The Brilliant Fighting Master
1487 The Fourth Layer
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1487 The Fourth Layer

"Xiao Ruo, don't act so tyrannically."

At this moment, Jiang Chen came out of the riverbed, and when he looked upon the angry beauty, he shook his head while wearing a bitter smile.

When Xiao Ruo heard his words, she scattered the lightning arcs filling the sky, while her sharp gaze turned soft.

"How is it?" Xiao Ruo asked worryingly.

When the three protectors witnessed such a sight, they all didn't know what they should say.

A Sovereign was so docile and obedient to a Martial Emperor. They all couldn't help but wonder whether they mixed those two people's Realm Level.

"I need some time, as well as comprehensive assistance." Jiang Chen revealed a bitter smile.

It was the Goddess of Empyrean who dealt with the Demon Abyss, and he couldn't break the seal in a short while.

Moreover, he must still do it while ensuring that the demonic beings inside wouldn't come out, while the three great factions and Slay Demon Palace would surely not allow them to act recklessly in this period.

Xiao Ruo also understood clearly such arguments.

"Why don't we just intrude there? Even if we release the demonic beings, I'm still confident that we can make up for such a mistake."

Xiao Ruo uttered words that scared the three protectors.

If Xiao Ruo didn't flaunt her might a while ago, Xuan Wu would have surely rebuked her angrily once again.

Jiang Chen shook his head. He wouldn't do such a matter.

Upon witnessing this, the tree protectors felt relieved.

It seemed like it was Jiang Chen, who held decision-making rights, and he was also more rational than Xiao Ruo.

"I want to understand the Demonic Abyss's situation in detail."

What Jiang Chen had decided didn't imply that he would give up.

"So, why don't we go to Slay Demon Palace?"

Xuan San hesitated for a while before she questioned Jiang Chen to sound him out.


Jiang Chen didn't have any objection to this.

Thereupon, their group traveled along the river. They flew for several thousand miles and managed to reach the sea area in several minutes.

They were following the three protectors that were traveling in circles in the sea area, and this continued until an island appeared in front of them.

A peculiar look appeared on Jiang Chen's face. Slay Demon Palace was always unbeknownst to people, yet its spiritual land was so conspicuous.

"The more we try to hide it on purpose, the easier it would be for us to catch people's attention. Moreover, there is an illusion formation set around the island, and it will let one diverge from this path unconsciously." Xuan San noticed Jiang Chen's expression, and he explained this matter out of consideration for him.

Afterward, the few people landed on an archaic-looking courtyard.

"Why is it so lively?"

Jiang Chen was surprised once again. Even though this place wasn't packed with people, there were still many people walking around here.

Most of them were Devil-Slayer Palace's disciples. But, they were still some outsiders among them.

The reason why Jiang Chen could discern such a matter clearly was that Slay Demon Palace's members wore standard blue clothes.

"The Sacred Institute's members considered themselves the world's leaders, and they keep its balance. But, since they must try to prevent a single party's hegemony over everything, the Sacred Institute was forced to reveal its power, and that was why it ended up overthrown."

"Our Devil-Slayer Palace drew a lesson from it, and we depended upon the Sacred Institute's wealth to slowly build up power, and it's only through this did we get our current achievements."

A protector spoke once again.

"Is your Devil-Slayer Palace powerful enough to contend against the three great factions?" Jiang Chen asked.

Such a question was quite sensitive, and that was why the three protectors just kept their silence.

However, Jiang Chen had already gotten an answer. Slay Demon Palace had many experts, as well as countless talented disciples.

Many people came over and encircled this place due to their group's arrival.

This wasn't because they seemed quite unusual, and it was just because Xiao Ruo was the sole Sovereign alive, and she caught the attention of people with sharp senses.


Xiao Ruo raised her brows when she sighted upon those people, and a formless wave of pressure emanated from her. The expressions of many people changed drastically, and they moved back repeatedly, while reverence and fright appeared on their faces.

After this ordeal, most people didn't dare to look straight at them.

"The current Xuanhuan Realm isn't used to the existence of a Sovereign," Xiao Ruo said.

"They will get used to it."

Jiang Chen was aware that Xiao Ruo was concerned about those people's straight gazes. They all didn't give a Sovereign due respect, and that was why Xiao Ruo taught them a little lesson.

