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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1494 My Woman

Jiang Chen didn't cast the man even a single glance, and he continued proceeding forward without stopping.

"You!" Prince Feng Yu was infuriated. He was only wary of Venerable Hong Yun, and this didn't mean that he was afraid of Jiang Chen, while he even despised him.

"I don't believe that Venerable Hong Yun will do anything to me if I teach him a little lesson."

Prince Feng Yu was infuriated, and he didn't pay attention to anything else. He clenched his fists, while his power flowed.

"I will accept it," Jiang Chen acted as if he didn't notice anything and uttered several words to Xuan Qing, whose face was filled with expectation.

"Okay!" Xuan Qing had already guessed the answer when she saw Jiang Chen walking toward her while her heart beat faster. When she heard him say it, she became overjoyed.

Xuan Qing quickly strode forward and went to Jiang Chen's side. She seemed like a fairy that had fallen to the mortal realm.

This sight dumbfounded many people, and even Prince Feng Yu, who was about to attack, was dumbfounded.

Moreover, this was still just the beginning, as Jiang Chen's next actions stunned them even more.

Jiang Chen extended his hand, held Xuan Qing's arm, and pulled the beauty into his embrace.

Afterward, Jiang Chen looked with disdain at Prince Feng Yu and spoke in a tone more arrogant than the prince's. He said, "From this day onward, she's my woman, so don't let me see you again bothering her ceaselessly like a fly."

Prince Feng Yu's expression turned quite spectacular. It was filled mostly with disbelief, as well as anger and surprise.

This was also the case for other people, and the only difference was that there wasn't any anger apparent on their faces.

Moreover, the crowd had discovered that Xuan Qing wasn't against this, and she nestled in Jiang Chen's embrace like a little bird, while her beautiful face was filled with shyness.

"This is surely not true."

Many people wondered whether they still hadn't woken up from sleep.

"Die!" Prince Feng Yu,who was at the peak of anger, couldn't accept this, and he lost his reason. His iron fist went toward Jiang Chen's head.

Prince Feng Yu had the power of the Martial Saint Realm, and he used his whole power. If Jiang Chen hadn't evaded this strike, his head would have been blown apart.


A fair hand was extended in front of Jiang Chen, and its fingers were stuck together. This palm possessed great power!

When the fist collided against the palm, it was Prince Feng Yu who flew away, and he landed in a place ten yards away, before he fell even further back.

"Prince Feng Yu, please act with dignity."

The one who had attacked with her palm was Xuan Qing. She didn't just get the upper hand, as a golden force still emanated from her body, and it protected both her and Jiang Chen. That was why they had managed to stand in their place motionless.

What people forgot to mention was that Xuan Qing was also a Martial Saint, and since she was the Empyrean Goddess's descendant, her power was obviously anything but weak.

"Oh, my God! What happened?"

Most people felt like they had gone crazy. A few days ago, Xuan Qing was still at Prince Feng Yu's side, and conflict had broken out between her and Jiang Chen.

How long had passed since then?

Xuan Qing wasn't just standing on Jiang Chen's side, she had become his woman.

The Demon Slayer Palace disciples were more dumbfounded than the others. Their impression of senior sister Xuan Qing was that she was a woman with an eccentric character, and she could be even considered slightly demented. They had never seen her reveal such a look and side of herself.

"What kind of charm does Jiang Chen possess?"

Xuan Qing was a Martial Saint, while the Venerable Hong Yun was a Martial Sovereign, and they both had a close relationship with Jiang Chen.

Many people couldn't help but wonder whether Jiang Chen possessed a special magical power, while many men here wanted to kneel to Jiang Chen and take him as a teacher.

In this world where experts were respected and revered, men were usually stronger than women among all couples, and women would only be subdued by men stronger than them.

But Jiang Chen broke such a pattern, and what he had found were all female geniuses. If it was just this, it would have still been fine, but the issue was that they were all dead set on him.

"You! You! Do you want to hide behind a woman's back?"

Prince Feng Yu couldn't accept the fact that he had lost to the likes of Jiang Chen.

