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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1489 Enemy

Jiang Chen shook his head. He couldn't accept such a matter even if it was achievable.

"I must go inside. If Whitey has suffered a mishap, I will be tormented by my conscience for the rest of my life. If my mind isn't at ease, it will be difficult for me to have great achievements in the future."

Jiang Chen took a deep breath. He took this matter seriously!


Xiao Ruo was still worried.

"When I wandered into dangerous lands in my past life, I was usually protected by you and Wuming. But in this life, I'm no longer the weak and frail First Young Master that can only hide behind people's backs."

"Whitey considered me his sole relative, and when I sent him to the Monster Realm in the past, I promised him that we would surely meet once again."

"He is currently in the Demonic Abyss's fourth layer. He has descended into madness and has been controlled by the desire for slaughter. I can't ignore it."

Upon hearing this, Xiao Ruo discovered that Jiang Chen had become different than in his past life.

"Fine, but you must still bear in mind that you are now the sole person I have also."

Xiao Ruo made this statement and disappeared. She was afraid that she would end up obstructing Jiang Chen forcefully if she stayed.

"You can be at ease, I will be all right."

Jiang Chen answered her softly and went back to the Devil-Slayer Palace.

"It seems like the Ling Long Celestial Palace's Lord has accepted it."

When Ye Qiu saw that Jiang Chen had come back by himself, he managed to guess what had happened, and he asked, "Hey, can you tell me what is your relationship with the faction leader?"

Ye Qiu was quite curious about this matter, and he couldn't help but raise the question.

"Umm, it doesn't matter if you don't want to reply."

After Ye Qiu had raised the question, he realized that it was inappropriate, and he quickly spoke once again.

"She's my wife," Jiang Chen said solemnly.


Ye Qiu sucked in a breath of cold air. He didn't know how he could describe this matter.

"Fine, you are blessed with good fortune."

This was the sole reply Ye Qiu could come up with after he had thought about this for a long while.

Then they got down to proper business.

The Mysterious Gate opened every so often, and many people wanted to get into the Demonic Abyss to train in it.

The number of vacant positions for the Mysterious Gate would usually be filled completely before the opening day.

This time was not an exception.

However, Ye Qiu expressed that he would make an exception for Jiang Chen and register him as a guest of Venerable Hong Yun.

However, he would still take fees.

"Since the Mysterious Gate's bearing ability is limited, you must hand over any treasures with a grade higher than an apex Doctrine Artifact, and it will be kept safely by us."

"This isn't any different than forbidding people from using external power, right?" Jiang Chen asked.

"It isn't as bad as that. The Demonic Abyss is in chaos, and no one will bother with rules there. But the inspection for the Young Sovereigns' entry last time was the strictest one ever carried out."

Ye Qiu didn't say much about this matter.

When the moment came, the Mysterious Gate would decide by itself whether a person carried supreme treasures above its bearing limit.

But it was better to get rid of them in advance to save a lot of trouble.

The Devil-Slayer Palace wouldn't embezzle anything, but Jiang Chen still didn't plan to hand over the bronze cauldron to them.

As a matter of fact, he hadn't even brought the bronze cauldron with him.

Jiang Chen had protected several hundred people of the Ling Long Immortal Palace, and he had contended against tens of Martial Saints' attacks. This was why the bronze cauldron's tremendous energy had already been consumed completely.

Now, the bronze cauldron had been sent back to the Heavenly Palace.

The Heavenly Palace had an origin land filled with black and yellow gas, and it could be used to restore the cauldron's power.

What Jiang Chen had with him now was just the Star Formation Diagram.

The Star Formation couldn't be considered external power, as its might depended on the user's attainments.

Moreover, if the Mysterious Gate discovered it, he would just have to hand it over to the Devil-Slayer Palace and let them keep it safe for him.

"Palace Master Ye, I have something to discuss with you as the Ling Long Immortal Palace's Deputy Master."

All of a sudden, Jiang Chen got serious, and he wore a solemn look.

"Huh? I'm all ears."

Ye Qiu had already learned of Jiang Chen's status, and he didn't dare to belittle him any longer.

"I wonder whether the Devil-Slayer Palace is standing in the same camp as the three great factions?" Jiang Chen asked.

Ye Qiu rolled his eyes, while his expression changed several times. It was difficult to fathom his thoughts by observing him.

"What are you implying by this question?" Ye Qiu didn't reply and instead asked Jiang Chen a question.

