The Brilliant Fighting Master
1501 Earth Demonic Emperor
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1501 Earth Demonic Emperor

This person had actually met Jiang Chen and had even threatened the latter.

Jiang Chen could not recognize him because he had disguised himself.

He was Xia Jiang.

He was Junior Human Emperor's elder brother, the man who gave Jiang Chen the place of the Sovereign Descendant of the Martial Divinity Palace in person.

And he himself was a Sovereign Descendant selected for the Martial Field!

The Martial Field was exactly the Demonic Abyss.

That was also why he had disguised himself. It was because he went against the rule of the Sovereign Path to come to the Demonic Abyss for the second time!

"All right. Calm down! I'll probably expose myself if I kill him now. When I get that thing, it will be easy-peasy to kill him!"

Xia Jiang managed to hold his temper. He walked towards the transmission room emotionlessly.

The second layer of the Demonic Abyss looked just the same as the first layer.

It had the same sky and the same earth.

But that ubiquitous demon energy was much richer.

Gazing at the two Jiang Chen in front of her after the transmission, she could not even tell which one was the true body.

"How many tricks on earth does he have?" Xuan Qing could not help but think.

As a Martial Arts Saint, she should not have taken a Martial Emperor so seriously.

But this Martial Emperor Jiang Chen was really different.

"How many should we kill on the second layer?"

Absent-minded, she did not come to herself until Jiang Chen had posed her a question.

"Five thousand Human Demonic Kings and five hundred Human Demonic Emperors."

"By the way, be careful. Human Demonic Emperors know demonic methods. They are tricky."

Xuan Qing said seriously after coming to herself.

She assumed Jiang Chen would underestimate the Demonic Abyss since he had passed the first layer without effort.

But the Demonic Abyss was more than that.

The two had managed to pass the first layer so easily, mostly thanks to her secret location.

"There are Earth Demons on the first and the second layer, but the chance to run into them on the first layer is quite low."

"However, we will definitely run into them on the second layer."

Jiang Chen nodded. The task only told them to kill Human Demons, but it did not mean there were only Human Demons on the first and the second layer.

"Show me the way," Jiang Chen told her.

Xuan Qing nodded. She opened the projected three-dimensional map again.

Soon, she looked she was in a quandary.

"What's wrong?"

Jiang Chen asked out of curiosity.

"As far as I know, there are two secret locations that will work for us. One is very close to us, while the other is far."

"But, the close one could be occupied."

Frowning, Jiang Chen said confusedly, "But aren't we ahead of everyone?"

"The Sovereign Descendant of the Monster you are looking for is also in the Demonic Abyss, isn't he? Some people have chosen to stay here. They don't want to leave," explained Xuan Qing.

"They don't want to leave?"

Jiang Chen was struck dumb, but then it occurred to him that the Slay Demon Palace was charging a great fortune for entering here.

He had the Heavenly Palace, so he was able to afford it.

But others could not be as generous as he was.

Besides, they could only stay for one month for every entry.

"Won't Slay Demon Palace do anything when they go out?"

They could adopt some scare tactics to avoid such things, for example, to kill one of those who had stayed longer than they should.

"The exit won't take you back to the island. You'll arrive at some random place on the sea. This is how the Mysterious Gate works. We Slay Demon Palace can't intervene."

Xuan Qing said, "One of the responsibilities of the key disciples here is to stop them from using the transmission room so that they'll be trapped."

"Those staying on the second layer are all Martial Arts Saints. They are almost as strong as the black-clothed men you killed. But they are all in groups."

She told Jiang Chen everything he should know. Then she waited for his decision.

"How long will it take us to the farther one?" asked Jiang Chen.

"If we fly there directly, it won't take us more than an hour. The thing is I'm sure we'll run into all kinds of troubles on the way."

Jiang Chen realized Xuan Qing preferred to go to the farther location.

"We'll go to the farther one then."

After weighing the two options, Jiang Chen knew that was the better choice.

The practicing body could always stay here. And he was not short of elixirs.

The thing was the Star Formation Painting could not be used successively. If he ran into more Martial Arts Saints like the black-clothed men, he would not be able to deal with them.

Not to mention when they were in groups.


Xuan Qing agreed they had better save themselves some troubles.

In case they ran into some strong Martial Arts Saint, the two of them would not be a match.

In this way, the three started to fly at high speed, one preceding another.

As Xuan Qing had said, they met quite a few demons on the way.

They had to stop because of the huge amount of demons even before they were halfway through the whole journey.

In addition, ahead of them, a dark cloud converged by numerous demons was moving.

So, they had to change their route.

But no matter how they changed, it always ended up the same.

"Hold on."

Jiang Chen sensed there was something wrong. He told Xuan Qing, flying ahead of him, to stop.

"Someone is manipulating these demons. They are pushing us into a desperate situation."


Xuan Qing recalled carefully after hearing him. Then she turned pale. She found it was true.

"It needs several Human Demonic Emperors, or two Earth Demonic Kings, or even one Earth Demonic Emperor to manipulate so many demons."

Xuan Qing seemed nervous at the mention of the last possibility.

If there were several Human Demonic Emperors, they could just fight.

If there were two Earth Demonic Kings, they would need to get rid of them separately. Otherwise, it would be too risky.

But in the case of one Earth Demonic Emperor, they had no way to win at all.

"Don't worry about it for the moment. This was deployed in advance. It's like a trap set up by hunters. The manipulator behind this hasn't been informed yet."

Jiang Chen said with confidence. He seemed very sure.

"Give me the map."

He told Xuan Qing before she could pose any question.

Xuan Qing opened the map again, feeling a little weird. Jiang Chen's confidence kind of motivated her.

"We'll go this way to break the deadlock."

"Will we alarm the manipulator?"

Xuan Qing saw he was pointing where they had been obstructed before, where there were more than ten thousand demons.

It was inevitable to cause some ripple effect while they broke out the encirclement.

"Don't worry. You'll stay in the middle of us. Then you'll follow us, and we'll keep the same pace."

In this way, the three advanced as an inverted triangle. The two Jiang Chen were the two points ahead.

When they had arrived at the place to break out the encirclement, the two Jiang Chen raised their hands, respectively.

"Great Mudra!"

Endless Buddhist power turned into golden lights and showed up. A giant palm appeared.

Under the collaboration of two Jiang Chen, the giant palm stayed intact there like a chariot.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The demons that made contact with it all exploded and turned into blood.

Following the two Jiang Chen, Xuan Qing was being protected by the Buddhist lights.

While rushing into the densest part of the dark cloud of demons, the stark visual impact left her in a trance.

Numerous demons exploded. More demons escaped. The giant dark cloud was thus disintegrated.

In the end, they broke out the encirclement smoothly and finally left that area.

"You can keep gaining victory in the Demonic Abyss with the Buddhist power. If you had been sent here when the Martial Field was open, you would have achieved something great."

Xuan Qing said.

Jiang Chen did not speak. It was not that he did not want to speak to her, but the moment he broke out the encirclement, he felt unsettled.

Almost at the same time, in the deepest part of the area shrouded by the demons.

There was a demon as large as an adult human. It opened its eyes. Its scleras were red. Its pupils were vertical.

If Xuan Qing were here, she must be freaked out. This was an Earth Demonic Emperor!

"What an annoying energy. I must get rid of it!"

Gazing at where Jiang Chen was, the Earth Demonic Emperor broke out.


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