The Brilliant Fighting Master
1504 No One Survived
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1504 No One Survived

Jiang Chen was running toward the deepest part of the secret location. Demons were everywhere in his way.

He had alarmed thousands of demons while flying.

Among them, the amount of Human Demonic Kings and Human Demonic Emperors had exceeded the number one needed to finish the task.

Not to mention the Earth Demons...

"Jiang Chen."

Xuan Qing's voice was shaking.

She was able to deal with Earth Demons.

Even though they were Earth Demonic Kings and Earth Demonic Emperors, she still would be able to fight them.

Otherwise, the first three levels of the Demonic Abyss would not be suitable for people below Venerable Sovereign to have adventures at all.

The problem was the surroundings where battles would take place.

Demons would not have a fair fight with you.

An Earth Demon was usually followed by a big group of demons.

Those who came here to have adventures had to be very careful to seize the chance and launch a decisive attack.

However, Jiang Chen was totally running amok. Even she would not be able to deal with the consequences!

There had always been leeway since she had started to travel with Jiang Chen.

Even if Jiang Chen ran into some dangerous situation, she would be able to retreat without a problem.

But this time, they had been wandering on the edge. She could not help but look back at her decisions and behaviors, trying to figure out whether she had chosen the right path.

"Don't worry."

Jiang Chen was as calm as always. He was making great disturbances to incite the demons' hatred.

Qi Da and the others who were following him were greatly pissed by what he was doing.

"Is this guy courting death?"

Qi Da thought, annoyed.

Since they had been moving very fast, those demons could not surround them yet, but since this was the demons' world, things would go wrong sooner or later.

"Why can't we catch up with a Martial Emperor? Are you being slothful?!"

Qi Da could not catch up with Jiang Chen no matter how hard he tried. He was irritated, thinking some of his men had not put enough effort into the chase.

He had really wronged his men. Who would have a second thought in such a dangerous situation?

The thing was Jiang Chen had mastered the law of speed, and he was aided by wind and thunder. Despite being only a Martial Emperor, his speed was spectacular.


"That's not good!"

All of a sudden, Jiang Chen and Qi Da shouted at the same time.

The demons had finally formed an encirclement. A great amount of demons appeared ahead, led by an Earth Demon.

"Darn it!"

Qi Da wished he could chop Jiang Chen's dead body into thousands of pieces. At the same time, he was wondering what Jiang Chen would do.

Was he really courting death resolutely?

If Xuan Qing had not been there, Qi Da would have thought neither of the two Jiang Chens was the true body, and that was why Jiang Chen could be so fearless.


The two Jiang Chens held either hand of Xuan Qing. Resplendent golden lights were given off from their bodies. They put on the Tathagata Buddhist Robes.

"How come...?!"

Qi Da finally realized why Jiang Chen had been so confident. He found it hard to believe.

"That's bad! Chase him quickly! Follow him. Otherwise we'll be doomed!"

Qi Da finally understood what Jiang Chen was scheming. He was really shocked. "This young man is cruel!"

Once Jiang Chen dashed out, they would become an easy prey for those numerous demons.

At this critical moment, the chariot sped up.

However, Jiang Chen went all out too. He flew like a flowing light to confront the demons in front of him head-on.

The Tathagata Buddhist Robe did have a wonderful restraining effect. Demons of the Human Demon level would be immediately killed once they made contact with it.

Human Demonic Kings and Human Demonic Emperors hesitated. They did not dare approach.


However, the Earth Demon, standing in the way, was not afraid of the Tathagata Buddhist Robe. He jumped onto them decisively.

Xuan Qing hesitated. She could resist a single Earth Demon to stall time, but it would put her at risk.

Fortunately, she did not have to make the decision, because Jiang Chen's practicing body in the Tathagata Buddhist Robe had rushed at the Earth Demon regardless of consequences.

He and the Earth Demon were in a clinch. He drew the mighty Earth Demon away from the true body and Xuan Qing.

Then he chose to destroy himself when he was losing a grip on the Earth Demon. The Sky-burning Evil Flame and the Solar Golden Flame broke out.

They created an opening through which Jiang Chen and Xuan Qing managed to flee.


Qi Da, lagging behind, gnashed his teeth. He knew it was already too late, but he was still accelerating.

In the end, the opening was closing when he was only hundreds of feet away from it.

What showed up before Qi Da and the others were countless demons and that Earth Demon, still alive and extremely irritated!


Qi Da snarled at the sky, knowing he might not be able to survive.

The demons' encirclement had formed, which meant Jiang Chen and Xuan Qing were out of that zone.

There were only few demons left in that zone.

And they could only affect them a little.

The two looked back. They gasped when seeing the demons that had encircled Qi Da and others looked like a giant mountain in the air.

"You…how sure were you before you put that into action?"

The thought of almost getting stuck in it made Xuan Qing scared.

Gazing at Jiang Chen's calm face, she could not help but ask.

"I didn't expect it to be so smooth," said Jiang Chen.

He described it as smooth despite the fact that he had sacrificed a practicing body. It had actually been really dangerous just now.

"You are insane."

Xuan Qing murmured. The more she knew Jiang Chen, the more incredible she found him.

"What shall we do now?"

Xuan Qing asked.

"Let's just wait and see whether any of them manage to escape. If they escape one by one, we'll just kill them," said Jiang Chen.

"Let's stay a little farther away. It will take the disturbed demons a long time to calm down."

Frowning and worried, Xuan Qing said, "Those who manage to escape will probably bring demons to us."

"No worries."

Jiang Chen was not going to ambush them. He was going to shoot and kill the enemy from a distance.

After taking Xuan Qing to a place where she felt safe enough, Jiang Chen took out the Human Emperor Bow.

"I see," Xuan Qing tumbled to what he was going to do. The Human Emperor Bow was perfect for their situation.

Jiang Chen put his hand on the bowstring and then a helmet appeared on his head.

The eye part of the helmet was installed with many glasses, which could show what was happening thousands of miles away clearly.

As Jiang Chen had thought, some of Qi Da's group had escaped from the encirclement.

Three people had managed to break out the encirclement by sacrificing their companions.

They did not have the nerve to relax, because those demons were still chasing them.

"I'll kill that guy and chop his dead body into thousands of pieces when I capture him!"

Qi Da was one of the three. The smiling tiger was not able to smile anymore. There was only hatred on his face.


At this moment, a flowing light flew overhead toward the companion next to him.

"What's that?!"

His companion extended his hand to shield himself. Then he found it was an arrow. It was extremely powerful. It did not only obstruct him but forced him to retreat several feet.

Jiang Chen did not shoot multiple arrows. It was only one Human Emperor Arrow, because he had shot five arrows in a row earlier and that had consumed much of his energy.

So, this arrow did not injure the man too much.


But he still shrieked loudly. He had just broken out of the encirclement. Delayed by the arrow, the demons behind him caught up with him and devoured him.

"Liu Jie!"

He was Qi Da's best friend. Seeing him dead, Qi Da's face became hideous.

But he did not go to Liu Jie's rescue. Instead, he ran away as fast as he could.


Another arrow came, targeting another companion of his.

The arrow did not miss the target. That man ended up the same as Liu Jie.

In the end, Qi Da was the only one who was still alive.

He seemed to have sensed something. He lifted his head and looked into the distance.

Another flowing light flew over at high speed, becoming bigger and bigger in his eyes as it approached.


When it completely occupied his sight, he had been shot by the Human Emperor Arrow.


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