The Brilliant Fighting Master
1497 The Transmission Room
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1497 The Transmission Room

Xuan Qing went to the channel with Jiang Chen after killing one thousand Human Demonic Kings.

Since the channel was at the center and it was the only one, it was inevitable to run into others.

More than eight hundred people entered the Demonic Abyss this time. All of them were Martial something.

Different from Jiang Chen's past experiences, this place was not surrounded by geniuses anymore.

Before the two arrived at the channel, two persons appeared where they had finished the task.

There was a huge gap between their ages. One of them was about thirty years old, while the other was a white-haired old man.

They were exactly Prince Fengyu and his Second Elder.

"They were really here."

The two were thrilled when they had captured the fluctuation remaining in the air.

Seeing Jiang Chen and Xuan Qing walking into the Mysterious Gate together, Prince Fengyu knew Xuan Qing was going to be Jiang Chen's guide.

Before he came here, he had investigated which secret places the disciples of the Slay Demon Palace would go after entering the Demonic Abyss.

These secret places were not known to outsiders, and there were abundant demons.

This place was one of them.

Second Elder took out a crystal that looked like a Rubik's cube. He swept it across where the fluctuation was the strongest in the air.

The Rubik's cube emitted some radiances, which later turned into the scene of what had happened.

They saw how Jiang Chen and Xuan Qing had killed those demons.

"Gosh! He has an Immortal Artifact, and the Mysterious Gate didn't find it out?"

The Infinite Sai caught Second Elder's attention immediately. He was greatly surprised.

"That woman must have helped him."

Prince Fengyu felt jealous. He had no idea how Jiang Chen had managed to subdue Xuan Qing.

He knew nothing about the scheme against Xuan Qing.

In fact, it was hard to say whether the scheme really existed. It could just be Xuan Qing's illusion.

"We must kill him!"

Second Elder was extremely resolute to kill Jiang Chen. But more than that, he was extremely greedy.

"They have finished the task. We should hurry up! Young master, don't show up later. There are outsiders."


The two traveled to the Plane's Channel as fast as they could.

Jiang Chen and Xuan Qing were fast, too.

While flying there, Xuan Qing wanted to see how fast Jiang Chen could achieve as a swordsman.

However, she found no matter how she had accelerated, Jiang Chen could always keep pace with her.

"He wouldn't be able to be so fast just relying on the law of wind," Xuan Qing thought to herself.

When they had arrived at the channel, only more than two hours had passed since they had gone through the Mysterious Gate.

So, almost no one was around the channel.

The channel leading to the lower layers was a strange-looking construction. It was neither a building nor a tower.

And only the upper part was above ground.

Jiang Chen and Xuan Qing landed near it. They immediately saw there were a few disciples from the Slay Demon Palace.

Judging from their uniforms, they should be key disciples.

"The Demonic Abyss is related to a serious matter. What matters most is the channels connecting different layers. There are currently so many people coming and going. That's why the Slay Demon Palace has sent some people to maintain orders here."

Xuan Qing explained after noticing Jiang Chen's confused look.

Jiang Chen said, "The Goddess of Empyrean wouldn't have left anything that needs human maintenance when she created the Demonic Abyss. It doesn't accord with the characteristics of the Mysterious Gate."

"That's right."

Xuan Qing knew what he was talking about. He was implying the Slay Demon Palace had been driven by money. They let so many people in that they had to arrange guards to keep an eye on the place.

Since she was on Jiang Chen's side currently, she was not angry.

Besides, Jiang Chen did not mean anything bad. He simply pointed out a fact.

It was normal for the Slay Demon Palace to charge people, but they should not be so greedy.

"Apprentice Elder Sister Xuan Qing, how come you came down here?"

The key disciples out of the transmission house recognized Xuan Qing immediately when they saw two people walking over. They were quite surprised.

"Just checking out. Doing someone a favor," Xuan Qing said calmly.

"A favor?"

The key disciples were very surprised. Xuan Qing was famous in the Slay Demon Palace. She was not only pretty but also the descendant of the Goddess of Empyrean.

However, she was also known for aloofness and indifference.

It was incredible that she had taken the trouble to come down to do someone a favor.

"We want to use the transmission house."

Seeing them struck dumb because of astonishment, Xuan Qing emphasized unhappily.

"Okay. No problem. Let me find Apprentice Elder Brother Xu."

The key disciple before her came to himself. He hurried to run away.

"I guess you are not very close to other disciples in your school."

Jiang Chen had found out how people saw Xuan Qing on their way.

"I don't feel I belong to the Slay Demon Palace," Xuan Qing said coldly.

As to the reason, Jiang Chen could more or less guess it.

In her eyes, the Slay Demon Palace must be one of the schemers.

"Have you ever thought that you are just overthinking? The boy who disappeared when you were eight could leave for some other reason," Jiang Chen said carefully.

"It's impossible."

Xuan Qing shook her head. Her look was very resolute. She said, "I didn't come to this world out of nowhere. Otherwise, the families into which my mother and my grandmother married would know."

"All right."

Jiang Chen did not try to argue.

That Apprentice Elder Brother Xu in charge of the transmission house came into their sight very soon.

The disciple who had gone to inform him had obviously told him about the two.

He was doubtful at first. Not until he had seen Xuan Qing did he confirm there was nothing wrong. However, he frowned and threw Jiang Chen, standing next to Xuan Qing, a hostile look.


Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders. He had guessed what was going to happen next. He thought to himself, "Women are really troublesome."

"Apprentice Younger Sister Xuan Qing, why did you come down?"

This Apprentice Elder Brother Xu, asked the same thing after approaching her.

"I have some errands to run," Xuan Qing answered simply. She looked impatient.

Apprentice Elder Brother Xu was struck dumb. Raising his thick eyebrow, he said, "Give me your hand."

He was holding a jade in his hand. Its material was the same as what the Mysterious Gate was made of.

"It can detect whether a person has killed one thousand Human Demonic Kings. The transmission house can detect that, too. But there are too many people on the first and the second layer, so this is a way to alleviate the burden caused by the large flow of people."

Xuan Qing told Jiang Chen through holy awareness.

Then she extended her hand and pressed against the jade. There was no problem.

When it was Jiang Chen's turn, the result was the same.

However, Apprentice Elder Brother Xu did not have the intention to let them go into the transmission house. He looked like he was pondering on something with a false smile.

"The Mysterious Gate had been open for only two hours. Apprentice younger sister, you are a Martial Arts Saint. The task is certainly easy for you. But you are only a Martial Emperor in the late stage. How come you were so fast as well?" he said.

He did not even try to hide his doubt and disdain.

Jiang Chen stayed calm. He asked, "What are you implying?"

"The Demonic Abyss isn't a playground. My apprentice younger sister is a good person. She helped you finish the task, but you shouldn't be here," Apprentice Elder Brother Xu said predicatively.

Jiang Chen absolutely would not be polite to such people. He shouted, "It's none of your business. You are just a laborer standing here with a stone. You don't get to know what the process was like."


Apprentice Elder Brother Xu was dumbfounded. He had thought Jiang Chen would be annoyed and ashamed. He had supposed the latter would be angry with him.

But he was totally shocked by Jiang Chen's disdainful and contemptuous tone.

"Are you courting death?!"

This time it was Apprentice Elder Brother Xu, who flew into a rage. He ran towards Jiang Chen, intending to knock the latter down with the strength of state.

A beautiful figure showed up in front of Jiang Chen to stop him.

"Apprentice younger sister?"

Seeing the coldness in the eyes of the pretty woman in front of him, Apprentice Elder Brother Xu realized the two were not just friends.


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