The Brilliant Fighting Master
1495 Human Demonic Kings
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1495 Human Demonic Kings

For the past few days, Jiang Chen had been thinking about this guy. But he didn't have a clue who he was or why he was so angry at Jiang Chen. This was quite strange because he had a very good memory.

The only possibility that he could think of was that the guy had changed his appearance or that they had never met.

"Why don't we go to another Mysterious Gate?" Du Yongbo suggested.

"No need."

Since the guy seemed to have come here for him, then, even if he changed the gate, the guy was still going to pursue him.

At the present moment, the people at the front of the queue had already entered the Mysterious Gate.

There was a water screen between the frames of the activated Mysterious Gate, and person after person was entering. They all went into the Demonic Abyss.

The Mysterious Gate's inspection would discover if a person carried divine weapons that possessed great might.

Then, that person would wear an embarrassed look as he handed over his stuff to the Demon Slayer Palace in front of the reproachful gazes of everyone behind him.

"Our time is precious, and, if anyone is carrying a treasure above apex Doctrine Artifact grade, then please hand it over to the Demon Slayer Palace for safekeeping."

The Demon Slayer Palace members weren't surprised by this. The Demonic Abyss was extremely dangerous, and powerful weapons would raise a person's chance of survival. This was why people would always try their luck.

Jiang Chen started pondering this. His Star Formation Diagram could kill even Martial Saints, and, according to reason, it should be considered an object that exceeded apex Doctrine Artifacts. But the Star Formation Diagram was just a formation spell.

As for the Immeasurable Ruler? Jiang Chen didn't need to worry about it, because if it didn't have the Lightning Spirit Xiao Ying, as well as his Heavenly God Lightning, then the Immeasurable Ruler wouldn't be any different than a useless decoration.

After a short while, Jiang Chen and the others reached the front of the line to enter the Mysterious Gate.

"Let's meet inside," Du Yongbo turned and smiled at him, before he took the lead and entered the Mysterious Gate along with his team.

Jiang Chen and Xuan Qing strode forward at the same time. Xuan Qing wanted to fulfill her promise and help him find Whitey.

An odd look appeared on many people's faces as they watched these two entering the Mysterious Gate hand in hand, and an ice-cold look appeared on the faces of a few people.

The Mysterious Gate was like most teleportation channels, and, once people entered it, they would lose their sense of direction, as well as control over their bodies, while they would feel that a tremendous force behind them was pushing them forward.

The Mysterious Gate didn't detect the Star Formation Spell and the Immeasurable Ruler just as Jiang Chen had supposed, and he managed to smoothly enter the Demonic Abyss along with Xuan Qing.

Jiang Chen felt as if he had gone back to the Alien Battlefield, and he recalled his past career in the army.

The Demonic Abyss resembled the Alien Battlefield greatly, both its terrain and its sky. These two elements conveyed a stifling feeling.

They appeared in the sky, and there wasn't anything in their lines of sight.

Jiang Chen calmly let go of the beauty's hand.

Xuan Qing didn't know that Jiang Chen had decided to help her in homage to the Empyrean Goddess, and she assumed that her beauty had played a role in it. After all, all men were greedy, and, even though Jiang Chen had already had exceptional women, she was sure he wouldn't be satisfied with them alone.

However, this put pressure on Xuan Qing's shoulders because she depended on Jiang Chen, and that was why she kept her distance from him.

"A while ago, I helped you break free, while I also taught a certain annoying fly a lesson," Jiang Chen said.

Upon hearing this, Xuan Qing frowned and realized the truth. A while ago, she had been surprised by Jiang Chen's gall, but, as she pondered it now, she realized that what he had done was really for the best.

They were before a lot of people, and the news that Xuan Qing and Jiang Chen had gotten together would quickly spread. It probably wouldn't give rise to a commotion, but it would surely disturb the people who were limiting her freedom.

As Xuan Qing thought of this matter, she gasped for breath, while her face became flushed. Her whole body shivered with excitement. Excitement welled up in her heart because she had managed to break free of her fate, and that was why her heart beat faster, while her eyes became tearful.

