The Brilliant Fighting Master
1490 Empyrean Goddess“s Descendan
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1490 Empyrean Goddess“s Descendan

The next day, no one caused trouble for Jiang Chen.

The Devil-Slayer Palace's territory was just one island, and that was why all the people in the courtyard had received the news that Jiang Chen had come here with a Sovereign.

They realized then that Jiang Chen's previous claims weren't an exaggeration.

But this didn't change the fact that Jiang Chen's trip into the Demonic Abyss was no different than seeking death.

Since he was supported by a Sovereign, why didn't he look for a Martial Saint to protect him?

The crowd couldn't understand this, but they also didn't want to bother with clarifying it. They just ignored it because it wasn't related to them.

Jiang Chen didn't care what other people thought, and, since he was idle with nothing to do, he went to the location of the Mysterious Gate..

The Mysterious Gate was situated on the far side of the island on a flat and vast plaza.

There were eight arched doors on the plaza's edges, and they formed a circle.

The closed Mysterious Gate seemed quite strange, as it didn't have a handle. Its frames were made from precious stones.

Jiang Chen wasn't alone on the plaza. Many people had gathered here. They surrounded the Mysterious Gate.

Most people had heard about the Jiang Chen affair, but his arrival didn't catch anyone's attention because most people didn't recognize him.

But the Devil-Slayer Palace's disciples, who were clad in blue outfits, looked at him with an odd gaze.

"It's rumored that the Mysterious Gate has the Empyrean Goddess's inheritance, but it's unknown whether that is true or not."

"It's unlikely. Isn't the Empyrean Goddess's inheritance a divine king's inheritance."

"There were historical remains left by the Empyrean Goddess in the Xuanhuan Realm, and, even though there were many supreme treasures, they were trifling in comparison to her noble status as a divine queen."

When Jiang Chen approached the Mysterious Gate, he got to hear the crowd's discussion.

Jiang Chen pondered over this matter. The Empyrean Goddess's inheritance...?

Jiang Chen had once found a place where a part of the Empyrean Goddess's inheritance had been left, and the number of treasures there had been higher than all the inheritances before discovered.

"Hey, I'm just wondering why you are talking about historical remains? The Empyrean Goddess has gone into the void and traveled to the Immortal Realm. She hasn't died yet. So it's rude and offensive to describe them as historical remains."

All of a sudden, light, quick footsteps could be heard, while an arrogant voice interrupted the few people chatting next to the Mysterious Gate.

These people formed a small team, and they were just speaking to each other. They hadn't expected that someone would cut into their conversation.

They were all martial-grade experts, and they also had their pride.

They glared angrily at the guy who had interrupted.

But, when they got a better look at the person who came over, a wary look appeared on their faces.

The person speaking was a blue-clothed man in his 30s with a carefree and arrogant expression.

He was followed by an old man at the Martial Saint Realm.

Those were the same two people who had rebuked Feng Yuan on the previous day in the courtyard, and they came from the three great factions.

However, the reason the crowd was wary of them was because of the other people who came with the blue-clothed man.

There were several beauties as delicate as flowers, especially the leader, who had exquisite features, beautiful white skin, and an oval face.

The woman was neat and tidy, and her meticulous look gave her a fascinating charm. Even Jiang Chen, who was accustomed to seeing beauties, couldn't help but cast several glances at her.

Those women were wearing long blue outfits with golden patterns on their sleeves and fronts.

These represented their status as Devil-Slayer Palace's core disciples.

They possessed great authority on this island.

Since the blue-clothed man could walk along with them, his status was obviously anything but simple.

"You should apologize to Miss Xuan Qing."

When the blue-clothed man discerned that the chatting people cowered, he revealed a complacent smile and spoke once again.

"For what reasons?"

These people were angered by the blue-clothed man's arrogant attitude, and they found offering apologies to a beautiful woman an insult to them.

"For what reasons?"

