The Brilliant Fighting Master
1488 Killing Everyone in Your Path, Humans and Demons Alike
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1488 Killing Everyone in Your Path, Humans and Demons Alike

Jiang Chen wanted to enter the Demonic Abyss to look for someone, and Slay Demon Palace didn't have any reason to reject his request. It was especially the case since Xiao Ruo was here.

However, this didn't mean that Slay Demon Palace didn't have their own worries.

For example, if Jiang Chen died in the Demonic Abyss, would Xiao Ruo cause trouble for Slay Demon Palace?

"If I discover that you are trying to harm him on purpose, or that you have abstained from saving him when he's in crisis, I surely won't let go of this matter," Xiao Ruo spoke coldly.

Ye Qiu chuckled bitterly. Such a statement's scope couldn't be considered big nor small.

As long as Xiao Ruo wanted to harm them, she could direct her anger at Slay Demon Palace at any moment.

Moreover, there was still another reason why Slay Demon Palace was worried.

It was Jiang Chen's status as a Young Sovereign.

"The Sovereign Road wasn't just set per the three great faction's wishes, and those were also the wishes of all clans and Independent Realms, while they have still set up strict rules."

"You are a Young Sovereign assigned into the Western Plain's ancient ruins, and if you get to enter the Martial Field, some people will be dissatisfied."

Upon hearing this, Xiao Ruo furrowed her brows and spoke displeased, "Isn't the Sovereign Road's event suspended temporarily? Are the objects prepared by the three great factions still there?"

Ye Qiu revealed a surprised look. He didn't expect that Xiao Ruo had so many pieces of info about this matter.

"The three great factions have chosen the Demonic Abyss and didn't put any treasures there as an encouragement to Young Sovereigns. Everything is due to the Demonic Abyss's function."

"The reason why Slay Demon Palace accepted such a matter is that they offered us great benefits."

Jiang Chen and Xiao Ruo were puzzled by Ye Qiu's words.

The situation of the previous Western Plain's ancient ruins was still understandable, as it had many hefty resources and treasures, as well as Extreme Sword Techniques.

But the Demonic Abyss was just land where demons were banished. So, what could there be in it?

"The greatest wealth in the Demonic Abyss is the demonic beings themselves, and if one killed a demonic being, he would get what energy tantamount to a Heaven Elixir, while the third and fourth floors' demons were tantamount to an Immortal Elixir. Why don't you imagine the great sight of a thousand and ten thousand demonic beings?" Ye Qiu spoke excitedly.

Jiang Chen wasn't aware of such a matter. Did the Demonic Abyss still have such function?

"This is the Mysterious Gate's function."

When Ye Qiu discerned the two people's confusion, he explained this matter, "The Mysterious Gate wasn't constructed by our Slay Demon Palace, it was left behind by the Empyrean Goddess. This gate had already given birth to its own will and consciousness, and its will turned the slaughtered demons into energy provided to slayers."

It turned out that the Empyrean Goddess had already planned to turn the Demonic Abyss into an excellent trial land when she constructed it, and this was why she left behind the Mysterious Gate.

If one wanted to get into the Demonic Abyss, he must pay Slay Demon Palace a hefty fee.

"At first, we have supervised the Mysterious Gate for free in the past ten years, and we allowed anyone to enter it or leave it. But, after Slay Demon Palace became powerful, we started taking fees for entry, and that said fee was only becoming higher as time passed, and we used it to keep developing Slay Demon Palace."

Ye Qiu spoke boldly and confidently without any shame on his face, and he even seemed proud of it.

If one pondered over it, he would discern the reason behind this. Slay Demon Palace was founded through using the Sacred Institute's remnant force.

While the reason why the Sacred Institute ended up destroyed was that it had done everything for free, and it didn't consider developing itself.

Slay Demon Palace drew a lesson from the Sacred Institute, and they managed to succeed. This was why the Deputy Master, Ye Qiu, was elated.

"At first, the three great factions cooperated with us, and one of their rules forbade us from allowing any Young Sovereigns who weren't chosen to enter it," Ye Qiu said.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. You have really managed to achieve it."

Jiang Chen and Xiao Ruo wore a disdainful look.

Jiang Chen didn't have any objection about the Sovereign Road's settings, but it was inexcusable for them to prevent other people from looking for ways to become stronger.

"I don't want a Young Sovereign's status."

Jiang Chen took out the card given to him by the Martial God Palace, and he burned it to debris.

"This is..."

Ye Qiu was surprised to see him do it so calmly and bluntly.

