The Brilliant Fighting Master
1498 More and More Complicated
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1498 More and More Complicated

This Apprentice Elder Brother Xu, actually was not courting Xuan Qing.

It was not because Xuan Qing was not charming enough, but because he knew who he was.

A woman like Xuan Qing was out of his league.

As a result, if it were a big shot who had come with Xuan Qing, or someone with a great family background, he would not deliberately make things difficult for them.

However, she came with Jiang Chen.

In fact, it was not that Apprentice Elder Brother Xu was arrogant. He had been here guarding the transmission room for a long time. He was good at reading people.

He would immediately know whether someone was from a prominent force or was a loner.

In his eyes, Jiang Chen was one of the loners.

So, he wanted to make things difficult for Jiang Chen, just to feel important.

To his surprise, Jiang Chen did not give him face at all. Jiang Chen did not beg for his mercy. Instead, he sneered at Apprentice Elder Brother Xu, calling the latter a laborer with a stone!

The other disciples from the Slay Demon Palace were shocked.

Feeling the tense charge in the air, they wanted to make peace, but they did not have the nerve.

"Apprentice Elder Brother Xu, let us pass," said Xuan Qing.

Apprentice Elder Brother Xu curled his lip. He flew into a rage. This time it was for real.

"I have the right to doubt a person as well as the authority to decide whether he can go into the transmission room!"

Apprentice Elder Brother Xu said loudly, "Doesn't the Slay Demon Palace have the rule that no one should rely on others' help to finish the goal?"

Indeed, it was both to alleviate the burden of the Demonic Abyss and for others' safety.

Those who entered here must kill enough Human Demonic Kings with their own effort.

However, the Slay Demon Palace did not have enough manpower to ensure this rule was being followed. In the end, it turned out to be a dead letter.

The guards at the transmission room had no idea at all whether those people had killed Human Demonic Kings by themselves or with others' help.

Apprentice Elder Brother Xu's argument was Jiang Chen, a Martial Emperor, could in no way have finished this in such a short time.

"What are you gonna do?" As a member of the Slay Demon Palace, Xuan Qing knew Apprentice Elder Brother Xu made sense.

"Apprentice younger sister, you stay here, and he will go to kill another one thousand Human Demonic Kings alone. If he can finish that in two hours, I'll recognize his result," said Apprentice Elder Brother Xu.

"You'll recognize my result? That's all?"

Two hours would be wasted. His personality was doubted, and his dignity was neglected. In return, he would only be recognized?

Who did this Apprentice Elder Brother Xu think he was?

"Get lost, before I kill you," said Jiang Chen coldly.

Apprentice Elder Brother Xu held his breath. Then, smiling hideously, he said, "I have no idea how you dare threaten me."

He was a Martial Arts Saint in the preliminary stage, while Jiang Chen was only a Martial Emperor in the late stage.

The three-tiered law did not even need to come into play, because it was obvious which of them was stronger.

However, Apprentice Elder Brother Xu, feeling complacent, was suddenly struck dumb at the thought of Xuan Qing.

If this woman helped, Jiang Chen would be able to force his way into the transmission room indeed.

"Apprentice younger sister, you won't help him deal with a sibling disciple, will you?" Apprentice Elder Brother Xu asked, sounding out her attitude.

Xuan Qing was hesitating. She was trying to figure out Jiang Chen's intention. Maybe he was obliging her to state her position.

"We both know you are deliberately making things difficult for us," Xuan Qing said this way.

Apprentice Elder Brother Xu snorted coldly. He said, "A rule is a rule."

"I guess you just won't step aside."

A cold light flashed in Jiang Chen's eyes. He was as aggressive as a sword blade on the verge of being unsheathed.

"You really wanna fight me?"

Apprentice Elder Brother Xu taunted. He thought Jiang Chen was just bluffing.

"What a scene here."

At this moment, a golden radiance whooshed across the sky and landed next to the transmission room.

People looked over and saw a man more than fifty years old. He was wearing a robe of earth yellow, which was supposed to be loose, but it looked tight on his large body.

