The Brilliant Fighting Master
1482 A Severe Crisis III
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1482 A Severe Crisis III

"He should be dead."

Jiang Chen murmured in Ling Long Celestial Palace, which made others feel strange.

"Hold tight!"

Jiang Chen suddenly found something. He told the others in the cauldron to stay arm in arm.

Outside, the spear that had pierced through the warship was ready. The target was exactly the bronze cauldron.

"Terminating Divine Spear! They are just self-deceiving!"

Duanmu Rong found it out as well. She was very angry.

Terminating Divine Spear was an ancient super-level Immortal Artifact. It even had a longer history than Jiang Chen's Infinite Sai and bronze cauldron.

However, it was less known, because this Immortal Artifact did not belong to any individual, but was co-possessed by the Three Great Forces.

It had a dreadful power that could destroy the whole world.

It was an efficient weapon to eliminate a force.

Grand formations or any other trump cards, they were just as fragile as a piece of paper compared to Terminating Divine Spear.

Whenever some existence started to disobey the Three Great Forces, Terminating Divine Spear would be sent.

So, the identity of those masked men had almost been disclosed.

They did not need to have taken the trouble to wear masks at all.

Of course, the masks did work in some way. For example, they would not be recognized by anyone in the future.

That was also why Zhang Tian wanted to kill Duanmu Rong.

If Zhang Tian was exposed, the others would not be able to stay safe, either.

Back to Terminating Divine Spear again, it was hundreds of feet long, coated with an icicle-shaped energy light.

When it had been thrown over, it looked like a giant rainbow penetrating the sun. It hit the bronze cauldron hard.

The whole world thought the bronze cauldron would not be able to bear it.

However, to their surprise, the bronze cauldron only moved a few inches downwards. It remained steady, neither penetrated nor smashed.

Instead, Terminating Divine Spear cracked after such a powerful attack. It could not be used again.

"What the hell is that?!"

One of the masked men could not help but swear loud.

"Keep attritting the enemy's forces! Just keep doing this! That Immoral Artifact will be out of energy soon."

Another voice came. The masked men continued with the attack.

They were not in a hurry. No one in the Realm of Divine Martial Arts would come to disturb or reinforce Ling Long Celestial Palace.

At the Main Peak, the ko of thunder had already started. The heavens were in a rage. All creatures were trembling.

Even the masked men had to stop so that they would not be affected by the ko of thunder.

Jiang Chen felt relieved. If he were the only person the bronze cauldron needed to shelter, the energy consumption would have been much less, and he could just let those people keep attacking him for another day.

However, the bigger the bronze cauldron was, the more energy it consumed.

This was the law of the universe.

"Get prepared. Once the ko of thunder is over, try your best to seal Red Cloud Venerable."

"Brace yourselves for that. Don't let others beat you to it."

"The Sovereign belongs to us."

The masked men were from three forces, respectively. They had an agreement before the action.

Whoever defeated Red Cloud Venerable first would have her with them.

As to the resources of Ling Long Celestial Palace, they surely would all be carved up.

"The Martial Sovereign's ko of thunder is dreadful indeed. Even if we get an opportunity, I'm not sure whether we can go through it alive."

Gazing at the ko of thunder, some masked men were stunned.

Resources and methods alone were not enough to make a sovereign.

It also depended on whether one really had great skills to survive a ko of thunder.

Otherwise, all would be in vain if one was killed and completely disappeared from the world.

"If you have such concerns, it almost foreshadows your failure to go through the ko."

Some of the masked men were ambitious. They were not worried about potential failure. They were only afraid they would not get the opportunity to go through a ko.

While they were talking, the first ko thunder fell ruthlessly. It struck somewhere deep of the Main Peak. Xiao Nuo's resting palace showed up in people's sight after a big explosion.

In this way, people got to see Red Cloud Venerable's face.

She was wearing a feather coat of seven colors. Her black hair, dancing in the wind, was as long as a waterfall. Her eyes were slightly shut. The golden eye shadow was swept along her eyebrows.