"What familiar words," Jiang Chen said as he stroked his chin and grinned. He didn't get angry, and his actions only infuriated Prince Feng Yu further.

"Young master, you shouldn't lose your composure due to this."

The old man that always followed the prince showed himself. He would always call him a young master outside and wouldn't call him an imperial prince.

Prince Feng Yu still wasn't willing to give up, but he was dragged away by the old man.

Afterward Jiang Chen and Xuan Qing went toward the Wolf Tooth Team in front of everyone's gazes.


Jiang Chen raised his head and didn't say anything.

"Sirs, remains aren't always something left behind by a dead person, but it still has a restricted meaning. I must apologize to you for what happened previously," Xuan Qing was a clever woman and she spoke to them softly.

"Huh?" Du Yongbo wanted to give himself a slap to ascertain that he wasn't dreaming.

"It's all right, all right. On that day, it wasn't you who caused trouble for us, and it's because of some inconsiderate people," Du Yongbo stealthily gave Jiang Chen a thumbs-up. He surely wouldn't blame such a great beauty.

"Brother, how did you achieve it? Please teach me, as I'm still single."

Du Yongbo used a sound transmission to communicate with Jiang Chen secretly.

COUGH! COUGH! "You must bear a single thing in mind," Jiang Chen obviously wouldn't state the truth, and he spoke while wearing a naughty smile, "It's feasible as long as you are handsome."

"What the h*ll!" Du Yongbo rolled his eyes at him in disdain even though he probably still esteemed him inwardly.

"His big brother is one of the 20 Young Sovereigns taken away in the past."

Xuan Qing was aware that Prince Feng Yu wouldn't give up, and she seized the time left until the Mysterious Gate's opening to inform Jiang Chen about important information about this affair.

"Please inform me about what happened then."

The Martial Field was the Demonic Abyss, and it was rumored that after the Martial Field trial ended, 20 Young Sovereigns had made great progress, and they gave rise to a great uproar.

When those Young Sovereigns came out, they were taken away by their factions.

"When they were teleported here at that time, the sky was engulfed by a formless wave of pressure, and a faint drumbeat even echoed. It seemed like the sky was their drum."

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen realized that this was a sign that they had received a chance to become Sovereigns.

"Oh, that's right. One of the women you showed me previously was among the 20 people," Xuan Qing suddenly recalled something and she became excited.

"Huh? Is it Tianyin?"

"That's right, her interaction with the world was the most intense, while her Sovereign Spirit was Clear World Blue Lotus. The Martial God Palace and the Xia Clan nearly tried snatching her." Xuan Qing nodded before she looked at Jiang Chen's face and said, "Is she also your woman?"

"That's right," Jiang Chen said with great surprise. Tianyin's training speed had been too quick.

"A Sovereign Spirit is so strong. If I had known this earlier, I would have arranged one for me," Jiang Chen said to himself.

However, it was obvious that he was just joking. He had a divine soul, and his power's growth speed wasn't low.

"I have really misjudged you".

Xuan Qing, who was standing next to Jiang Chen, also her own designs. It was obvious that Jiang Chen was anything but simple because all the women on his side were so outstanding,

She was desperate and decided to give anything a try. At that time, she didn't expect that she would find a precious treasure. She was now worried that she would end up pushed aside because she couldn't rival those women.

If the people here knew Xuan Qing's thoughts, they would surely have gone crazy.

"The Mysterious Gates are activated!"

At this moment, the Mysterious Gates started shining brightly.

The Demon Slayer Palace disciples took charge of this matter, while all the people made queues before the eight Mysterious Gates. Every queue had around 100 people.

"Jiang Chen, that guy will stir up trouble," Du Yongbo said.

It turned out that Prince Feng Yu was in the same queue as they were. Every Mysterious Gate's teleportation destination was different, and it was obvious that Prince Feng Yu didn't harbor any good designs.

However, Jiang Chen's gaze was attracted by another person.

It was the man who had revealed his murderous aura that targeted Jiang Chen on the first day. He was also in their team's queue.


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