"Senior Jin Yuan."

Apprentice Elder Brother Xu and others greeted the man with respect. They obviously knew him well.

"Someone beat me to killing one thousand Human Demonic Kings. What a surprise. It's really a great era."

This Senior Jin Yuan was a Martial Arts Saint in the middle stage. He visited the Slay Demon Palace frequently to use demons to train himself.

"Senior Jin, this is a key disciple of the Slay Demon Palace. She is also the descendant of the Goddess of Empyrean. She knows every detail about the first layer. That's why she was so fast."

This man seemed to be important. Apprentice Elder Brother Xu was totally sucking up to him. After talking about Xuan Qing, he started to talk about Jiang Chen. "This friend is opportunistic. I'm still investigating what he did."

Jin Yuan was not in a hurry. He was immediately intrigued. He said, "But a Martial Emperor in the late stage can totally deal with the demons on the first layer."

"Senior Jin, the thing is we started only two hours ago," said Apprentice Elder Brother Xu.

"That's right."

Jin Yuan came to himself, nodding.

He was only slower than Xuan Qing and Jiang Chen, firstly thanks to his strength, secondly, because he was familiar with the first layer.

Jiang Chen lost his patience, but he did not want to offend a Martial Arts Saint for nothing, so he was just listening to them silently.

"The current Martial Emperors are really arrogant. He was not satisfied with my decision, and even tried to attack me and force his way into the transmission room."

Apprentice Elder Brother Xu said in a sarcastic tone as if he was talking about someone else's embarrassment.

"Interesting. Interesting."

Jin Yuan was going to stay to see how this thing was going for real.

"Do you want to know why this Martial Emperor is so confident?"

At this moment, more people showed up. They were two black-clothed people, with their entire bodies covered by a black robe.

Their voices were also disguised. It was impossible to tell their genders.

"Because he has an Immortal Artifact! The Slay Demon Palace is neglecting your duty!"

The person in the air said again when the others were still very confused.

"Apprentice younger sister, is that true?!"

Apprentice Elder Brother Xu was shocked. He looked towards Xuan Qing immediately.

He did not believe anyone could have deceived the Mysterious Gate without Xuan Qing's help.

"It's not an Immortal Artifact."

Seeing the situation more and more complicated, Xuan Qing turned serious.

"Huh, no matter what it is, just give it to us."

One of the black-clothed men was certainly the Second Elder. The other one was a companion he had run into on his way.

This person agreed to help Second Elder as soon as he heard there was an Immortal Artifact.

"First of all, no matter whether he has an Immortal Artifact or not, it's none of your business. Besides, Jiang Chen went through the Mysterious Gate. This can prove there is nothing wrong. Apprentice elder brother, please don't make things so difficult for us," said Xuan Qing coldly.

Apprentice Elder Brother Xu curled his lip, thinking if you had been polite and flirted with me just a little bit, maybe nothing would have happened at all.

However, she was still speaking in such a tone, with which Apprentice Elder Brother Xu was quite unsatisfied.

"Okay. The Mysterious Gate isn't within the scope of my job, but I have the right to stop suspicious people from entering the transmission room!"

He had realized the black-clothed men were here for Jiang Chen.

As long as Jiang Chen was forbidden from the transmission room, he would have to confront the two Martial Arts Saints.

"Give us the Immortal Artifact!" Second Elder said sternly.

"Who the hell are you?! How dare you yell like this here?! By the way, where is your Prince of Fly?" Jiang Chen shouted.


Second Elder was shocked. He wondered how Jiang Chen had recognized him.

"I don't know what you are talking about. Go to hell if you don't give us the Immortal Artifact!"

He certainly would not admit. Then he attacked, unable to hold his temper anymore.


Apprentice Elder Brother Xu was decisive. He retreated to the transmission room with some key disciples, not going to intervene.

"Dream on!"

Xuan Qing, who was already very impatient, did not just stay there doing nothing. She jumped, forcing Second Elder back into the sky.


Jiang Chen heard a scary laugh. The other black-clothed person came up to him.


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