The Brilliant Fighting Master
1507 Titled Martial Artis
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1507 Titled Martial Artis

Innumerable demons formed a thick wall. However, they didn't just stand there idly, but crazily tried attacking all the people.

There were still more than 20 people here who were sealed off completely from all directions, while their free space was shrinking rapidly.

"I really want to see who can obstruct someone such as me, Tian Huojun."

At this critical juncture, there was someone who couldn't keep his calm and wanted to break through the demons' encirclement. He wanted to rush out forcefully.

The reason why he hadn't done so previously was that he still believed that there was a way out. It was only now that he had realized that the way out was a road to death. If Jiang Chen had asked those people once again to break through the encirclement from the southeastern direction, they surely wouldn't have hesitated now.

But it was a pity that opportunity only knocks once.

Tian Huojun's power wasn't low. He was an intermediate-stage Martial Saint. He had grasped a certain Alien Flame, but he didn't have its main source. He could turn into a fireball able to melt even steel, so he charged fiercely into the demons.

The place where he charged had a large number of human demons, as well as some Human Demon Kings, and their bodies started burning before they even came in contact with the fireball. They screamed miserably while they burned.

Ha, ha, ha!

Tian Huojun laughed complacently, while the others were encouraged by his actions and also prepared to start taking action.

It was only Jiang Chen who looked gloomy. Helplessness and pity were apparent in his eyes.

Tian Huojun burned everything in his way to venture onward for ten yards, but he still didn't manage to escape. It was as if he was trying to bore a hole in a mountain so that he could burrow through it.

"D*mn! How many demons are still here?" Tian Huojun was getting anxious, while his fireball was weakening. The greater the number of demons that the fireball burned, the weaker it became.

It was obvious that the fireball wasn't as scorching as it had been in the beginning.

Jiang Chen was aware that there weren't enough demons to form a neverending wall. But the demons weren't immobile, and they could move around freely.

When Tian Huojun tried to break out of the encirclement, the demons started assembling around the place where he was attempting this feat. Soon, it was obvious that it would be impossible for him to break out of the encirclement.

This was also the reason why Jiang Chen didn't exit from the region where he had sheltered. Entering was easy, while leaving was quite difficult.

The southeastern path was the weakness that had been discovered by Jiang Chen. At that time, the demons were still forming the encirclement, and that place was the frailest part. Sadly, he had been delayed by the stupid woman, and he had missed a good opportunity.


What was doubly horrible was that when the stupid woman noticed Jiang Chen's gaze, she raised her head proudly without any shame at all.


Tian Huojun's miserable scream echoed horribly, and the Martial Saint died.

Everyone's expressions rapidly changed to horror.

"Everyone, gather round me, and let's look for the frailest region to rush out through." The heavily armed man realized that the situation was desperate, and that was why he tried to take control of it.

The 20-plus people quickly gathered around the man.

"But where was the frailest region?"

They didn't have any clue about this, and some of them wanted to act individually. However, when they recalled the large number of demons they realized that they would probably just end up being killed one by one.

"Friend, is there any hope left for the southeastern region?" The heavily armed man looked again at Jiang Chen and questioned him.

"If there was, why I would still be here?" Jiang Chen didn't treat him politely because he was allied with the stupid woman who had caused all the trouble to begin with.

PAH! "You are talking as if you had really discovered something," the stupid woman sneered disdainfully when she noticed that Jiang Chen was reproaching her.

Upon witnessing this, Du Yongbo became so infuriated that he grimaced and said, "I really want to give that woman two slaps."

"Then do you have any idea if there is an area more suited for our escape?"

The heavily armed man recalled Jiang Chen's performance at the beginning, and he realized that this person was quite skilled. His realm level may not have been so high, but some people were more adept at certain things.

"General Numa, he's just trying to make himself mysterious. So why do you trust him? Moreover, even if he did discern something, he can't rush out with his team alone," the stupid woman spoke with the confidence of stupidity. "If he had known anything, he would have informed us early on and asked us to cooperate with him."

Jiang Chen grinned, and it seemed as if he had decided something. He said, "I know a way to get out of here, and anyone willing to trust me should come with me."

"You!" The woman was now infuriated. It was obvious that he was trying to oppose her on purpose.

Moreover, there were still people being swayed by him.

The irony was that if the stupid woman hadn't obstructed Jiang Chen previously, he would have already left.

"I have with me a late-stage Martial Saint, and General Numa is a Titled Martial Artist. So, who's going to leave with a Martial Emperor?"

They had reached a critical juncture, but this woman remained willful and opinionated.

However, when the people in the crowd heard the three words Titled Martial Artist, many people who had started moving hesitated once again.

A Titled Martial Artist was a great power.

The Three Middle Realms had a Title Palace, and it granted people all kinds of titles, such as Jiang Chen's Invincible God of War, which conformed to his divine soul.

However, those titles were different than officially granted titles, as anyone could call himself what he wanted, and people could also call others as they wanted. This was why they didn't have great significance.

Titled Martial Artists possessed great influence in the Divine Martial Arts Realm.

The Clear Wind Sword King Zhan Tian was also a Titled Martial Artist, and his title was Clear Wind Sword King.

Returning to the main topic, the people didn't hesitate for long, and they still chose to go to Jiang Chen's side. They weren't fools, and they discerned that the heavily armored man would only protect that willful woman. "So, even if he possessed great power, he wouldn't be useful to them, would he?"

As for Jiang Chen, he was a Martial Emperor, and he needed their help. Everyone should cooperate so that they could get a better chance to escape.

"A group of fools," the willful, stupid woman raised her eyebrows and put her hands on her waist, as she spoke sharply, "I really want to see how you propose to leave."

The trapped people were all pondering about how they were going to leave, and they didn't bicker with the woman. They were all waiting for Jiang Chen's instructions.

"The encirclement formed by the demons isn't simple. It's like a circle with several axes that are revolving quickly. We will surely end up caught within it no matter where we try to break out of the encirclement."

Jiang Chen spoke solemnly, "We still haven't seen any earth demons attacking yet, which means that the controller is probably an Earth Demon King or an Earth Demon Emperor."

If it was only a Human Demon Emperor, the demons attacking them wouldn't be so obedient.

"What should we do then? Can we get out of here?"

"We can, but it means that you must obey me unconditionally," Jiang Chen said, as his gaze became sharp. He observed the people in the vicinity and continued, "I hope that you won't bicker with me like a certain woman."

They were many Martial Saints among those people, and when they heard a Martial Emperor speak to them with such a tone, they were at first angered, but they quickly nodded obediently.

"As long as we can get out, we will do everything you say."

"Okay, let's go," after Jiang Chen spoke, he took this group of people with him and started taking action.

When the 20 people started moving, they discovered that Jiang Chen had rushed toward the tunnel, and they were all startled by this.

Some of them wanted to question him, but, as they thought about what Jiang Chen had said, they just shut their mouths.

"Princess, let's go." The heavily armored man had kept his silence all along, but he didn't stay idle when he saw Jiang Chen taking action.

It was obvious that this stupid woman still wanted to oppose Jiang Chen, but this time General Numa didn't ask for her instructions, which meant that he was done consulting her. This was why she could only follow him.

Jiang Chen led the people to the tunnel. This was their sole hope for escaping. It was only through placing themselves in front of death's door that they could get a chance for survival. As long as they could resist the controller's attacks, they could manage to get away.

Jiang Chen would have a higher chance to get out successfully if he went out by himself, which was contrary to most people's assumptions.

"Whenever has saving people made anything easier?" Jiang Chen complained to himself.


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