The Brilliant Fighting Master
1484 Defeating the Nature by Half Poin
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1484 Defeating the Nature by Half Poin

It was a mess in Ling Long Celestial Palace.

Two of the nine peaks had been completely destroyed. The others also suffered different damages.

Compared to its prime days, the current Ling Long Celestial Palace could be described as ruins.

Fortunately, Dragon Tiger Mountain, the spiritual land, remained intact. The root was still there.

Jiang Chen took the bronze cauldron back so that the others saw the light of the day again.

Most of the people here had made the decision to stay by themselves. There were people all over the Dragon Tiger Mountain. Some fled at the beginning, while others even defected.

"Stay in the air. Don't go anywhere."

Jiang Chen would certainly reward these brave people.

Over there, Xiao Nuo looked over. Her aggressiveness toned down, and she appeared to be gentler when she had found Jiang Chen was safe. Her fluttering black hair fell on her shoulders again.


Then, people saw a great disturbance happening at the Star Picking Peak, which had been destroyed completely. The entire ruins were sent into the air.

Pah. An invisible force turned the ruins into nothing.

It was Xiao Nuo who did this. No one knew what she was thinking.

Only a few people intuited it, but they could hardly believe it.

Until Xiao Nuo did it for real!

She flew towards the other side of the Dragon Tiger Mountain and uprooted an entire peak. Then, dragging the peak back, she left it where the Star Picking Peak used to be.

Xiao Nuo repeated it a few times until all of the nine peaks recovered. They would just look the same as before when more buildings were constructed.

"She moved mountains! She moved mountains for real!"

"That's the strength of a Martial Sovereign?"

Many people from the celestial palace were too shocked to shut their mouths when they had witnessed such a legendary thing.

After that, numerous people were inspired, hoping they would be so strong as well someday.

Jiang Chen was hoping this more than anyone. He thought of the past, a long time ago, when he had been a Divine King. He used to be able to fly anywhere, no matter how high it was. The Milky Way was only his playground.

"After today, you'll be the future of Ling Long Celestial Palace."

Gazing at the hundreds of people in the air, Xiao Nuo fluttered her sleeves. Then numerous tokens flew towards them.

Those who had never got a token before took it excitedly. They looked thrilled.

At the same time, those running across the Dragon Tiger Mountain also realized the invasion had been over. They all returned to the nine peaks.

Some of them were like Diaoyang and Ke'er, who could not run away.

Some fled right away with the treasures of Ling Long Celestial Palace.

Some of them even declared they were undercovers, intending to collaborate with the masked men.

It was too chaotic to identify who had done what back then. However, the tactical formation had a recording feature. Even though the formation had been destroyed, the recordings were still there.

"Ling Long Celestial Palace needs some rectification."

At this thought, Jiang Chen looked towards Xiao Nuo, and the latter happened to look towards him as well. The two's eyes met. Then they both grinned.

In the next few days, Ling Long Celestial Palace was in the middle of reconstruction.

They checked how many people had lost their lives. There were over a hundred, all of whom were killed by accident.

The Heavenly Palace had a casualty of over a thousand people.

Although the enemy had a greater loss, Jiang Chen would not let it go so easily.

He would not be appeased until the hidden hand of this invasion paid some price.

And Xiao Nuo was with him on that.

When the first day had been over, she was going to take revenge against the Three Great Forces with Jiang Chen, but she gave up the idea just before leaving.

"The Will of Natural Law intervened."

Xiao Nuo told Jiang Chen the reason.


Jiang Chen was somewhat surprised, but it sounded reasonable to him.

The Will of Natural Law existed for real. No one knew this better than Jiang Chen.

Precisely speaking, the Will of Natural Law was the Realm Spirit of the Black Yellow Great World.

"You don't seem to be very surprised."

Xiao Nuo put emphasis on the Will of Natural Law when she mentioned it because it had an extraordinary meaning for many people.

"The Will of Natural Law wants to get rid of the Blood Race and rebuild the Black Yellow Great World as well. It certainly doesn't want you to kill too many people." Jiang Chen was not surprised.

"I mean, aren't you surprised by the existence of the Will of Natural Law?" asked Xiao Nuo.


Jiang Chen had never thought about that. Shrugging his shoulders, he said with a mysterious smile, "The implementation of the Sovereign Soul Project must be permitted by the Will of Natural Law."

"Okay. I see."

Xiao Nuo realized Jiang Chen had dealt with the Will of Natural Law five hundred years ago. She felt very curious. "How did you get the consent of the Will of Natural Law?"

"We played go."

The first Venerable Sovereign of the Black Yellow Great World took a deep breath, very shocked.

"You played go with the Will of Natural Law?! Who won?"

Xiao Nuo's reaction was understandable. The Will of Natural Law was almighty. It was above all creatures and valued balance.

The ko of thunders of practicers all came from natural law so that there would not be too many strong men who could go against nature.

"I was lucky. I won by half point."

Jiang Chen smiled as if it was nothing to mention.

"You won by half point?"

Xiao Nuo murmured. She was apparently startled. Not only she but also the Sovereign Soul of Red Cloud Venerable held the natural law in awe.

Only people above Divine King had the chance to get in touch with the Will of Natural Law.

"That's exactly my man."

Soon, Xiao Nuo was beaming. Her eyes were in the shape of the crescent moon.

Jiang Chen was smiling, but he did not say anything. Then he pulled the only Venerable Sovereign in the world into his arms.

The two headed for the Martial Field after recovering the order of Ling Long Celestial Palace.

The elixir refined for Whitty was also sent to Jiang Chen through the transmission formation.

"Only Divine Kings are able to create a world. The Martial Field should have been rebuilt based on some World of Meson by the Three Great Forces."

On their way, Red Cloud Venerable brought this up to him.

"I suppose so." Jiang Chen knew what was on her mind.

Since the Martial Field was only a reconstruction, the Three Great Forces had no right to limit others' access.

Although they were the ones who had rebuilt it, they had already used it for the Sovereign Path. If they also tried to stop others from entering or leaving, they would go too far.

Xiao Nuo intended to find a good excuse to attack them, but Jiang Chen did not think it was a problem.

Even if the Three Great Forces really owned the Martial Force, he would fight a way out to take Whitty away from there.

"I see. The First Young Master of the Sacred Zone has become scheming as well since his revival."

Xiao Nuo was very surprised to see Jiang Chen react this way.

In the old days, Jiang Chen would go to inform the Three Great Forces first for something like this. He would not seek another way unless he was rejected.

But if it was urgent, Jiang Chen would not rigidly adhere to the rules, either. He would just act directly and inform the interested party later.

However, the current Jiang Chen was much more decisive. He would just act, without so many concerns.

"It was easy for me to say, but this is more relevant for me," Jiang Chen mocked himself.

"Exactly. I think being more decisive makes you more attractive! I really hope you can break through to Venerable Sovereign as soon as possible."

Jiang Chen responded with a naughty smile, "Why? Because you want to sleep with me?"

"Go to hell. I just want to travel with you across the Black Yellow Great World together, okay?" Xiao Nuo flushed, punching Jiang Chen's chest gently.

If this were seen by the masked men of the other day, it would absolutely make their jaws drop.


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