared in their lines of sight.

It was as if the previous massacre of demons had just been an illusion.


They went into a daze for a long while, until someone cursed.

Some of them weren't able to go through this exhausting ordeal once again.

"If it was easier than what is outside, the Demonic Domain would become quite useless. Let's continue fighting intensely, as such repetition will only occur for one more time," Jiang Chen said.

"Will it occur again?"

Many people felt utter despair and realized that casualties would be unavoidable. But what was still unknown was whether they would be among the people who would die.

"Hey, it's you who has brought us here. Yet your function is only limited to this? You can only speak with your mouth." The woman wouldn't let go of any opportunity to deliver a blow to Jiang Chen, and she spoke in mockery.

"First, I didn't bring you here, and, second, you will quickly get to see what's what," Jiang Chen said as he cast a glance at her. Then he spoke to everyone, "When we start fighting, don't leave the 1,000-yard radius around me."

"What? Do you want us to become your shields?" The woman spoke in mockery again.

"Even if you don't speak, no one will take you for a mute," Du Yongbo scolded her.

Despite everything, the second round of the battle started.

The people who had followed Jiang Chen here still held their hope in him, and they followed the Wolf Tooth Team. They all stayed within a 1,000 yards of Jiang Chen.

"Buddhist Light Illumination!" Jiang Chen took a deep breath and raised his hands high. It seemed as if he wanted to lift the dome of the sky with his hands.

Dazzling Buddhist Light emanated from Jiang Chen's body.


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