Everyone had an illusion that this woman was an ancient from a long time ago.

When the holy thunder fell, she raised her long slim arm. Her delicate fingers made a gesture of nip.


The first ko thunder appeared to be nothing!

The crowd was very quiet. Everyone was shocked.

That ko thunder, which had totally intimidated the masked men, was nipped in the bud by Red Cloud Venerable without effort.

What happened next put the masked men so nervous that they could not even breathe.

They saw Red Cloud Venerable getting to her feet slowly and opening her eyes. Wherever she threw her look, the air there would seem to be frozen.

The ko thunder grew more and more intense after being provoked.

The second ko thunder fell. It was like a hundreds-feet-long waterfall that was going to smash the whole peak to pieces.

People saw Red Cloud Venerable, namely, Xiao Nuo, land on the ground to confront the ko of thunder head-on.

Her charming figure was devoured by those white waves very soon. When people were feeling stunned, the ko thunder flew in the opposite direction, as if a river flew in the opposite direction and water was splashed everywhere.

"That's not good! Dodge! Now!"

To everyone's surprise, the diverged ko thunders were moving towards the nearest masked men.

Ten-odd masked men standing at the front failed to dodge. They were hit by the ko thunders. Regardless of identities, regardless of states, they just vanished in an instant.

"Crap! This woman managed to bring the ko of thunder under control and use it to attack? That is hardly possible!"

The leaders of the masked men could not stay calm anymore.

"Use the Human Emperor Bell!"

They did not give up. As shocked as they were, they still would like to fight back.

Human Emperor Bell was the Immortal Artifact used to tear up the defense formation of Ling Long Celestial Palace.

Quite similar to Terminating Divine Spear, it was also co-possessed by the Three Great Forces.

The giant Human Emperor Bell dashed towards Red Cloud Venerable, who was at the Main Peak, at a moderate speed.

She was in the middle of a ko of thunder. As long as it could make some influence, Red Cloud Venerable would definitely suffer a lot.

Speed was Human Emperor Bell's weakness but was also its strength.

It was overwhelming and unstoppable.

Once it ran into any obstacle, the bell would toll, and everything would be damaged!

The crowd in the bronze cauldron was so nervous that their hearts missed a beat, including Jiang Chen.

Red Cloud Venerable noticed the arrival of Human Emperor Bell. She was not panicked. There was disdain in her eyes.

She extended her hand to clutch in the air. The third ko thunder was surprisingly clutched out by her!

She was kneading the powerful ko thunder like kneading dough.

When the dough had almost reached its limit, she threw a punch over. The ko thunder dashed towards Human Emperor Bell as if the God of Thunder had shot his cannon.

The bell tolled. Wherever the bell tone reached, it was sabotaged severely.

Jiang Chen, still in the bronze cauldron, sensed that the Black Yellow Gas had been consumed a lot again.

"The average people are suffering from the gods' fight," Jiang Chen thought to himself.

Human Emperor Bell did not go straight ahead to devastate everything as the masked men had expected. Instead, it was obstructed by the ko thunder and was pushed back.

The bell tone just did not stop. The masked men were all fleeing with disgrace.

"Retreat! Everyone, retreat!"

Their leaders panicked. Red Cloud Venerable had not been weakened by the ko of thunder at all. She even became absurdly strong instead. There was no way to resist her.

"You have nowhere to retreat."

"There is only one possible consequence of offending my celestial palace: die."

Red Cloud Venerable said. Her voice sounded as if it was from hell, which made the masked men very unsettled.

Then, the ko clouds in the sky spread over, shrouding the whole Dragon Tiger Mountain.

Including the masked men.

At the moment, they were also facing the Martial Sovereign's ko of thunder.

Those masked men, either in awe or expectant a moment ago, were complaining to themselves. They wondered why the ko of thunder seemed to be a toy for Red Cloud Venerable.


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