"The three great factions attacked your Ling Long Immortal Palace not long ago, and, if they learned that you are helping me, won't you be reproached by them?" Jiang Chen spoke again.

Ye Qiu smiled and said, "I have heard that a group of mysterious people attacked Ling Long Immortal Palace. But I don't know whether they belonged to the three great factions."

"As for a reproach from the three great factions, this wouldn't matter to us. We will always keep our neutral standing and protect the Demonic Abyss. We don't take part in fights between factions."

This was a perfunctory and evasive reply, but Jiang Chen found out what he wanted to know through it.

The Devil-Slayer Palace was still accumulating power little by little, and it was honing its power for a big push.

Moreover, the great factions were already aware of this, but they couldn't do anything about it.

If they tried to take action against them, they wouldn't be able to cooperate to manage the Sovereign Road trial.

"The Devil-Slayer Palace's power is surely more terrifying than what is revealed openly," Jiang Chen thought to himself.

Then Jiang Chen finished his application, and he was taken to a courtyard where he would wait for the Mysterious Gate's opening.

The people in the courtyard were all people who wanted to go to the Demonic Abyss like Jiang Chen.

There were men and women, young and old.

The person with the lowest realm level wasn't Jiang Chen, while the one with the highest realm level neared the peak of the Martial Saint realm.

TSK! TSK! TSK! "The Sovereign Road has been suspended temporarily, and there isn't anyone inside the Demonic Abyss to keep order. Yet, there are still people coming over to throw away their lives?"

When the people saw Jiang Chen arriving, the idle people found him new and odd.

Jiang Chen wasn't the person with the lowest realm level here, but he was alone, while all the other youngsters were protected by Martial Saint experts.

After all, they only needed to pay a fee to get into the Demonic Abyss.

"Feng Yuan, what nonsense are you talking about?"

Jiang Chen still didn't speak. Yet, there was already someone who rebuked the man who had spoken rudely.

The middle-aged man called Feng Yuan was at the Martial Saint's primary stage.

As for the person who had rebuked him, he was in his 30s. He was much younger than Feng Yuan, while he wore blue clothes and had an attractive look and outstanding poise.

The reason why Feng Yuan had been rebuked wasn't related to Jiang Chen. It was because his words had almost divulged that the Demonic Abyss was the Martial Field.

TSK! "All people who have reached this high an echelon know this."

Feng Yuan sneered and muttered in a soft voice.

Feng Yuan was quite dissatisfied with the blue-clothed man's actions, but he didn't dare to do anything due to that man's status, as well as the old man following him.

"You should pay attention to what you are saying, as it may bring upon you dreadful consequences."

No one had managed to hear Feng Yuan's whispers, yet the old man next to the blue-clothed man still rebuked him coldly.

Feng Yuan snorted several times and stopped speaking.

As Jiang Chen witnessed everything that was going on, he managed to figure out that the blue-clothed man was probably from one of the three great factions.

"Youngster, the Demonic Abyss isn't a place where you can play around. Go back and ask your family to dispatch someone to protect you."

It wasn't as if everyone here was hostile to Jiang Chen. There was someone who warned him kindly.

Jiang Chen looked at that person and discovered that it was a muscular man with regular features, thick brows, and big eyes.

"Uncle, thanks for your warning. But it's a pity that my family members can't get inside the Demonic Abyss," Jiang Chen said with a smile.

When those words were heard, many people shook their heads. They assumed that Jiang Chen was just boasting.

The Mysterious Gate's upper limit was an apex Martial Saint, which was pretty great.

"But Jiang Chen had said that his family couldn't get inside. How was it possible? Were his family members Sovereigns?"

They would never have imagined that his family member truly was a Sovereign.


Jiang Chen noticed that there was someone gazing at him, and it made him uncomfortable all over.

When Jiang Chen turned his head around and looked where he felt the gaze was coming from, he discovered a youngster with a vicious gaze whose face was filled with anger.

Jiang Chen couldn't help but frown because he didn't know this person, and he had no idea who he was.

But the man looked at Jiang Chen with such hatred that one would have thought that Jiang Chen had murdered his father.

"Good, very good. You have unexpectedly dared to come to the Divine Martial Arts Realm. You are really reckless. But it's still fine, as I now have a chance to take revenge with my own hands."

This person didn't hide, and his gaze was as sharp as a blade.


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