The three protectors walking in front of them revealed a helpless look, and they all didn't dare to reprimand to Xiao Ruo.

After a short while, they walked toward a majestic and grand palace.

Many people were bustling inside the palace, and after the protectors entered it, a part of them left it sensibly.

As for the people who were left here, they were all over their fifties, and they were people who wielded power in Devil-Slayer Palace.

"Three elders, why did you come back? Aren't you on duty today?"

There was a long table set at the center of the hall, and a middle-aged man with a refined air was sitting behind it.

Xuan San moved his lips, and he used a sound transmission to inform the others about what had happened.

Even though Jiang Chen couldn't hear him, he still noticed that shock appeared on the faces of the people in the hall at a certain moment, and many pairs of gazes filled with disbelief and surprise looked at Xiao Ruo.

In the end, the middle-aged man stood up, and he strode over quickly. He spoke politely, "We all welcome Ling Long Immortal Palace's Master into our Devil-Slayer Palace, and I wonder how can I provide you any help?"

Even though he knew Jiang Chen and Xiao Ruo's objective, he still had to ask them once again.

"It's related to the Demonic Abyss's matter," Jiang Chen said.

A strange look appeared in the middle-aged man's eyes for a moment. He questioned Xiao Ruo, not Jiang Chen.

But, he was still aware that Jiang Chen had an unusual relationship with Xiao Ruo.

After he saw Xiao Ruo nodding at him in response, the man expression recovered to normal, while he said inwardly, "This shouldn't be possible. Is it because of his face?"

The middle-aged man couldn't help but admit that he envied Jiang Chen greatly.

If one could become the man of the sole Sovereign, female Sovereign, he would surely make outstanding achievements in the future.

"The Demonic Abyss has nine layers. It isn't any longer an ordinary abyss. An Independent Realm was formed there, and it has nine layers."

"There is a difference between the number and power of demonic beings present in every layer."

"The first layer's demonic beings could only be reluctantly considered beings at the martial-grade, while the second and third layers are quite unstable, and the fate of a Martial Emperor or a Martial Saint that ventured there will depend entirely on his luck."

"The most thorny aspect about demonic beings is that it's difficult to guard against them, as their means constantly changed, while they still traveled in groups."

"The Monster Clan's Young Sovereign that you are looking for had ended up intruding into the fourth layer by mistake."

The middle-aged man was Devil-Slayer Palace's Deputy Master, and his name was Ye Qiu.

"We want to take him out. So, are there any ways to achieve it?" Jiang Chen asked.

"It's obvious that you have to go down to look for him, and when the channel is open once again, you have to take him out with you. But even though it seemed simple, achieving it is quite difficult, and it's especially the case since the Young Sovereign has lost control of himself," Ye Qiu said.

"Is the Mysterious Gate unable to teleport me there? Are there any conditions I need to meet?" Xiao Ruo asked him about the main point.

Ye Qiu spoke solemnly, "Even if it's just apex Martial Saints that entered the Mysterious Gate, it will still become unstable, and the void will be distorted. An accident occurred last time when eight apexes Martial Emperors entered it at the same time. The Mysterious Gate had then collapsed, and three people died among the void, while the other four people managed to get inside. But, they still sustained heavy injuries, and they ended up killed by the first layer's demonic beings."

Jiang Chen and Xiao Ruo exchanged a glance. They didn't get any useful info from Ye Qiu.

"I want to go inside. So, how can I achieve it?" Jiang Chen asked.

Upon hearing this, an anxious look appeared on Xiao Ruo's face, and she desired to dissuade him. But, it was then that Jiang Chen gave her a meaningful glance.

"This is... Please follow me to discuss this matter."

Ye Liu cast a glance at the old man in the hall, and he indicated that this place wasn't appropriate for discussing such a matter.

At this moment, Xuan San, Xuan Wu, and Xuan Qi were about to return to the river's vicinity to continue their patrol, and ensure that none would set his eyes on the Demonic Abyss.

"Will he really go inside to save someone? It's implausible, isn't it?"

"He's just a late-stage Martial Emperor, and he can't withstand even the third layer. So, how is it possible for him to enter the fourth layer?"

The protectors discerned the implication of Jiang Chen's previous words, and they found this matter unbelievable.

They had all assumed long ago that it was impossible to save that Monster Clan's Young Sovereign.


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