A Young Sovereign's status was something that many people coveted even in dreams, and one mustn't be fooled by the fact that the training was stopped temporarily, as once it was resumed once again, the Young Sovereigns would get many lucky chances.

"The Dragon Clan had taken out even the Dragon Emperor's blood, and it's rumored that anyone who gets it will get a Divine Dragon's power."

Ye Qiu wanted to question Jiang Chen and ask him whether he knew what he was doing.

"Since they won't allow the other Young Sovereigns even to enter the Demonic Abyss, then they have surely allocated in secret the precious supreme treasures to a certain group of people."

Jiang Chen discerned this matter clearly. The three great factions probably didn't dare to cheat openly, but they were still able to arrange an opportunity to get supreme treasures for a certain group of people.

Those groups of people would be all from influential factions with great authority, and since they all benefited from this matter, they surely wouldn't divulge it.

"That is really the case."

Ye Qiu also felt like it was like so.

"Since this is the case, our Slay Demon Palace will take a fee from you, and you will get to enter Slay Demon Palace along with the next group of people. It doesn't matter whether you will go there to save people or train. Everything is fine, and it depends upon you alone."

As Ye Qiu spoke up to here, he cast a glance at Xiao Ruo stealthily and said, "I have to inform you in advance that casualties appear among every batch of people going inside."

Ye Qiu had spoken implicitly, but Xiao Ruo still didn't accept such an excuse, and she said, "It will be best for you to pray that Jiang Chen won't suffer any mishaps inside."

Ye Qiu was left at a loss for words, and he could only chuckle bitterly.

Moreover, even Jiang Chen couldn't persuade Xiao Ruo this time.

A mysterious power engulfed Jiang Chen, and just after this, he felt the scenery before his eyes changing quickly like a flowing tide.

When everything recovered to normal, he found out that he was already outside the island.

"Will you really enter it?" Xiao Ruo was next to Jiang Chen, and she wore a stern look. She seemed quite angry!

Ye Qiu, that was in Slay Demon Palace, was surprised to see the two people disappearing suddenly, and he muttered to himself, "Is this a Sovereign's power? Slay Demon Palace's formation spell and barrier are useless against it."

Ye Qiu had an idea about where the two people went.

That Sovereign's brows were furrowed since the moment Jiang Chen expressed his wish to go inside.

"Why there isn't any female Sovereign Spirit concerned about me?" Ye Qiu envied Jiang Chen greatly.

Jiang Chen that was outside, tried to embrace Xiao Ruo, but she avoided him.

"Don't try using such a trick. It's useless. We have ended up spending five hundred years on getting to meet once again. Yet, you still want to risk your life so quickly."

The current Xiao Ruo wasn't a female Sovereign Spirit, and she was just an infuriated young girl. She seemed quite angry, and her eyes turned tearful.

"I had made a narrow escape from death countless times before we got reunited, and I have even ended up dying two times."


Upon hearing that Jiang Chen had once died, Xiao Ruo became restless, and she glared at him.

"I have a Celestial Phoenix's genuine bloodline, and I can come back from death. Don't worry!" Jiang Chen revealed a sheepish smile and spoke.

"A rebirth among the flames? This is one of the powerful aspects of a Celestial Phoenix's genuine bloodline, as every time one got reborn, his potential and power will rise. But, reaching a rebirth's requirements every time is quite difficult. Why don't you answer me honestly, did you get the third rebirth's chance?"

Jiang Chen wanted to lie to Xiao Ruo, but when he sighted upon her bright black eyes, he just shook her head.

"I'm still far from it by much,"

Jiang Chen replied honestly.

Death was a grave matter, and it wasn't realistic for him to manage to come back from death easily.

For the first time, Jiang Chen was sneak-attacked by the Blood Shadow Dynasty's people, and his Celestial Phoenix's genuine bloodline was stimulated.

As for the second time, he ended up turning into a demon, and he even activated a state called Doctrine Heart's Demonic Seed. Such a state stimulated the Celestial Phoenix's genuine bloodline ceaselessly, and it was only due to it that he managed to get another chance.

As for the current third chance, he was still too far from getting it.

"So, why do you still want to go inside?" It seemed like Xiao Ruo wouldn't comply no matter what he said.

"I know Buddhist Techniques, and they have a restrictive effect against demons," Jiang Chen said.

"Every force is based upon one Realm Level's power, and even if you possess a heavenly god's power, its force won't reach a high-intensity since you are just a late-stage Martial Emperor. Isn't it the case?"

Xiao Ruo was still worried, and she spoke angrily. "Why don't I just break the barrier, and accompany you to the fourth layer. If a human blocked our path, I would kill him, and if a demon blocked our path, I would also kill him."

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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》