Jiang Chen went into a daze upon witnessing her current appearance. If he hadn't been sure that she wasn't casting any enticement spells secretly, he surely wouldn't have believed that a woman with this great charm existed in the world.

Xuan Qing's beauty would make one have an intense desire to conquer her. The reason behind this might be the way she dressed. She was clever and exquisite, and her fine long hair was as black as ink and didn't seem messy at all. She seemed like a work of art and aroused a primitive desire to shatter her apart.

"Our objectives are different. So, let's not concentrate on them."

It was only at this moment that Jiang Chen recalled giving her a reply.

The Wolf Tooth Team obviously wouldn't follow him to the fourth layer. They didn't have the same objectives, and they had no reason to force themselves to stay together.


Xuan Qing acted proactively. She turned over her hand and a stereoscopic light screen appeared above her palm. It was a small map of the Demonic Abyss.

Xuan Qing and Jiang Chen were in the southeastern region of the highest floor.

Jiang Chen discovered that every floor of the Demonic Abyss had an oval shape, while the expanse of every floor was smaller than the one above it and the tunnels between them were at the center.

"Let's go directly to the tunnel," Jiang Chen said.

After Jiang Chen had entered the Demonic Abyss, his bloodline link with Whitey had showed a reaction, but it was still quite faint and weak.

"We can't directly go down, don't you remember? The Demonic Abyss is used to train, and, if you want to enter the next floor, every person must kill a certain number of demonic beings."

Xuan Qing's gaze looked in the distance as she spoke, "Let's go, I know where the demons are most lively and active."

Xuan Qing was a Demon Slayer Palace disciple, and it could be said that she knew the several top floors like the back of her hand.

The Demonic Abyss's great dangers weren't just lies used to boast, and they ran into a large number of demons before they had even reached their destination.

These demonic beings were different than the blood demons and true demons Jiang Chen had seen in the Alien Battlefield, and it seemed as if these demonic beings had gone through a certain mutation.

"Throwing the Demon Clan into the Demonic Abyss was a grave mistake, and it created a hidden danger for the Xuanhuan Realm that could erupt at any moment."

Xuan Qing was quite composed while facing the first floor's demonic beings, as she introduced them to Jiang Chen.

"The demons are divided into five grades: human demons, earth demons, Celestial Demons, those are the ones in the top five floors. The sixth and seventh floors have mysterious demons and demon lords. I have heard the Demon Slayer Palace elders say that they can contend against Sovereigns."

There were several hundred human demons in front of them. Their forms were still like humans, though they were short and small like monkeys, with a pair of wings growing out of their backs.

Xuan Qing was about to attack, but Jiang Chen forestalled her and strode forward. "Leave them to me."

Jiang Chen wasn't trying to snatch merit, he just wanted to test the Supreme Enlightenment Buddha Scripture's restrictive effects against the Demonic Abyss's demonic beings.

Xuan Qing was startled, but then she suddenly recalled that he wanted to go to the fourth layer to save people, and she could surmise that his power wasn't low. This was why she didn't move and take action.

All of a sudden, ten demons among this group of human demons exploded and blood fog permeated the area. The blood fog turned into beings with different shapes.

"Awful! They are Human Demonic Kings." The expression on Xuan Qing's pretty face changed drastically.

This was the reason why it was said that demons were crafty and cunning, and it was difficult to guard against them. They would pretend that they were weak to make people lower their guards, before launching a sudden attack.

Xuan Qing wanted to warn Jiang Chen, but it was already too late. The ten Human Demonic Kings were as fast as lightning, while their sharp claws shone and emitted a black glint as if they were made out of steel.

What was more terrifying was the Human Demonic Kings' individual power, as a group of them could tear the Protective Dipper Energy of even a Martial Saint, let alone Jiang Chen.

Just as Xuan Qing started to panic, a golden light emanated from Jiang Chen, and divine clothes were draped over his body.

A golden flame started burning on the bodies of all the Human Demonic Kings that approached Jiang Chen and came in contact with the golden light.

When they touched Jiang Chen or bumped into him, they were all turned into dust.


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