The Brilliant Fighting Master
1502 Human Demonic Emperors
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1502 Human Demonic Emperors

It took them ten more minutes than expected to arrive at the secret location Xuan Qing had mentioned.

After traveling so far, the troubles they had run into on the way made Jiang Chen realize the advantages of secret locations.

There were quite a few demons here. They would always have some to kill.

In addition, the territory here was very complicated, which offered them advantages in dealing with the demons.

"Don't make such a big disturbance as we did on the first level."

Xuan Qing was worried. She was afraid Jiang Chen would repeat what he had done, exerting a huge amount of force.

Here, if not careful, they would alarm the Earth Demons. If that happened, things could get really tricky.

"I know."

Jiang Chen was not foolhardy. He had done that on the first level because he had been absolutely sure he could succeed.

However, he did not have to explain everything to Xuan Qing.

The two Jiang Chens separated. Anyway, the demons the two killed would all be attributed to him.

Not long after he started fighting a demon, Jiang Chen sensed the difference on the second level.

He had run into a Human Demonic Emperor in only a few minutes.

"Martial Emperor in the late stage? Are people now regarding the Demonic Abyss as some garden they can visit for fun?"

This Human Demonic Emperor had a strong will. Except for his striking aggressiveness, he was not any different from other intelligent creatures.

Demons' bodies were usually covered by an armor made of demon energies.

The one before Jiang Chen was also holding a scarlet scimitar.

A smile pulled up the corners of his purple lips.

Jiang Chen recalled that the stronger a demon was, the more they looked like humans.

This rule also held true in the Demonic Abyss.

Jiang Chen started his swordplay without speaking.

He wanted to know how strong the demon was. He used the law of thunder. The Du Tian Holy Thunder made his power soar.


The Human Demonic Emperor was shocked by Jiang Chen's attainments in holy thunder.

Holy thunder could restrain evil things as well.

It was especially true with Du Tian Holy Thunder.

"Demon Calling Formula!"

The Human Demonic Emperor could not be too careful. A smoke-like demon energy was emitted from the scimitar.

He attacked with his knife. The smoke tumbled out of his scimitar. Jiang Chen was shrouded in it immediately.

"You didn't dodge. Heh, heh."

Seeing himself succeed easily, the Human Demonic Emperor smiled complacently.

This knife attack was not only powerful, but could affect one's mind.

It could awake the potential evil side of a person.

The Human Demonic Emperor did not have to do anything. Those who were not mentally powerful enough would just go nuts.


The Human Demonic Emperor had rejoiced too soon. A high-pitched sound echoed all around.

Jiang Chen had seized his chance. He turned his wrist to exert the law of metal.

The sword blade of metal thunder looked like an aurora. It cut through the smoke and penetrated the Human Demonic Emperor's throat.

"D*mn…d*mn it! Why weren't you affected?!"

The Human Demonic Emperor retreated quickly. His dark face was totally confused.

"He isn't dead?"

Jiang Chen was surprised too. This sword attack should have taken the enemy's life.

"I see."

Jiang Chen tumbled to the reason immediately.

The demons in the Demonic Abyss were different. They were formed by numerous demons' energies, hatred, and rage.

They had extremely strong vital energies. And the constitution of their bodies was different.

Metal thunder could break a defense easily, but when the enemy was a Demon, who were difficult to kill, it just lost its advantage.

Of course, he could exert hundreds of sword attacks in one second to chop this Human Demonic Emperor into pieces.

But it would be too exhausting. Given he still had 500 to kill, it was not wise to do this.

"All right."

Jiang Chen retracted his left hand.

The moment he retracted his hand, the Red Cloud Sword was unsheathed. A hot wave started burning the air.

"Shadowless Demonic Knife!"

The Human Demonic Emperor certainly would not just wait for the enemy's attack without doing anything. He launched another attack.

Interestingly, Jiang Chen saw there was a hole in his throat during his attack.

But it did not affect his action.

"That's right."

Jiang Chen's eyes lit up. He was very excited, eager to fight.

It did not matter whether the enemy was strong or not. What he was interested in was the demon methods.

That demon wanted to affect him, who had a Doctrine Heart and Buddhist Bones, through demon energy. That was insane.

Jiang Chen attacked with the Red Cloud Sword. The energy of thunder fire was ready.

The knife and the sword met. A fierce thunder fire broke out with the sword's radiance.

The Human Demonic Emperor was sent flying. He was injured all over his body. And he was burning.

Jiang Chen felt that his right hand was slightly numb.

This knife attack had given him some knowledge of demon methods.

Demon methods were like the integration of theurgies, methods, and martial arts techniques.

They were infinitely powerful and easy for the Demon to practice.

Like humans, comprehending and using these three completely required excellent talents.

"It's a pity that you've run into a person against whom you can't exert your Demon's advantage."

Jiang Chen taunted. Then he jumped.

After those two test attacks, he had learned about the Human Demonic Emperor's strength.

He was kind of a Martial Arts Saint in the preliminary stage. The strong vital energy was his biggest advantage.


Jiang Chen's sword took the Du Tian Holy Thunder back. It was a pure combination of the Solar Golden Flame and the Sky-burning Evil Flame.

"How come you have so many tricks?!"

The Human Demonic Emperor was very surprised. He did not dare underestimate Jiang Chen anymore. The latter's performance totally astonished him.

Unfortunately, it was already too late for him to turn the tide.

The furious sword attack eliminated him completely.


Jiang Chen let out a long sigh. A single Human Demonic Emperor was very strong. No wonder Xuan Qing had told him not to act on impulse.

If he ran into dozens of them and was surrounded, he would be doomed.

Elsewhere, Jiang Chen's practicing body was exerting the power of holy thunder with the Heavenly Fault Sword. He had also had a lot of success.

Time went by quickly while they were hunting.

They had killed almost 1,000 Human Demonic Kings and nearly 100 Human Demonic Emperors.

Xuan Qing's result exceeded the total result of Jiang Chen's true body and his practicing body.

"After all, she is a Martial Arts Saint."

Jiang Chen had seen her fight before. She could nearly kill a Human Demonic Emperor with one hand.

But they did not know that a team of about ten people was heading toward them at the moment.

"How come? There are people here!"

"Isn't this a secret location? The key disciples of the Demon Slaying Palace are the only people who are supposed to know about it."

They had come for the demons here, but to their surprise, others had beat them to it.

Xuan Qing had no idea that the two secret locations she knew about had actually been found by others in the Demonic Abyss.

"A Martial Emperor and a Martial Arts Saint in the middle stage. They should be both geniuses. But it doesn't matter. We'll just drive them away."

"Wait. There is another man, who is identical with one of them. Even their fighting powers are identical. Why is that?"

These people were intrigued by Jiang Chen's practicing body.

They exchanged a look. The same idea came into their minds. So they followed secretly.

Jiang Chen and Xuan Qing happened to stop to rest and catch their breath.

They realized they were being followed as soon as they had taken some recovery elixirs.

"Guys, what a coincidence."

These people's smiles made Jiang Chen and Xuan Qing uncomfortable. They looked sneaky.

They glanced over at Jiang Chen and Xuan Qing.

"It's you! Qi Da, you came into the Demonic Abyss six months ago. Why are you still here?!"

Xuan Qing recognized the leader. She was astonished.

"Alas, isn't this the descendant of the Empyrean Goddess? Miss Xuan Qing, what are you saying? Who would stay in this place for half a year?"

The man called Qi Da smiled. He said, "I just came back again. I guess Miss Xuan Qing, you just didn't notice."


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