The Brilliant Fighting Master
1496 1,000 Heads
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1496 1,000 Heads

Jiang Chen didn't need to attack, as the Tathagata Buddhist Robe turned all the Human Demonic Kings into ashes.

The eyes of Xuan Qing widened, and she observed Jiang Chen's realm level more closely. Her heart couldn't help but shudder after she ascertained that he was really a late-stage Martial Emperor.

Demonic beings were on a par with martial-grade experts, and a group of 1,000 or 10,000 human demons could easily kill a Martial Emperor. Moreover, if they had Human Demonic Kings among them, their destructive power would be even more terrifying.

Every demon at a certain grade was divided into several categories. A Human Demonic King was above ordinary human demons, while there was a Human Demonic Emperor above him.

Tens of Human Demonic Kings could make any apex Martial Emperor suffer. Yet they had been so frail and weak in front of Jiang Chen.

"A Buddhist School disciple?" Xuan Qing could feel boundless Buddhist energy, and she found this slightly unbelievable.

No one would associate Jiang Chen with the Buddhist School disciples, as both his outward appearance and demeanor were completely different than theirs.

However, Jiang Chen was the most outstanding Buddhist School disciple ever seen by Xuan Qing, and, as he wore the Tathagata Buddhist Robe, he seemed as if he had gotten into a void state and had managed to easily purge this group of human demons.

Whenever a demon was killed, Jiang Chen could feel the strength flowing within his body growing. If it had been just a single demon, this wouldn't have caught his attention, but since he had killed several hundred demons at the same time, he managed to feel faint changes.

"A Mysterious Seal?" Jiang Chen disliked being oblivious to the causes of any events.

He could get power through killing demons. But how was such a matter achieved, and how could the Mysterious Gate achieve such an odd matter?

After a short inspection, Jiang Chen discovered that a spirit seal had been put in his body, and it had the word mysterious written on it. If a demon was killed, the Mysterious Seal would get nourishment, and it would turn into power that would flow into Jiang Chen's body.

It could be surmised from this that a Mysterious Seal had been put in every person's body when they entered the Mysterious Gate.

"As expected of the Empyrean Goddess!" Jiang Chen spoke and sighed with emotion. Ordinary people couldn't grasp such mysterious means.

Afterward, Jiang Chen questioned Xuan Qing, who had come back to her senses.

"What are the conditions that must be achieved to go to the second floor?"

"Killing 1,000 Human Demonic Kings," Xuan Qing replied. Then she questioned him, "Are you a Buddhist School disciple?"

Xuan Qing assumed that since she had a close relationship with Jiang Chen, she could ask personal questions.

"I can be considered one," Jiang Chen didn't go into any detail.

"Then why are you...?" Xuan Qing was confused, and she cast a glance at Jiang Chen's graceful black hair. He had a handsome face, sword-like sharp brows, star-like bright eyes, an aquiline nose, and an air distinctive to swordsmen.

"The Buddha is in one's heart," Jiang Chen answered briefly.

Jiang Chen had a Doctrine Heart and Buddhist Bones, but these aspects didn't change him, but helped form the unique person that he was. If he described himself in an arrogant way, then he would say that he was above both the Doctrine Heart and Buddhism, and that they were equally just training paths.

Xuan Qing didn't continue questioning him because she could see that he didn't want to speak about this matter, and she said, "It's no wonder that you have the confidence to go down to save people. Buddhist power is the bane of all demonic beings."

Jiang Chen smiled. He had been aware of this long ago.

"Let's go."

Xuan Qing felt embarrassed because Jiang Chen seemed less than enthusiastic to be with her, so she stopped talking and flew in front of him to show him the way.

"Xuan Qing, Xuan Qing, you are really useless," Xuan Qing reprimanded herself. She regretted having had such an aloof attitude in the past that she didn't know how to hold a normal conversation with people. This was why she couldn't chat merrily with Jiang Chen.

As a matter of fact, though, after Jiang Chen had arrived in the Demonic Abyss, all of his thoughts were about Whitey, and he wasn't in the mood to chat and laugh with anyone.

After an hour, they reached their destination.

"There are so many demons," Jiang Chen said, as he discovered that this was really a good location, and demons could be seen everywhere.

They were present in every valley, prairie, and mountain.

"You should pay attention so that you don't get caught inside. We must fight them while traveling in the outer section," Xuan Qing said.