The blue-clothed man wore a mocking look as if he had just heard a joke. He said, "Don't you know that Miss Xuan Qing is a descendant of the Empyrean Goddess?"


When these words were heard, it wasn't only those few people who were shocked, as even Jiang Chen was stunned.

Jiang Chen looked at the woman called Xuan Qing. When the blue-clothed man said these words, her expression didn't change much, but her gaze became more gloomy.

She wasn't enjoying this, and she didn't think that the man should take such actions.

Moreover, she felt tired and helpless, and that was why she chose to abstain from doing anything.

"Why are you still in a daze?" The blue-clothed man rebuked them.

These people had already planned to do as he asked, but once they heard his latest words, a fierce look appeared on their faces.

"You have gone too far overboard. She hasn't said anything yet, so what gives you the right to criticize us and order us around?"

A man with a knife scar on his face stepped forward.

This man and his companions were like-minded adventurers, and they would always make appointments to assemble together to make their way through forbidden lands and enter ancient ruins.

After they had accumulated enough wealth, they came to the Devil-Slayer Palace, because they wanted to travel and train in the Demonic Abyss.

Their unyielding, staunch characters didn't allow them to lower their heads to this arrogant guy.

"You aren't willing to give in? Don't you believe that a mere word from me will drive you out of here? They won't even give you back the fees you have paid," the blue-clothed man sneered coldly and spoke.

"I don't believe that the Devil-Slayer Palace members are so unreasonable," the man with a knife scar spoke angrily.

"Fine, Second Elder, those few people insulted the Empyrean Goddess's descendant and didn't show any respect for the Empyrean Goddess. Why don't you inform the Devil-Slayer Palace of this matter?"

The blue-clothed man waved his hand at them in dismissal, as if he was driving away several insignificant flies.


The old man also didn't have any principles, and he sided with his family's young master.

He turned into a light beam and left the plaza.

The expression of the man with a knife scar and his companions changed drastically, and they realized that the situation was anything but reassuring.

When the onlookers witnessed that the affair was becoming graver, some of them rejoiced in the other people's misfortunes, while most of them shook their heads helplessly.

"Wolf Tooth Team's members are too impulsive. Someone who can walk with the Devil-Slayer Palace's core disciples is surely anything but simple."

"That blue-clothed man seems like a prince from the Xia Clan."

"A prince? Why don't you explain it clearly, is he a royal prince or an imperial prince?"

"An imperial prince."

A royal prince was a prince of one of the 36 states governed by the Xia Clan.

An imperial prince was from the Xia Clan's imperial dynasty, and he had a respected status.

The discussions of the people in the vicinity made the expressions of the man with a knife scar and his companions become unsightly, while the blue-clothed man became more and more pleased with himself.

After a short while, the Second Elder came back, and he even brought with him a middle-aged man who was the Devil-Slayer Palace's deacon.

"Prince Feng Yu, is it them?"

The deacon wore a humble look as he looked at the blue-clothed man, but when he looked at the knife scar man, he revealed a ferocious look.

The blue-clothed man answered calmly.

"You should pack your stuff and leave this place before noon," the deacon spoke coldly.

"On what basis?" The knife scar man wasn't willing to accept this.

"You have insulted the Empyrean Goddess's descendant and profaned the Empyrean Goddess. Moreover, you have even done it in front of the Mysterious Gate, and this is a grave crime. It's already kind of me to allow you to leave safe and sound," the deacon shouted.

"What about the fees we have paid?" The knife scar man's companions planned to concede.

"They would be obviously taken as amends from you," the deacon said.


The small team's members were infuriated. Their dignity had been trampled on. They had already become martial-grade experts, yet they still couldn't keep from suffering such an ordeal.

"Hey, aren't you bullying them a bit too much?"

As this affair neared its end, a voice echoed out. It wasn't loud, but everyone could clearly hear it.

It was Jiang Chen's voice. He had watched the entire sequence of events, and he couldn't stand it any longer.

"Is he asking for death? He spoke at such a time! He really doesn't have good judgment."


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