The demons were demented lunatics, and, if they heard any disturbance, they would flock. Usually, one would attract a batch of demons, but, by the time one had dealt with them, one would become entangled with several other batches of demons.

What was most terrifying was that such a cycle could continue ceaselessly. If one couldn't break free of the encirclement in time, one would be submerged by demons.

"Do those demons have any intellect?" Jiang Chen discovered that the demons resembled the Blood Clan members in the Blood Sea Realm.

"They have it. The intellect of ordinary human demons is the same as the smartest dogs, but they are more bloodthirsty. As for Human Demonic Kings, they are even more cunning, like mischievous youngsters. As for a Human Demon Emperor, well, he's even more difficult to deal with," Xuan Qing said solemnly.

"Do they only use brute power? I have heard that the Demon Clan members can use techniques that combine cultivation techniques, martial techniques, and magical techniques," Jiang Chen asked.

"Human demons will only attack like wild beasts, while Human Demonic Kings will disguise themselves and use fiendish energy. It's only a Human Demonic Emperor who can use demonic techniques."

"I understand. Let's kill them and quickly get to the second floor. You don't have to worry about them."

Jiang Chen took out the Immeasurable Ruler and imbued Heavenly God Lightning into it, before he started looking for demons and charging at them.

"Huh? Won't you use Buddhist Power?" Xuan Qing was surprised to see the golden light turn into lightning's radiance.

At first, Xuan Qing was still worried about Jiang Chen, and she observed him in silence. However, when Jiang Chen revealed his Wind and Lightning Sword's Power, she could see that it wasn't any weaker than Buddhist Power and was even quicker than the latter.

"Why have I never heard about him even though he's so amazing?" Xuan Qing became curious about Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen was still a Martial Emperor, but the talent revealed by him already demonstrated that he was outstanding.

"It seems like he's my dawn of hope."

As a matter of fact, Xuan Qing had sought Jiang Chen for the Sovereign supporting him. But it seemed now that Jiang Chen possessed something more attractive than a Sovereign.

"331!" Jiang Chen didn't realize that he had managed to gradually change someone else's opinion of him. He was just looking for Human Demonic Kings and killing them.

"Awful!" Xuan Qing discovered that Jiang Chen hadn't listened to her and drawn the demons to the outer section. Instead, he was venturing deeper, and he had already ended up encircled by dozens of batches of demons in a short time.

Moreover, the number of demons was getting higher and higher ceaselessly just like a rolling snowball.

After a short while, the number of demons was so great that they covered the whole sky and land, and Xuan Qing couldn't see Jiang Chen any longer.

When Xuan Qing was just about to go save him, her sharp senses detected a heatwave emanating from the demons.

"Great Magical Technique: Heavenly Fire Extermination!"

In the next second, an impressive sight appeared in front of Xuan Qing's eyes. The tens of thousands of demons disintegrated into a cloud of demonic ashes, as they were all burned up due to the flames' terrifying might.

They were purged thoroughly from this world like a burned piece of paper, and the land before her was now open and empty.

Jiang Chen exited the heatwave that still hadn't scattered and looked at Xuan Qing who was standing here. He spoke excitedly, "I have already achieved 1,000 murders. So, let's start taking action quickly."

"Okay, okay...," Xuan Qing felt as if she had just woken from a dream, and she nodded subconsciously.

Xuan Qing couldn't help but question Jiang Chen, "You should have gotten a Young Sovereign's position. So, why weren't you sent to train here?"

The Demonic Abyss was the Martial Field, and the Young Sovereigns sent here were the most outstanding ones. It seemed to Xuan Qing that Jiang Chen was wholly qualified to have come here.

"I was sent to the Western Plains' Ancient Ruins," Jiang Chen said.

"The Western Plains..?" Xuan Qing didn't know what to say. That place was only slightly better than the Southern Sea, and it was usually only targeted Monsters, as well as excessively strong dragons, that would be sent there.

Since Jiang Chen had ended up in such a situation, it was obvious that he had offended some people.

Xuan Qing didn't say anything more after this, as she didn't want to make Jiang Chen wait for long. Soon she started hunting demons. She was at the Martial Saint Realm, and that was why she managed to finish the task in about the same time as Jiang Chen. She took around 15 minutes.

After they had achieved the requirements, they proceeded toward the passage.


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